I love reading. I love books. I personally feel that if you’re gonna read, it’s nicest to read from a book. A real honest to god book pages made from paper, and NOT an electronic device. That’s my personal opinion. So it really annoys me sometimes when some of my friends, who think that it is best to read from electronic devices cause its cheap/free and it makes you (look) ‘tech savvy’, scoffed at me for reading from a book. And they never get bored of mocking me for spending money on books when “you can get the e-copy of it so easily for free or a much cheaper price online!” Well, guess what? I like reading from books!

And from what I’ve heard, people who really loves reading prefers to read from books and not computer screen. So really, don’t tell me what and where I should get my ‘reading-fix’ when you yourself is not a reader. Geez!

Flying Rumours

With the recent ‘events’ since Sunday night, Facebook has become a madhouse. Nope. Not kidding. If you’ve got a lot of Malaysian friends, you’ll know what I mean. First there were all the pissed off, sad, disappointed and disbelief statuses. The one thing all those statuses have in common is that they’re all laced with utmost disgust. Those? were fine. I understand how everyone felt. But what came the next day is the start of a ridiculous craze, that I’m sure will go on for quite some time, on Facebook.

Some idiot said some stupid thing and now the entire Facebook, and even my Whatsapp, are filled with all kinds of rumours flying around. Everyone is urged to go for ‘this rally’. Everyone is urged not to go out if unnecessary. Everyone wear ‘this colour’ to show support. Do not wear this or that colour or you may be caught. Etc etc. All these rumours end with, “There are people asking you to do this (or not to do this). Do not believe it. It is a trick the other side is using to con you. Please forward and let your friends know.” And by midday, I was like “What the f*ck?!” Really, people? Please get your facts right before you post anything on Facebook or forward a message along. If you don’t have anywhere to check your rumours with, then for crying out loud, use your common sense! Don’t simply forward the message or post stuff on Facebook and create a whole lot of tension and fear (as if people are not worried and depressed enough!).

What’s worse is, those people who are idiotic enough (I wanted to say stupid, but I’ll sound overly mean, no?), will follow in your footsteps and re-post the rumours or forward the rumours on to their friends. It gets annoying after a while seeing so many people sharing the same thing over and over again when it’s very obvious that they’re merely rumours and most are probably untrue!

Don’t create panic or hatred or fear at a national level.

Don’t simply spread rumours.

Have some ‘social intelligence’.

Don’t be an idiot.

Use your brains.

The Incredibly Annoying Moment…

… when someone yaks non-stop about her own upcoming wedding when she’s attending the wedding dinner of another friend. Not for 10 minutes, not for 15 minutes, not even for half an hour. It was throughout the entire dinner!

Know what I call this? Rude. Specially when everyone was looking at the video showing on the screen of the newly wedded couple’s wedding day. She was talking on and on about her upcoming wedding day, trying to get people’s attention off the screen and on her. When the bride and groom was up on stage opening the champagne bottles, she was bragging bout her own wedding proposal and how her fiancé just can’t wait to marry her, trying to get people to listen to her. When the bride and groom was on stage giving a short thank you speech, she was having her own speech at our table about planning her upcoming wedding.

Seriously. I’d be excited for any friends of mine who are getting married. But when I’m attending a wedding dinner, it’s rather annoying when all these parts of the wedding when we’re supposed to give the bride and groom our attention, is disrupted and our attention is divided between trying to be polite to the other ‘rude-soon-to-be-bride’, and giving the actual stars of the night, the bride and groom of the event, our attention.

Knowing this person, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. After all, she is the kind of woman who criticizes others or constantly mentioning others’ faults to make herself look good. I seriously don’t mind randomly bitchy people. I bitch about others too sometimes. But those who trash others just so they themselves could look good, just get on my nerves. It just makes me feel that they’re insecure about their own position and standings in society when they do that. And even knowing that she is that kind of person, and I really shouldn’t be surprised at all, I can’t help but find it hard to comprehend how tactless and rude she can be. I mean, for crying out loud, it wouldn’t hurt to shut up for 10 minutes and give the bride and groom a little respect.

I wonder how she would feel if someone does that to her on her upcoming wedding day. *smirk*

On a different note, it’s extremely embarassing to sit with the above-mentioned woman in public sometimes. She has the habit of hitting the table loudly everytime she makes a statement. People at the nearby tables sometimes turned to look over at our table. And not in a good way, might I add. Gosh. Guys don’t even do that nowadays. And to see a girl doing that? *shocked* For the 45 minutes we sat for a drink, the table was banged at least 7-8 times. There were moments I wished I could just shrink to the size of an ant. Thank God, there was no one else I know nearby except for Mich who together with me tried to fade into background as the woman keep banging the table when she exclaimed or make an excited statement.

Awesome Indeed!

20130109-025058.jpgI really feel we should all start practising this. I mean, nowadays, I walk into a restaurant or a cafe and all I see are people sitting together at tables bit their attention is on their gadgets instead of on each other. I, for one, am guilty as hell. But since I noticed this a few weeks back, I’ve been trying to tone it all down. Keep my phone in my bag, and have conversations with my mum whenever we’re having dinner outside.

