Did You Smell That?

It was early in the morning, at 7.30am. The musicians gathered in front of the Sanctuary to prepare for prayer before the first service. Just a couple of guys and a couple of girls. We stood in a circle and this guy came and stood beside me. I took a breath and my head snapped up, feeling suddenly a tad bit more awake than I always am at 7.30am on a Sunday morning. He smelled good! Cologne for sure, though I’m not sure what brand. Haha.

And that got my attention. 😀 Suddenly he appeared to be a tad bit more attractive than he normally is AND more attractive than the rest of the guys around that morning. No, not in the romantic kinda way, but it just increased his attractive points. 😀 Then I realized, the rule about how good smelling women are more attractive? It’s applies to men as well! Lol! I know, it’s common sense, but usually when we talk about men’s attractive points, it’s everything else and very seldom a woman will mention ‘smells nice’. Ironically though, when asked about unattractive traits, quite a number of women will mention ‘body ordor’ (generally meaning smelling bad). With that I guess we can say that smelling bad does indeed turn a woman away, however, to attract a woman, the man does not particularly have to smell good? 😛

Not too sure if that statement is true or not, but, I can quite certainly say this, smelling good will definitely catch the attention of almost any woman. However, to hold her attention for more than that first 3 seconds, you’re gonna need much more than a bottle of good cologne. 😛

p.s : That being said, overdosing the cologne/perfume on one’s body (e.g : pouring half a bottle at one shot) is never attractive. How can a person be attracted if they’re wasting their energy not to breathe through their nose??? Lol!cologne & perfume

Adam Levine : 2013 Sexiest Man Alive

I’ve always thought he was attractive, but Adam Levine just keeps getting sexier and hotter as the years go by.Adam LevineI’ve always thought that he was attractive even when I weren’t a big fan of his, but ever since I saw this clip of him on YouTube, man,  was hooked. The 2013 Sexiest Man Alive accepted that award on the Jimmy Kimmel show with such humourous, witty and sassy attitude (without appearing arrogant) that you just can’t help but be drawn in by that charming confidence.  As cheesy as it sounds, since then, I started being an avid Adam Levine fan. Come on. It is hard to resist this guy! My personal opinion of course. 😛 Specially when he can check of a couple of the things in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. Lol!

First up! He’s silly in an adorable way, but never coming off as dumb or a clown.Adam Levine_funny

He’s also flirty, in a really sweet way. Haha! Yes, I know I sound totally like a fangirl. Adam Levine_dreamy

He loves dogs! Man, that’s a big point added in my book. Adam Levine_puppy
He’s kind. Somewhat. Saw some paparazzi stalking him, taking pictures of him, and decided to put those rolls of film into better use. Adam Levine_kind
Last but not least, and this plays a big role in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. He is musically talented. On top of writing songs and singing lead for his band, the Maroon 5 frontman also plays a couple of musical instruments. Namely the acoustic guitar, the lead guitar and the drum. And he is bloody good at them! *swoon*Adam Levine_guitarAdam Levine_drums
So yeah, while I’m not really a big fan of the tattoo sleeve he sports, Adam Levine is definitely one of the hottest and of course sexiest celebrity I’ve come to like. And if you asked me, Adam won this incredibly cheesy title not because of how he looks, cause come on, Hollywood is filled with gorgeous man! But rather , it is because of his attractively crazy yet charming personality.

Note : Jensen Ackles will always be at the top of the list, but Adam does come close to that spot. 😀

The Reality Of Crushes

So a while ago, I might have mentioned a little crush of mine on a certain someone. Well, in these few weeks, I’ve realized a couple of things about the reality of crushes.

