Adam Levine : 2013 Sexiest Man Alive

I’ve always thought he was attractive, but Adam Levine just keeps getting sexier and hotter as the years go by.Adam LevineI’ve always thought that he was attractive even when I weren’t a big fan of his, but ever since I saw this clip of him on YouTube, man,  was hooked. The 2013 Sexiest Man Alive accepted that award on the Jimmy Kimmel show with such humourous, witty and sassy attitude (without appearing arrogant) that you just can’t help but be drawn in by that charming confidence.  As cheesy as it sounds, since then, I started being an avid Adam Levine fan. Come on. It is hard to resist this guy! My personal opinion of course. 😛 Specially when he can check of a couple of the things in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. Lol!

First up! He’s silly in an adorable way, but never coming off as dumb or a clown.Adam Levine_funny

He’s also flirty, in a really sweet way. Haha! Yes, I know I sound totally like a fangirl. Adam Levine_dreamy

He loves dogs! Man, that’s a big point added in my book. Adam Levine_puppy
He’s kind. Somewhat. Saw some paparazzi stalking him, taking pictures of him, and decided to put those rolls of film into better use. Adam Levine_kind
Last but not least, and this plays a big role in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. He is musically talented. On top of writing songs and singing lead for his band, the Maroon 5 frontman also plays a couple of musical instruments. Namely the acoustic guitar, the lead guitar and the drum. And he is bloody good at them! *swoon*Adam Levine_guitarAdam Levine_drums
So yeah, while I’m not really a big fan of the tattoo sleeve he sports, Adam Levine is definitely one of the hottest and of course sexiest celebrity I’ve come to like. And if you asked me, Adam won this incredibly cheesy title not because of how he looks, cause come on, Hollywood is filled with gorgeous man! But rather , it is because of his attractively crazy yet charming personality.

Note : Jensen Ackles will always be at the top of the list, but Adam does come close to that spot. 😀

Star Trek (2009)

StartrekposterAfter watching Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and finding out that it is actually a sequel to a previous movie, I just had to watch that first Star Trek movie that precedes Star Trek Into Darkness (2013). Again, I wasn’t disappointed. Star Trek (2009) is just as entertaining as it’s sequel. Seriously, if this continues, I get a feeling I’m gonna be a big Star Trek fan soon. ;P But as it is now, I just enjoy both the 2009 and 2013 Star Trek movies. Kinda hoping there will be a third one coming out with the same main casts. 😉

It was nice to know how it all started, not Star Trek, but the lives of the main characters. Being someone who watched the sequel before the debut show, I found it kinda amusing how Spock (played by Zachary Quinto) and James Kirk (Chris Pine) started off as somewhat enemies. Not actual ‘good vs bad’ kind of enemies, but rather those ‘high school cheerleader drama’ kind of enemies, in a very ‘Star Trek-ish’ way. I know my explanation is kinda weird, but you gotta watch to understand. It’s really highly amusing. STAR TREKTheir gradual shift from enemies to frenemies to being actual true friends is kinda sweet, for an action packed movie. 😉 And I guess, their friendship is sort of the basis of these two Star Trek movies. 😉 I gotta say, as dorky as Spock looks in that hair style, it’s actor, Zachary Quinto is actually pretty good looking in reality.Zachary_QuintoHe’s a little like a crossbreed between a rocker and a nerd, which I’m sure quite a number of the female species find attractive these days. No argument there. Definitely think he’s good looking, not too sure if he’s my type. 😉

I’m glad to see John Cho who plays Hikaru Sulu had more screen time in this show. STAR TREKHe actually had an action scene where he fights with a sword, or something like that. It is kinda cool, coming from him, cause usually all he does is sit in a chair and pilot the Enterprise. Haha.

Was kinda surprised with the big name that was called in to play the villain. Mr. Eric Bana. STAR TREKI actually couldn’t recognize him until almost the end of the show. What with that bald head and those markings on his face, plus the fact that I’m never a fan of his, you can’t really blame me for not recognizing Bana. He’s always had such a pleasant looking face. Lol. But, all being said, he kinda nailed it as the villain.