As much as I love my iPhone, I feel that the invention of smartphones have built a thin wall between people. With the increased usage of smartphones, people are growing apart slowly. I mean, there used to be conversations at the dinner table in a family. Catching up with each other on how their day was. Now, many families don’t even bother asking. They fool around with their gadgets while waiting for their food to arrive at the table, or while waiting for the rest to finish their meal. It’s very subtle, but families are not bonding as much as they used to. Friends aren’t bonding as much as they use to. You go out to hangout with your friends, and more than half the time, at least one or two in the group will be on their handphone. I remember when I was much younger, 17 or 18 years of age, maybe, and me and my friends would just hangout at the Starbucks. Boy, we had so much fun, just chatting and laughing with each other. And all our attention was solely on our conversations and each other. Those were the times.

I love my iPhone. I’d love to get an iPad. And I’ll continue using it as a benefit to myself. But I’ve made a decision to try and put my phone completely aside whenever I’m out with my family, relatives or friends. With the exception of phone calls, I’ve cut down on reading messages and replying them on the spot if they’re not important. Also stopped checking my Facebook or Twitter or Instagram when I’m out with my family or friends. It’s seriously not an easy habit to break, but I’m happy to say I’ve made some progress. ‘Some’ being the operative word here. I’ll contiinue to work towards that though. 😉

I told myself not to make new year resolutions this year, instead just make a plan and put it into action. But, I’ve decided to make this my 2013 resolution. That I will control my use of my smartphone and not let my smartphone control me. 🙂

Your Shit Or You’re Shit?

20121112-142740.jpgOh, burn! Lol! I don’t mean to sound mean, but maybe I should send this card as a Christmas present to some of the people I know who aren’t really good in their English Language but yet, they try to boast their ‘exemplary’ use of a great vocabs. Unfortunately for them, they seem to know the words, but not the use of them. 😉

Really, people should stick to simple words if they know their command of the English Language ain’t good. At least, ask someone how to use a certain word if you’re not sure, before using it time and again. If not, don’t use those big words. A simple example, I know of someone who keep using the word ‘blast’ wrongly in the birthday wishes she wished others. Instead of “Have a blast”, she will say, “Have a blast day.” The heck’s a ‘blast day’?! Gosh. And this is only one of the simple examples. Don’t get me started on the others. Don’t know how to use a word? Don’t use it until you’ve fully mastered the use of it. Stick to simple words first. Gosh!

What’s the point of using all the flowery vocabs and then end up looking like a complete idiot when your sentences sound like you’re the shit who don’t know their shit. Smirk. 😉

Karaoke Types

Came across this on Facebook and just had to blog it, considering how much I love singing. Lol! Although, I think this is not as accurate as ‘the types of horror movies goers’. They left out a few distictive type. But then again, its hard to list ’em all down, I guess. 😉

20121112-142724.jpgCan’t find one that portrays me exactly, but I guess the closest one I can pinpoint is the ‘The High One’. Lol! I do get high sometimes when I sing my favourite songs. My friends sometimes say its like I’m having a concert. 🙂 Oh well, I do love singing, so I won’t deny it. There’s only one kind I really don’t like, and that’s ‘The One Who Screams.’ Gosh. That is so annoying. I’m fine if a person can’t carry a tune, but sing as best as they could. But someone who deliberately screams her way through songs? Really annoying! I have two friends who are like that, and they used to spoil the song for everyone. Ugh! Luckily they seem to have improved lately. But other than this particular type, I love going RedBox with anyone. So long as I get to sing! 😉 Lol!

Lousy Parents!

Alright. Let me say first that I love kids. They’re just a bundle of joy. I mean, I’m the kind that don’t understand how some of my friends can not like children, though I understand we all have our difference preference. But, three nights ago, this family, for the first time in my life, made me so annoyed at their kids, and more so at the parents themselves, that I actually glared at the entire family, kids included. Felt bad later about glaring at the kids, but wished I had given the entire family, kids excluded, the one finger salute.

Parents, aunts & uncles, grandparents and 3 kids. The 3 kids belonging to the same set of parents (guess the aunts & uncles didn’t bring theirs along). With all the adults around, they can’t even keep their kids around their table! Those kids were aged about 2-6 years. The two youngest ones were running around the tables yelling and screaming. Get this, the adults, none of them, including the parents, did anything to stop the kids. They just continue with their conversations, not being bothered that all the ruckus was disturbing all the other patrons of the restaurant. It just shows how well-behave the kids were. I get it that kids can be noisy, and cheeky, bratty even, but not to this extend. Or maybe the fact that the parents couldn’t give a shit about the noise they were making is making their kids look worse.

By then, I already saw the other patrons throwing dirty looks at that particular table. Families from other tables were shooting daggers with their eyes towards that particular group of irresponsible adults. But what made me really snap was when the eldest son, came to the table directly next to mine, climb up on the chair and attempted to jump towards our table. I think his grandma saw him just in time and stopped him midair, cause him to falter and drop to the group in her arms. I was shocked beyond words. I gave the grandma a look, then turn and glared at the parents. Ugh.

For crying out loud, if you can’t take care of your kids, don’t be stupid, please don’t have any! It’s such a shame that some parents couldn’t even be bothered to teach and care for their kids.