Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

20130918-002617.jpgBeen a long while since I wrote a book review. That is simply cause I haven’t been reading much until bout 2-3 months ago. Feels good to pick up an old hobby again. 😉

I’ve never read anything from these two authors before, but I’m glad I gave this book a shot. Very interesting read. To give a brief synopsis, a couple was attacked and the husband was murdered. Neighbours and also the security camera showed the killer leaving the scene to be a guy living in the same apartment building. But here’s the catch, the man that the people witnessed as the murderer was found dead, after an apparent suicide, two weeks before the attack.

Right from the first few pages, the story drew me into its world. I love how the authors managed to quickly make the reader be somewhat emotionally attached to the couple who were attacked, right from the beginning. Also love all the twists and turns in the storyline. There were also a number of spooky parts that were very well written. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘parts’ but more like the situations and scenes that unfold in the story were derived from very simple and normal stuff that it made it very easy to imagine the horror happening in real life. The authors did a great job in describing each scene, making it really easy to picture the flow of the story as if its a movie playing in your mind. The descriptions were not overdone to the point that it became draggy, like that of Under The Dome by Stephen King.

Gotta say the ending was a little of a surprised, but I guess that’s what makes a good story. 😉

Under The Dome By Stephen King

20120309-201019.jpgFinally finished this book nearly two months back. Was really looking forward to reading it when I bought it 5 months back. So yes. It took me freaking 3 months to finish it! I definitely wouldn’t say its a bad book. Not at all. Like the plot. Like the characters. Like the way Mr. Stephen King just draws us into the minds of the people locked under the dome. Some even to the very last second when they die. The minds of animals. Yes. Thought that was somewhat weird, but geniusly weird. Heh. However, I think, or rather feel, that this story kinda get a little draggy towards the middle. By the time you reach 3/4 of the book, you just feel like skipping to the end and see what exactly is behind this whole dome thing. The dragginess made me somewhat lazy to read the book, and hence, it took me 3 months. The longest I’ve ever took to finish a book. Lol!

But all that being said, I absolutely loved the concept of the story. Though readers won’t even guess it until somewhere near the very very end. It’s brilliant. To be portrayed like that. For the concept alone (even when you have to wait till the end before getting the picture), I’d say this book it worth my reading time, though it took 3 months. Issit a book I’d read again? Sorry. No. Haha!

It’s Out. Finally.

After a 2 year wait, finally the last book of Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle was released on November 8th, 2011. Went to get it at Gurney MPH with Alan after BodyStep class. Haha. Though only got to really start reading the book on Thursday. Can’t wait to find out what happened to Glaedr. And what’s the ending of this story. How will Galbatorix be defeated. I sure hope it’ll be a ‘worth-the-read’ ending. Heh. *excited* =)

Logos Hope Floating Book Fair

The Logos Hope ship is finally in Penang. It took me a week or two before I visited it. Was kinda lazy at first. But managed to get there at last. Twice. Once on Tuesday and again on Friday.

After two trips to the ship, I managed to ‘harvest’ a couple of good books. Or at least, those of my interests. And they’re all pretty cheap. Bought my hard cover books for only RM 32 each. Satisfied. =)

I even got a DVD on the story of Jesus. For RM 8. Can’t wait to watch it. Wondered if it’ll be nice. But I guess, anything that tells the story of Jesus can’t be that boring. =)
Am planning to go back one more time before the ship leaves Penang end of this month. Hoping to find some new books restocked on the ship. =)

Note Book. =)

Bought a hard cover note book for a good friend last week. It looks like those old, classy brownish kinda note book, but with a very simple and nice design for the cover. And it has the words ‘A Beautiful Thing Is Never Perfect’ printed on the cover. The pages are one side printed lines on papers that are slightly beige in colour.

I myself love this kinda hard cover note books. Hence, I really can’t resist going back and getting myself one. Though, I got one that is slightly different in design.
20110823-112323.jpgPicked the one which has the phrase that is most beneficial to me. Something to remember.20110823-112524.jpgNice ain’t it? =)


20110817-051036.jpgA story of three angels, archangel Gabriel, the healer Ivy and Bethany, the youngest among the three, sent down to earth by heaven to bring good and peace to the world. In their human form, they take on living as people in the town of Venus Cove. Things kinda got messed up when Bethany, the most human of the three angels, fell for Xavier Woods from her high school. The appearance of Jake Thorn complicates things even more, later in the story.

I’ve always had a certain liking towards fantasy fiction. And I’m always mystified by angels. Specially when its either archangel Gabriel or Michael. And seldom will we come across a fiction book that involves angels, let alone, having the angels as main characters. So when I read the synopsis of this book, I can’t resist giving it a try, even though I’ve never heard of its author before.

I have to say, Alexandra Adornetto, a new and very young author, surprised me. Though the storyline may sound interesting, I was a little doubtful at first on her style of writing. Needless to say, I am impressed, and enjoyed the book from the beginning till the end. Describing the scenes, bringing you into the world of the angels, feelings, all that. Really captivating.

Narrating through Bethany, Adornetto did a great job telling us how the angels got used to human life. How they try to conceal their supernatural powers and differences to prevent the humans from knowing exactly what they are. Love connection between Bethany and Xavier is really heart-warming, though a little too good to be true in our real world. But of course, that’s why we have fiction books right? To give us a little hope. Haha. Personally though, I don’t think Bethany is being any bit like an angel. More like a girly teenager in love. Gabriel and Ivy on the other hand didn’t disappoint my perception of angels. However, I still loved the book. It was until I reached the end of the book that I realize, it’s a series, or rather trilogy, I think.

Conclusion, I can’t wait for the next book to be out. Titled Hades, to be out 30th August 2011. Can’t wait~!


The book I have been waiting for. For over 2 years! Woot~! Finally coming out November 8th 2011~!! The last book of the Inheritance Cycle. Kinda surprised its titled Inheritance, but yet, sounds pretty perfect. CAN’T WAIT~! Am as excited as I was, when I was chasing the Potter book series. Finally. Something to be really happy about. =D