The one that really surprises me, and this is only because I kinda have a celebrity crush on him (not as big as that which I have for Jensen Ackles, but still.. Heehee), is the actor who was asked to play James Kirk’s father, George Samuel Kirk. Took me almost half a minute to recognize who he is, maybe because at that time in 2009, this hunk haven’t shot to stardom and he still haven’t grown out his golden locks. 😉chris hemsworth_star trek09Chris Hemsworth. *drool effect* Damn he looks good in short, clean-cut hair as well. He’s in the movie for probably only 10-15 minutes, but still, good looks don’t pass by a girl unnoticed. 😛

I personally think that this group of casts, Hemsworth excluded cause he’s just a really minor character in this movie (sobs), has the chemistry that makes the show great and entertaining. It’s not that often we get casts who works together and exhibit an invisible chemistry that can be felt on screen. I can name so many blockbusters where there’s literally no chemistry between the casts members. So kudos to the director and team for picking out these people. Behind-the-scenes-star-trek-2009-26472986-1437-809And yes, that dude in the chair is the mastermind behind the show. The director, J.J. Abrams. Somehow, I pictured him to be a bit older and serious. So, it’s pretty cool when I found out that he’s just this cool dude who has a creative mind. 😉 Gotta say, if you think the casts looks good in their costume, check them out in real life. Even better, in suits. Premiere StartrekNot bad aye? 😉 They’re not the typical, exceptional hunks of Hollywood (e.g like Brad Pitt), but there’s that little something in each of them that makes them somewhat attractive. 🙂

All in all, loved this show. Loved the sequel too. I’ll definitely be re-watching them from time to time. And if there’s a third Star Trek movie coming out from the same casts and director, I’d definitely be anticipating the release. 😉

Oh, Jensen! You’re Just Too Adorable!

Came across this set of pictures of Jensen Ackles during the recent JIBCon 2013, while surfing the net. Oh gosh! My heart just melted……. *swoon*

So what happened was, Misha Collins, who was on stage with him at that time, was fooling around and decided to clip a baby panda toy onto his microphone. And his reaction was captured on camera. *squeal*

20130521-113943.jpg20130521-113950.jpg20130521-113957.jpg20130521-114005.jpg20130521-114013.jpgIt’s just too adorable for words! And if you watch the video of this on YouTube, as unamused as he looks, when the panda fell off a short while later, he actually looked disappointed. Aarrggghhhhh! His cuteness and adorableness is killing me! Then again, what’s new, right? 😉 Lol! He’ll always be the definition of the perfect man, in my opinion. 😉

Note : This set of gorgeous pics is by a Supernatural fan who goes by the name ‘redteekal’. Redteekal’s Tumblr page has tons of good quality, gorgeous pictures of the Supernatural casts, mainly Jensen and Jared of course!

Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

FastandFurious6-teaserposterBeen looking forward to this for a while now. Finally caught it in the cinema almost 2 weeks ago. Great great show. I don’t know whether to say that it’s better than the 5th installment, but even if its not, it’s just about as good as that one. Though I think personally, I may prefer the 5th movie a tad bit more, but really, not much difference. 😉 Action-packed from beginning till the end, as usual, keeping the audience at the edge of their seats almost the entire time.