The problem when we have a crush on someone whom we don’t know that well is that we tend to put him or her on a pedestal. Aside from the first ‘spark’ that got your attention, everything else may fall pale in comparison when reality strikes. The first ‘spark’ can be anything that creates the first hint of attraction. It could be the look, a certain talent, a reaction towards something, a certain action, the way they speak, etc etc, the list goes on. Anything at all that may have ignited that first spark of attraction. More often than not, that’s about where the reality ends. 😉 People tend to make an assumption on the personality and image of the person they are crushing on based on whatever that first spark the attraction. And more than often, we end up getting a little disappointed because as time passes, we start to realize that they aren’t what we expected in reality.

Though I’d like to state that ‘they aren’t what we expect in reality’ doesn’t mean they’re bad. It simply literally means that they’re not what we expect. For example, I expected a certain someone to handle a particular situation maturely, but he ended up handling it, in what I’d call, a little childishly, coming across as a little socially inexperience. It’s not a bad thing and he’s actually not childish. He just falls below expectations, in this particular situation 😉

Anyways, this is only one example. I’m sure there are many more examples out there. While having a crush on someone could be a fun feeling, given it’s just a crush and not falling in love, take care not to put the person on a pedestal if you don’t know him or her well enough. That may lead to disappointments, sometimes. 😉 Funny how it took me so many years and so many crushes to realize that. Then again, maybe I’ve know all these unconsciously, but never really gave it much thought until now. 😉 Not that it would make much difference. I’d still have crushes when some guy does something that light that first spark of attraction for me. Teehee! 😉

HRH Prince George Alexander Loius

It has finally happened. The long awaited royal baby of Great Britain arrived late in the afternoon on the 22nd of July, 2013. kate-will-georgeThis adorable little bundle of joy is named George Alexander Louis two days after he was born, by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton. George Alexander LouisHe will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. I’m guessing he’s gonna grow up to be a fine young man. Fine and good looking, given his genes are a mixture of Prince William and Kate’s, both of whom passed with flying colours in the ‘looks’ department.

Gotta say. I’m always a tad bit confused when it comes to the titles of the royal family of Great Britain. Prince Charles of Wales, Prince Edward the Earl Of Wessex, Princess Beatrice of York, Princes Harry of Wales, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, and the list goes on. So most of the times, I stick to simple titles like Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince William, etc etc. 😉

I can’t help but smile when I see pictures of the proud parents with their newborn. It’s just so sweet. It’s like a part of a fairytale. kate-will-george (2)Will-Kate-GeorgeThough I know that life as a public figure ain’t a bed of roses all the time, but for that moment in time, Will, Kate and George looks like the perfect picture of a perfect fairytale. It’s just such a nice sight to behold. Kinda makes me wanna go, “Aawwwww…” every time I see pictures of this little royal family. It certainly doesn’t help when the proud parents let slip little tit-bits like how Kate mentioned that Will changed baby George’s first diaper, or how Will said that his son ‘has got a good pair of lungs on him’. Lol! 🙂

Of course, I may have paid a bit more attention to the birth of this baby as compared to other famous offspring, reason being, I used to have a crush on Prince William. Hahaha! BUT, that was when I was younger and he was younger. Lol! prince-william-age15He was about 15-16 years old, and I was 11-12 years old. It’s a kiddy crush. He’s cute. He still is actually, despite having a slight hair-loss problem. I still find him dashing and looking as fit as any prince charming would be. 🙂

One thing that caught my attention besides the adorable baby Prince George is Will & Kate’s attire for the day. kate-will-fashion(2)Just one day after giving birth to baby Prince George, Kate is looking absolutely stunning. Of course, according to new reports, she had her hair stylist fixing her hair in the morning before she left the hospital, but I still feel credit should be given to her for looking so good just a day after delivery. It’s kinda inspiring. I mean, I would wanna be like her someday, looking presentable at all times, even if its a day after giving birth. Teehee! 😉 Oh, and Prince William is the definition of ‘sophisticated casual smart look for men’, in my opinion. I love guys who are able to dress casual smart well. Formal is kinda easy, casual is kinda easy too, but many slip and fall when it comes to casual smart. 😉

