Frozen (2013)

FrozenI went into the cinema not expecting much from this movie except for it to be a typical feel good animation film. I was right. It IS a feel good film, but it’s more than that. Let me just say, Frozen is now one of my top most favourite animation movies of all time. It has a great storyline, memorable characters, beautiful songs and just enough touch of romance and comedy. Suitable for all ages, and I daresay, almost every will love this movie. πŸ™‚

The story is built around 2 sisters, Elsa & Anna. And the way their characters are set up makes every little girl (a quite a number of adults) want to be like either Elsa or Anna.

Elsa, the elder sister is really not much fun until she ‘let it go’ midway into the movie. Pun fully intended. πŸ˜› But after that, she has really become my favourite sister in the movie.Β frozen-elsa-prettyThe voice behind Elsa is Idana Menzel.Idina_Menzel_

Yes, the lady who once starred as Elphaba in the musical Wicked! BIG VOICE. Perfect to nail the song that is now known all over the world, thanks to this movie, ‘Let It Go’. I love watching Idina perform, and even though she’s only the voice here, I’m still super stoked. Haha!

Then there’s the younger sister, Anna. Vibrant, bubbly and bordering on a little adorably annoying. Love the comical side of her that the scriptwriter gave her.Β Anna_FrozenI never knew Kristen Bell could sing pretty well until I watched this show.The Celebration Of The Music Of Disney's "Frozen"Being the voice behind Anna, Kristen had a couple of songs to sing and I gotta say she did a great job, considering she had to sing beside Idina. On a side note, after so many years in showbiz, Kristen still looks youthful and sweet. πŸ™‚

Love the fact that the male lead here is not some prince charming, but rather a poor guy whose best friend is his reindeer.Β Kristoff-Sven-FrozenLove the relationship between Kristoff and Sven. They are so adorable when they’re together. If only pets in real life could react in such human-like expressions. πŸ˜€

My favourite character in this movie has to be Olaf, the cute, short snowman.Β frozen-olafIts impossible not to love Olaf, believe me. πŸ™‚

This is a movie I’ll definitely watch again, and again, and again from time to time. Love the fact that the hero does not necessarily has to be man, and there’s other different kinds of love besides romance.

These are my favourite songs from the movie. I’m sure it’s many people’s favourite too, based on the frequency I hear it everywhere around. πŸ˜‰

Despicable Me 2 (2013)

Despicable_Me_2_posterI was really looking forward to this show simply because of Agnes, the cute youngest sibling, and the crazily adorable minions. And let me just say that, Despicable Me 2 totally didn’t disappoint at all. Great show. Entertaining, albeit having a typical simple storyline.

It’s nice to see villain turn father, Gru, exhibiting his fatherly behaviour in his own weird way.Β despicable-me-2-gru-edith-agnes-margoTrust me when I say, his own weird way. Haha. Him and his minions raising 3 girls. It’s weird alright, but it’s also somewhat sweet. πŸ™‚

New in this animation movie’s storyline is a plot for romance. πŸ˜‰despicable-me-2-gru-and-lucyYup. Gru got himself a girl. When they first met, I thought maybe the girl is some villain character for all of 5 minutes, then I realized she’s pretty cool. Lol!despicable-me-2-gru-lucyI think it’s great that the way they write and script the romance part is simple enough that kids would be able to understand easily. It’s very kid-friendly. Reason I say this is cause cartoons nowadays like to make things complicated and very adult-like, which I feel is ridiculous. So kudos to the writers and crew of Despicable Me. πŸ˜‰

I still feel myself melting under the cuteness of Agnes, the youngest sibling and daughter of Gru.Β despicable-me-2-agnesShe’s unbelievably adorable! It’s so adorable that everytime she appears onscreen, I feel like going, “It’s so adorable I’m gonna die!!!!!!!!” Lol!