I’m not sure if its just me, but Vin Diesel seemed more and more ‘bulky’ as the installments of the movie progress. And I’m not necessarily saying it in too good a way. Fast And Furious 6I mean, I get it, guys love to make themselves look buff, and as much as I’d like to say that Vin Diesel’s built is great, I can’t help but notice that his muscles aren’t really defined. Thus, making him look a little flabby and chunky, instead of buff. No? Don’t get me wrong. I like watching Vin Diesel. Great actor. But I think maybe he needs to tense his muscles when he’s wearing sleeveless tops, if not he’ll just look chunky, which is not really sexy or hot. Really. Lol! 😉 Then again, just when you start thinking, “Oh, Vin Diesel looks chunky!”, there’ll be those scenes that he looks considerably good in. Fast And Furious 6Must be the angle then. 😉 But really, tensing the muscles and maybe conditioning them more will improve the consistency of the, “Ooooo… Not baaadddd!” thoughts. 😉 Haha! And the funny thing is, while Vin Diesel seemed to grow, Paul Walker seemed to shrink in size. Or maybe its just those old man clothes they put him in. If I remember correctly, he’s got a pretty hot bod, hence, more body fitting clothes should definitely be encouraged. 😛 Seems like Walker has a little less screen time this time around. But I guess it doesn’t affect the show much.

Speaking of muscles, who in the world can miss Dwayne Johnson. This guy just keeps growing bigger and bigger! Fast And Furious 6I swear if he grows any bigger, he can audition for the role of the Hulk and the FX team don’t even need to do anything. All they need is the wardrobe department painting him green and it’ll be enough. The Hulk. I mean, I can’t help but gaped at him when he appeared on screen. As much as I’m not a fan of big huge body builders (I personally prefer athletic built bodies), I can’t help but think, “Damn Vin Diesel, that’s how muscles are supposed to look like!” Lol! He’s ripped from head to toe! Coming back to the movie, I actually like the bromance chemistry between Hobs (Johnson) and Toretto (Vin Diesel) more than that of O’Conner (Walker) and Toretto. 😉

The tough looking lady next to Johnson in the picture above is Gina Carano who plays Riley Hicks, the good girl who’s actually not so good afterall. *hint* 😉 I actually didn’t really like her from the beginning of the show. But I gotta say, that’s probably cause she’s got pretty good acting skills. She made her character believable, making you like her and dislike her at the right time. Makes sense? Haha. Anyways, I looked her up, since I’ve never seen her before and it turns out that she’s actually a mixed martial artiste! Not to mention a fitness model too. Oh wow. That explains her size as a healthy fit lady as compared to most of Hollywood’s stick thin model bodies. And really, I think that should be the image we encourage people to be, healthy and fit, not skinny and stick thin.gina-carano-sexy-02gina-carano-600x406 I may not like her character in the show, but I sure find myself impressed by her real life. I mean, tough chicks who can do real martial arts are hot.

And speaking of the ladies, it’s nice to have Letty, who was presumed dead, back.Fast And Furious 6Not your typical Hollywood beauty, but Michelle Rodriguez definitely got a certain charm about her. She plays Letty really well, as she did in the first movie. Thought her character, Letty, fits Vin Diesel’s Toretto much better than the other girls, namely Elena, who was portrayed by Elsa Pataky. ElenaI actually find Pataky really sexy in the movie. Not exactly the girly sexy, but really, the confident sexy. Know what I mean. She’s got that air of superiority and confidence that exudes elegance, even while playing only a police officer. I guess I mostly prefer the proper girl with character look, than a pretty girly bimbo look. Know what I mean? 😉 Anyways, she’s 36 and looking great! I was Googling her and came across this picture. Chris & Elsa & babyHow cute is her kid????? Then again, what do you expect from a baby whose parents are Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth. Seriously. I gotta say though, as good as she looks in the movie, her latest hairstyle adds such an edge to her look that she can easily surpass many of those actresses who are 10 years younger than her. Elsa-PatakyThis look makes me wanna go and crop my hair off, just like her. Looks good, no? 🙂

Was a little disappointed in Gal Gadot. I seem to remember her as being a little sexier in the 5th installment. fast-and-furious-6-gal-gadotBut her character, Gisele is just as sassy and saucy as I remembered. 😉 Loved how they gave a little more focus on Gisele’s relationship with her now steady boyfriend, Han, who caught my attention in the 5th movie. Hehe! But sadly, the actor who played him, Sung Kang, doesn’t seem that attractive this time around. fast-furious6-sung-kangHe still puts a smile on my face sometimes, but yeah, not that attractive anymore, I feel. 😉 Oh well, our taste changes as time passes right? 😉