Anyways, as much as some people think this news has been given way to much coverage than it deserves, I personally feel that it’s nice once in a while to read about a joyous news. Lately it seems, almost every news article I read is either depressing or just downright stupid. So yes. I’m one of those who are happily reading away about this royal newborn. Happy news makes people happy. 😛

The Crush

It’s quite a …………… fluffy feeling, to develop a crush on someone. Yes. I know fluffy is not a word used to describe a feeling, but it’s the best way I know how to express it. Okay. Not really making sense, but yes, it’s a giddy feeling. That, of course is provided you don’t fall too deep. That’s when the hurt comes in if your affection is not reciprocated. But if it’s only a minor girly crush, then it’s a fun thing. The kind of crush that you know it’s just nice to crush on but you seriously doubt you’ll be with the person in the end. This is what I call the feel good crush.

Just a little something to add some spice in your life. The little skip in the heart when he looks over to you, the butterfly that flutters in your tummy when he talks to you or smiles at you, the bright smile that would rival the sun when he cracks a joke or say something funny to you, etc etc. 🙂

So I realized that as extrovert as I am, I’m more frequently than not, attracted to quiet guys. Quiet, but not meek. What most people would describe as the strong silent type. But in my case, with a sense of humour when needed. 😛

Anyways, the one who’s quiet, smart, musically talented (this upped the attractive points, obviously), friendly and helpful with a little quirky sense of humour is so adorable!!! Physically, he’s just average, normal. Geeky, a little dorky, and definitely nerdy. But as a person, so adorable! Turns my heart all mushy! *giggles* But yeah, it’s just something to giggle and go ‘fluffy’ (yes, I know fluffy is not usually used to describe situations like these, but get over it.. geez) over. I’m definitely not expecting anything from it. Heh. Can’t even see or imagine it. Haha. Just a a little something to spice up the mundane life. TeeHee!

<3 FUN. <3

Since the days of Backstreet Boys, Westlife and a1, I haven’t found a band that I can truly call ‘one of my favourite bands’, until now. And this is a real band. The music instruments, live music and all. With their songwriting skills that produces really unique songs and their ability to sing and play live (really well, if I may say so), there’s not doubt at all thatFUN. caught my attention for good. The band is made up of 3 guys who may not have ‘those stereotypical boyband looks’, but definitely have more talent than a few boybands combined together. ;)Fun_325I’ll admit that I only found out bout this band after their hit single from their second album ‘We Are Young’ hit the radio stations last year. But at that time I just thought that it’s a really cool and unique song. Love the song, yes. But one good song doesn’t make me interested in a band. Then when ‘Some Nights’ was released, I decided that I really had to check out this band cause their songs are really pretty awesome. So I went to search for the songs from their first album and their latest second album. That’s when I fell in love with this band. Their first album is really not that popular, but it has some of the nicest songs ever written. And every song from both their albums have that distinctive style that sets them apart from all artistes in the market today. Every single song was written by them. They don’t need to hire a songwriter like most artistes do nowadays. And when I YouTube for some of their concerts’ clips, I was pretty much blown away. Sometimes they have a full band with them, but other times, it’s just Andrew on the piano, Jack on the guitar, and Nate singing solo. No engineered music, no pre-recorded sounds. Just pure raw music. Super nice. Watching them play and sing live so well just officially made them one of my favourite band of all times.

The 3 of them really are a bunch of musically talented guys. As someone who absolutely loves music, I find it hard to resist fawning over bands like this. Haha.

There’s Andrew Dost, the musical genius. He can play a whole lot of musical instruments.8434998826_2fb220888d_zIn the band, Andrew mainly plays the piano and keyboard. But he can also play the guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn and the drums. See what I mean? Freaking musical genius.