And I’m glad they gave the minions a tad bit more screen time in this sequel. Considering the craze everyone is having over them, I think the producers and writers made the right move to put in more ‘minion-time’. πŸ˜‰Despicable_Me_2_Minion_Costumedespicable-me-2-minion-golfer-1The costumes they put the minions in is seriously hilarious! And really, I think no one is able to resist the charm of these yellow little things. That being said, liking the minions is one thing, going so crazy over it to the point of almost tearing down the McDonalds shutters to get first in line for the toys is a total different thing. πŸ˜‰ I’m glad I’m in the first category of liking the minions but not obsessing over them. πŸ˜‰ TeeHee! πŸ˜›

Though I gotta say, I don’t find them very likable when they turn purple and evil.Β Despicable_Me_2_purple_minionThey look pretty revolting. Haha. And the cause of them turning purple? The gross ‘muscle-man’ villain.Β Despicable_Me_2_villainLol! And yet again, I wanna commend the producers and writers of this show for making the villain kid-friendly. So, even though the bad guy is bad, he’s not hateable (is there such a word? Hhmmm). πŸ™‚

All in all, this is a really feel good show. I’d recommend it to everyone even though I know some guys will say it’s a waste of money to watch cartoon in the cinema. Lol. I know some of my guy friends did. Haha.

I’d definitely wanna watch this once in a while for entertainment purposes. Lol!

Ted (2012)

Despite this being one of the new realeases this month, I actually watched this movie online. Just couldn’t wait for the weekend to go watch with my friends since, my next few weekends is kinda packed. Haha. Chiet recommended this show, saying its quite a nice show. And if Chiet, who’s a typical guy, can say a movie with a teddy bear is nice, then I’m sure it can’t be that bad. My first impression when I first saw the show is, it’s gonna be another silly comedy. But it’s actually not. Comedy, yes. But definitely not silly. Kinda nice actually. A little romcom, yes. And pretty much a chick flick. With ‘manly’ essence in it. πŸ˜‰

First thing that came into my mind while watching a show is, “I want a real life teddy bear like that!” Yeah well, I’m being a typical girl. No surprise there. Though, I’d prefer my teddy to be sweeter and cuter, and not like a real grown man stuffed inside a teddy bear. Omg. The curses that comes out of the teddy bears mouth. Lol! But damn, despite all that, it’s just too cute sometimes! What surprises me a little is how, as the boy who owns himΒ grows older, the voice of Ted the teddy bear also grow more manly even though his still looks the same as he did 27 years ago, on the outside. And boy, he is one horny teddy too! πŸ™‚

Gotta say, I’m a little not too used to seeing Mark Wahlberg in this type of character. He’s usually playing those type of guy who has a control over themselves, instead of those lounging and wasting their life away. He wasn’t bad playing this role as John Bennett, but I guess I just feel thatΒ it doesn’t really suit him. Heh. However, the little chemistry he had with the bear seems to have worked in the movie’s favour. Loved their connection, John & Ted. Best friends. Somehow, this scene is just breathtaking to me. Simply breathtaking.

Female lead, Mila Kunis.I don’t know what’s wrong, cause she ain’t bad an actress, but somehow, somehwere, there feels like something is missing. It’s as if there’s a missing spark that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. Oh well. πŸ˜‰ When she first come onto the screen, for a moment there, I thought it was Emma Stone. They really look alike. Specially in the movie. And not only are they similar in looks, even both their voices have a distinctive huskiness to it. I guess that really can make people mix them up for a split second. Cause Emma Stone’s voice is downright unique, and now, Mila Kunis also have something similar to that. Gotta say though, I prefer Emma Stone’s. πŸ˜‰

One thing to take note during the show? The ‘Thunder Song’ from the scene shown below. Effin’ hilarious! Lol!

Would I watch this show again? Yeah! This is the kind of family movie that people would purchase and keep for future viewing. And it’s a funny yet touching show. So all’s good, even when it’s not some huge expensice blockbuster. πŸ™‚

Arthur Christmas

Watched this more than a week ago. To me, a ‘Christmas-feel’ show can never go wrong. At least not for me. Christmas being my favourite season of the year, I look forward to all the Christmas movie I can watch.

Arthur Christmas as I hoped, was full of laughter and heart-warming moments. I would definitely watch it again, even if it was in the middle of the year and no where near Christmas. Portraying the ‘Santa’ family as any normal family, makes it even closer to home. And making Santa and his elves updated with the latest technology, making full use of it is simply amusing. Though, personally, I like the idea of Santa on his sleigh with his reindeers more than on a high tech plane. =)

Favourite character of the show? Surprisingly, its Bryony, the elf from the Giftwrap Battalion. =)

The Smurfs

Finally, watched the whole show from beginning till end. Took me twice. Haha. Though, never regretted it. It’s a real feel-good show. And I can foresee, its gonna be something I’ll buy, keep and watch it time and again when I’m feeling down. Lol.