Seeing Luke Evans was a surprised to me. fast-and-furious-6-luke-evansBut he does the bad guy pretty well. This time around, he doesn’t remind me of Orlando Bloom anymore. I remembered when I saw him in The Three Musketeers, I almost mistook him for Bloom. But with this crew cut, it’s easier to tell them apart. Or maybe its just me who thinks they look alike. 😛

Anyways, great show. Action packed, one of my favourite types. I definitely won’t mind watching is again. And again. And again. And just for those who don’t know, this is the chronology of the F&F movies – F&F 1, F&F 2, F&F 4, F&F 5, F&F 6, F&F 3. So now, I’m anticipating the 7th show! It’ll be a follow-up from the 3rd Fast & Furious movie.

And a lesson from this movie? thrown off tankIt’s romantic to jump off your car to save your love interest who is being flung off a tank………… provided you really manage to catch her. 😛 Okay. Truth be told, I find this stunt a little too exaggerated and it makes me think it’s silly. LOL!

<3 FUN. <3

Since the days of Backstreet Boys, Westlife and a1, I haven’t found a band that I can truly call ‘one of my favourite bands’, until now. And this is a real band. The music instruments, live music and all. With their songwriting skills that produces really unique songs and their ability to sing and play live (really well, if I may say so), there’s not doubt at all thatFUN. caught my attention for good. The band is made up of 3 guys who may not have ‘those stereotypical boyband looks’, but definitely have more talent than a few boybands combined together. ;)Fun_325I’ll admit that I only found out bout this band after their hit single from their second album ‘We Are Young’ hit the radio stations last year. But at that time I just thought that it’s a really cool and unique song. Love the song, yes. But one good song doesn’t make me interested in a band. Then when ‘Some Nights’ was released, I decided that I really had to check out this band cause their songs are really pretty awesome. So I went to search for the songs from their first album and their latest second album. That’s when I fell in love with this band. Their first album is really not that popular, but it has some of the nicest songs ever written. And every song from both their albums have that distinctive style that sets them apart from all artistes in the market today. Every single song was written by them. They don’t need to hire a songwriter like most artistes do nowadays. And when I YouTube for some of their concerts’ clips, I was pretty much blown away. Sometimes they have a full band with them, but other times, it’s just Andrew on the piano, Jack on the guitar, and Nate singing solo. No engineered music, no pre-recorded sounds. Just pure raw music. Super nice. Watching them play and sing live so well just officially made them one of my favourite band of all times.

The 3 of them really are a bunch of musically talented guys. As someone who absolutely loves music, I find it hard to resist fawning over bands like this. Haha.

There’s Andrew Dost, the musical genius. He can play a whole lot of musical instruments.8434998826_2fb220888d_zIn the band, Andrew mainly plays the piano and keyboard. But he can also play the guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn and the drums. See what I mean? Freaking musical genius.

Then there’s the guitarist, Jack Antonoff.Jack-Antonoff-620x400I am mad crazy over his guitar skills. No doubt he’s good at electric guitar as well. But when I hear him play the acoustic guitar in some of the unplugged versions of fun.’s songs, I pray every night that I’ll be able to do that one fine day. Top it off, this fella plays drums too.

Finally we have the voice of the band. Nate Ruess.Nate+Ruess+KIIS+FM+2012+Jingle+Ball+Night+0U1FMFU3vUIlLet me just say that I’m so in love with his voice. Really. And the way he sings the songs. Try listening to some of the live performance to feel the goosebumps. The good kind. ;)And even though he plays no instruments, he is just as talented. Nate Ruess has crazy mad skills in composing songs. He’s like the main songwriter for many of the songs on their album. With all that talent going on, I might just have develop a little crush on fun.’s lead singer. Yes, I’ve developed a crush on this skinny jeans and high-water pants wearing lead singer. But no, he will never surpass my TV boyfriend, Jensen Ackles, as the most perfect guy in the universe.tumblr_ly6apgsHMr1qh5df5o1_500Just saying. :P Lol!