Then there’s the guitarist, Jack Antonoff.Jack-Antonoff-620x400I am mad crazy over his guitar skills. No doubt he’s good at electric guitar as well. But when I hear him play the acoustic guitar in some of the unplugged versions of fun.’s songs, I pray every night that I’ll be able to do that one fine day. Top it off, this fella plays drums too.

Finally we have the voice of the band. Nate Ruess.Nate+Ruess+KIIS+FM+2012+Jingle+Ball+Night+0U1FMFU3vUIlLet me just say that I’m so in love with his voice. Really. And the way he sings the songs. Try listening to some of the live performance to feel the goosebumps. The good kind. ;)And even though he plays no instruments, he is just as talented. Nate Ruess has crazy mad skills in composing songs. He’s like the main songwriter for many of the songs on their album. With all that talent going on, I might just have develop a little crush on fun.’s lead singer. Yes, I’ve developed a crush on this skinny jeans and high-water pants wearing lead singer. But no, he will never surpass my TV boyfriend, Jensen Ackles, as the most perfect guy in the universe.tumblr_ly6apgsHMr1qh5df5o1_500Just saying. :P Lol!

Yeah, I have a thing for musically talented guys. ;) That’s why I think these guys from fun. are awesome even though they’re really not that fantastically good looking. ;)

Another thing that stands out about this band is their openness in defending the LGBT community. Andrew, Jack and Nate are straight guys (they made that statement loud and clear at quite a number of interviews), though they sometimes look otherwise. ;)mainfun-grammys-456-feb-10-2013Especially with the skinny jeans and high-water pants that they like to wear so much. Not to mention wearing their shoes without any socks or with really bright statement-making socks.tumblr_m6mkopumGO1qivt8go1_500See what I mean? ;) But they’ve all stated that they’re straight with Jack dating Lena Dunham and Nate dating Jack’s sister, Rachel Antonoff (though there are rumours claiming they just broke up, oh well). And yet, they made sure their stand is heard loud and clear. Together with Rachel, fun. created The Ally Coalition to fight for marriage equality. According to them, if you don’t voice out and make your stand, it’s the same as you’re supporting marriage inequality and discrimination of the LGBT community. Word.

I’m as straight as a chopstick. Lol. I’m a girl who loves guys. I’m interested in guys. I’d love to find a nice guy and get married in the future. But that doesn’t mean I have to support only straight marriage and be against same-sex marriage. I don’t think there’s a need to discriminate people just because they prefer to love those of their own gender. Everybody deserves a chance at love. Usually girls are more open to fighting for this cause. Straight men are more reserved, specially straight men in Asia. Maybe they feel it affects their manliness of something. And that is another reason why fun. stand out to me as a great band. Besides their musical talents, they decided to put their fame to good use. They’re not ashamed or shy to voice their support for marriage equality. They aren’t worried that their dressing and their stand in marriage equality may reduce their manliness. THAT‘s what makes them so cool.fun (1)fun ewSo yeah, pretty obvious I’m now a fun. fan. :) Love all their songs in both their albums. Would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in real music. Some songs may need a second or third hearing before you’ll start really like them, but I can guarantee, almost every song will be addictive once you’ve heard it 2-3 times. ;)

Just in case you don’t know (yes, I’ve got friends who knows and love the songs, but don’t know they’re actually from fun.), some of their more famous songs are ‘We Are Young’, ‘Some Nights’ and ‘Carry On’. ;)

But among all their songs, I like this one the best. It’s from their first album, Aim And Ignite. It’s called ‘The Gambler’, written by Nate for his parents. One of the sweetest and most beautiful love songs ever written without all those sappy lyrics. ;) Enjoy!

What’s Your Definition Of Hot?

20121213-133720.jpgMy personal preference? The ‘fashion models’. Oversized men are a little of a turn off for me. That’s my personal opinion of course. But I like lean muscular men. So I guess the ‘fashion models’ fit perfectly in this category. Though I’d say, some ‘fitness models’ are pretty hot too. Some being the key word. 😉