Though the storyline is a little typical, nonetheless, it keeps you entertained. Did not waste my effort anticipating this show for nearly two months before it was released here. Haha.

Main human character, Neil Patrick Harris, looks really familiar though I can’t place him in my memory as to which movie I’ve seen him in. It was until I searched for him did I realize, he’s the blind teacher in the movie Beastly. Did a good job. Won’t call him good looking, but there’s a little something about him, though I can’t put my finger to what it is.

Good to see Jayma Mays here. I’ve only known her from Glee. Not that I particularly liked her, but she does have this pure, sweet and innocent look.Β 

And there’s this thing about the way she speaks. She has this accent. I don’t know what. It’s just something different. Weird as it is, I actually like it.

One of my favourite part of the show is how Gargamel (Hank Azaria) likes to ‘appear mysteriously from smoky places’.Β Any smoky place or vapour place or steamy place, dear ‘drama-king’ Gargamel will turn back and walk through it supposedly ‘mysteriously’. One word came into my mind. Bimbo. Haha. Though its cool how different Hank Azaria looks normally compared to as Gargamel (above).Β Can’t really recognize him eh? Credits to the make-up artists. =)

Another amusing character, Narator Smurf. Very small role. But, damn, I’ll burst out laughing when I hear him narrate. Specially during the end when it’s exciting, and he’s still narrating in that calm, story-telling voice of his.

Favourite Smurf? I like all of them. But somehow, Grouchy makes an impression. Hee!Favourite character in the entire movie?Β Azreal. Nobody beats it. Splendid! Simple splendid. =)

And the best annoying part of watching this movie is, I get annoyingly addicted to this.Β 

La la lalalala, sing a happy song! La la lalalala, smurf the whole day long!


Watched this a week back. Was feeling kinda moody. Saw it playing in one of the DVD shops and decided to purchase it. Pretty much a kids’ show. Typical storyline.Β Β BUT, its a feel good show. For me that is. A show to just watch and relax and not use your brains. Haha! How can anyone resist Easter bunnies right?

Cute, adorable characters. Funny lines. Everything is bright and colourful. It is just so…….. over-spilling with happiness? Eerrr.. Someting like that. =) What I like most though, is the songs in the movies. They use all the famous radio-playing songs. Literally. There’s Dynamite by Taio Cruz. And the one that puts the biggest grin on my face, Candy by Aaron Carter. Yup, the one that goes “I want candy!” Haha! Though its sung by the characters in the movie, and not Aaron Carter himself (thank goodness!).

E.B., the main animated character is really good at ‘drama-ing’. The way he dramatize everything whenever he’s gonna be rejected or thrown out is just ‘eye-rolling’ hilarious!Β And pooping jelly beans is really a stroke of genius by the scriptwriter. Disgusting stroke of genius. Now I’m gonna think twice before taking any jelly beans.

A pleasant surprise is the main human character in this movie. None other than Mr. Cyclops from X-Men himself, James Marsden.Goofy as he is in this show, the smile on his face is still so damn charming. Did a pretty good job being goofy, I’d have to say. Though, I still prefer him as the cool and smart Cyclops.Pretty hawt, ain’t he? =) But in HOP, a smiling and more laid back character is portrayed. Am not complaining. I still find him pretty cute.

I can’t help but rolled my eyes when I saw David Hasselhoff in the movie.Β Playing himself, as a talent show judge in this movie, I really think he should just stick with America’ Got Talent. Really, I don’t get what he says at all in this show. It just barely makes any sense. Though maybe, it’s the scriptwriter’s fault for giving him the lines? Hhmmm.

They even have something like Charlie’s Angels in HOP. Except that, instead of humans, they’re bunnies. Three female bunnies, train to be spies and all that.And they’re called, the Pink Berets. Yup, Pink Berets. Be warned. Don’t be fooled by their name. =P

One thing to look out for in this show though, is the little chick here.I call him the dancing chick. Cute to the max! He just can’t stop dancing the minute he hears music.

Am glad I actually bought this show. For even though, its not one of those blockbuster movies, but its a movie that can be watched again and again. Something like, a family show. =)