Yeah, I have a thing for musically talented guys. ;) That’s why I think these guys from fun. are awesome even though they’re really not that fantastically good looking. ;)

Another thing that stands out about this band is their openness in defending the LGBT community. Andrew, Jack and Nate are straight guys (they made that statement loud and clear at quite a number of interviews), though they sometimes look otherwise. ;)mainfun-grammys-456-feb-10-2013Especially with the skinny jeans and high-water pants that they like to wear so much. Not to mention wearing their shoes without any socks or with really bright statement-making socks.tumblr_m6mkopumGO1qivt8go1_500See what I mean? ;) But they’ve all stated that they’re straight with Jack dating Lena Dunham and Nate dating Jack’s sister, Rachel Antonoff (though there are rumours claiming they just broke up, oh well). And yet, they made sure their stand is heard loud and clear. Together with Rachel, fun. created The Ally Coalition to fight for marriage equality. According to them, if you don’t voice out and make your stand, it’s the same as you’re supporting marriage inequality and discrimination of the LGBT community. Word.

I’m as straight as a chopstick. Lol. I’m a girl who loves guys. I’m interested in guys. I’d love to find a nice guy and get married in the future. But that doesn’t mean I have to support only straight marriage and be against same-sex marriage. I don’t think there’s a need to discriminate people just because they prefer to love those of their own gender. Everybody deserves a chance at love. Usually girls are more open to fighting for this cause. Straight men are more reserved, specially straight men in Asia. Maybe they feel it affects their manliness of something. And that is another reason why fun. stand out to me as a great band. Besides their musical talents, they decided to put their fame to good use. They’re not ashamed or shy to voice their support for marriage equality. They aren’t worried that their dressing and their stand in marriage equality may reduce their manliness. THAT‘s what makes them so (1)fun ewSo yeah, pretty obvious I’m now a fun. fan. :) Love all their songs in both their albums. Would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in real music. Some songs may need a second or third hearing before you’ll start really like them, but I can guarantee, almost every song will be addictive once you’ve heard it 2-3 times. ;)

Just in case you don’t know (yes, I’ve got friends who knows and love the songs, but don’t know they’re actually from fun.), some of their more famous songs are ‘We Are Young’, ‘Some Nights’ and ‘Carry On’. ;)

But among all their songs, I like this one the best. It’s from their first album, Aim And Ignite. It’s called ‘The Gambler’, written by Nate for his parents. One of the sweetest and most beautiful love songs ever written without all those sappy lyrics. ;) Enjoy!

Jack The Giant Slayer (2013)

Jack_the_Giant_Slayer_posterI was curious how this would turn out. Another childhood fairy tale turned into movie with modifications to the story line. I thoughts Disney’s ‘Tangled’ was a success, while the Johnny Depp starring ‘Alice In Wonderland’ was a flop. So I was kinda keeping my fingers crossed that this would be good. I mean, I don’t want all my childhood fairy tales destroyed by some crazy Hollywood producer who think it’d be funny to modify the storyline and add an edge to them. If it works, great. But when it crashes, it crashes bad. However, guess I don’t need to worry much for Jack The Giant Slayer cause it’s a success! 😉 I was entertained throughout the entire movie.

Male lead, Nicholas Hoult is such a sight for sore eyes. Instant cure. Lol! Jack The Giant KillerNo. He’s not the smoking hot kinda hot, but more like the dorky, geeky & nerdy kinda hot. He’s got that certain charm about him that draws you in, focuses your attention wholly on him. jack_the_giant_slayer_nicholas_houltI know he looks a little ‘lack-of-hair’ here, but damn, he is good looking. And he brings out that ‘geeky dorky adorable’ character really well. I first notice Hoult when he was in ‘X-Men : First Class’, as Beast.nicholas-hoult-xmen-1Fell for his nerdy-glasses look. My first thought when I saw him in that movie was, “Ooooo, cute~!” My first thought when I saw him again here in Jack The Giant Slayer is, “Holy sh*t! He’s adorably good looking~!”

So, I decided to look him up on Google and see how he looks like in his real life. No character to play, nothing. Just plain Nicholas Hoult. And my my, may I just say, this boy cleans up well. He can go from geeky cute to drop dead gorgeous.Nicholas+Hoult-1Gosh! When I first saw this, I forgot how to breathe for a couple of seconds. Would you look at those eyes! They come in second to Jensen Ackles’ emerald green eyes. 😉 Now we have another young and hot actor in Hollywood. I foresee that this fella may just land himself quite a couple of memorable roles in the future. 🙂

Anyways, coming back, female lead Eleanor Tomlison is not stunningly attractive in my opinion. But she has that air of elegance that it fitting for her role as a princess.eleanor-tomlinson-jack-the-giant-slayer Even when she’s captured and all dirt up, she still makes it believable as a princess. A down to earth princess.

Then there’s Ewan McGregor whose memorable performance left a lasting impression even though it was a minor role. Ewan-McGregor-in-Jack-the-Giant-SlayerHe looks kinda funny with that spiky hair and goatee. Especially that goatee. Lol. But his portrayal of noble and loyal leader of the king’s elite guards, with a side of a ‘smart-ass mouth’ and sarcasm, made it’s mark in the audiences’ minds. And the best part of this movie is seeing McGregor rolled up like a pork roll! jackewanpastryI mean come on! How many times do you get to see Hollywood heartthrob McGregor rolled up as a pork roll???jack-giant-slayer-ewan-mcgregor-pigsIt’s kinda priceless, if you ask me. 😉

Moving from humans to giants, I thought the head of the giants Falon, is not as scary as his follower, Fumm, who later betrayed him and took over as a leader. Falon, played by Bill Nighy and John Kassir is bordering on funnily evil, hence reducing its ‘menace points’. jack-the-giant-slayer-fallonThe ‘little head’ makes Falon less scary, if you ask me. He’s just so funny most of the times. Reactions and expressions. As compared to Fumm. jackthegiantslayer-fummNow, seeing Fumm gives me a feeling like the ones I feel when I’m watching the orcs from The Lord Of The Rings, even though they don’t look alike at all. 😉

All in all, a really good and entertaining show. I’d definitely buy a copy and keep, so I can watch again in the future. Great storyline, interesting characters and good looking male lead. Hello, I AM a girl afterall. Male leads do affect my opinion, even if its only a little. 😉 And I feel like a kid again when I watched the beanstalk grew up to the heavens! jack-the-giant-slayer-2I imagined it to be big when I was a kid, but never that huge! And it’s nice to feel like a kid again, once in a long while. 🙂

Stars & Dust Of The Golden Globe Awards 2013

So, the Golden Globe Awards 2013 passed more than a week ago. I can’t help seeing the pictures of some of the stars posted in the news on the Yahoo! website. Some stood a level above others in their elegantly sophisticated dresses, while some others just fall flat. 😉 These are some that caught my eye, the good ones and a few of the bad ones.

Halle BerryHalle BerryThe gown alone had me drooling. This is the kind of gown that I like. And with Halle Berry wearing it? It’s just gorgeous. I think there’s no need to say she looks downright sexy. It’s an understatement. Really. Hugging all her curves at all the right places. And flowy flippy end at the bottom of the gown just creates a feeling of freedom and vibrance.

Jennifer LopezJennifer LopezWhoa! This is one sexy mama! Not my kinda gown, but damn JLo pulled it off like a shining star. What’s amazing is I can’t even see where her skin starts, where the skin colored linings layer or where the laces end. Splendid. With her hot bod, I gotta say, JLo fits this kinda body-clinging dresses like she’s one with them. Thumbs up to this mama of two!

Anne HathawayAnne HathawayLove her new short hair, but as much as I like Hathaway, this dress just does nothing for her. She looks like stick. Too skinny in my opinion. I think this kinda gown would look fabulous on slim or voluptuous bodies, but on her figure, it just makes her look unhealthily thin. But congratz on the win! That’s the only glamour of Anne Hathaway that night.

Kate HudsonKate-HudsonThe hair, the dress… Love them all. Although black ain’t anywhere near my favourite color, but Kate Hudson made me love this gown. I think she is one of the definitions of ‘wearing the gown’, instead of ‘letting the gown wear you’. The combination of black and gold somehow brightens her face and enhances her beautiful soft locks. She’s definitely elegant and chic personified.

Jennifer GarnerJennifer GarnerI personally think Jennifer is really pretty person, BUT this is just an epic failure in fashion. She has the potential to look absolutely stunning, but I think her stylist kinda screwed up this time. The hair makes her look like she’s shopping grocery in the market, the red dress just clashes with the red carpet and the cut of the dress makes her look rather sloppy in it. Sorry Jennifer, but you just blend into the background. Or to be more accurate, the floor.

Jessica AlbaJessica AlbaDon’t think orange is really Jessica Alba’s color, but I think overall, she looks nice. Simple and sweet. Trust me when I say, it’s not easy to looks simple and not bland. Jessica Alba did a great job in making simple look sweetly elegant. Kudos.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda SeyfriedLove the bottom half of the gown, but hate the top part. Amanda didn’t stand out in this dress, but at least she’s no where near ‘worst dressed’. What she had on is what I’d call average. For a normal formal dinner or party, I’d say this is nice, but its the Golden Globes. This just looks a little plain to the eye. But oh well, at least she looks presentable.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftI’m not a fan of ‘mermaid gowns’, but I think Taylor looks nice in this gown. I actually am a fan of the straight cut top. Had always love that design. Anyway, love the way her hair is all slicked back. All posh and elegant, but with some sense of power behind it. The gown can be a little plain, but I think her makeup and hair style just makes this look work. So good job, Taylor! Even though I really prefer what she wore for the Country Music Awards 2012. She looks absolutely stunning there. Here, she just looks nice.

Nicole KidmanNicole KidmanI actually thought the dress looks nice. But not Nicole in the dress. Know what I mean? Just like Hathaway above, this just makes her look unhealthily sick. I can actually imagine how the dress would look on someone with slight slim curves, like Scarlett Johansson, or even those with voluptuous like JLo mentioned above. It would have been a killer. But on Nicole, it loses it’s charm. She just looks skinny, not slim. Would have prefered to see her in a more flowly dress, so maybe then, she won’t look so thin. Sorry Nic, but this just falls flat.

Sienna MillerSienna MillerThis is just ATROCIOUS. Horrifying. The dress. If that’s what you call them. It looks like someone just took my grandmother’s doilies and sewed them together to make this gown for Miller. I just. I can’t even. Oh gawd. It’s just. Ugh! Why she even agreed to wear this in public is beyond my comprehension.

Megan FoxMegan FoxSimple dress. Simple, but very nice. Sweet even. The soft off-white color. Love it. However, there’s just something that don’t pop. I think Megan Fox lost her attractiveness. Her face looks so mean and old. Last time, she looks like those hot bitchy type, but now she just looks mean. Forgive me, but it’s safe to say, the look on her face spoiled her entire appearance. If only she softened her face or smiled, she’d looks really pretty in the gown. So, sorry but this is don’t work for me.

AdeleAdeleI know there are many who’d say this is a boring gown. I won’t deny it. But I think Adele looked gorgeous in this. Her hair and makeup is splendid. But her confidence makes this dress look good on her. Another plus point? She didn’t try to fit in, trying to squeeze into those tight fitting, sleeveless gowns like many of the ‘chubby’ actresses try to do. She stuck to who she was, with confident and pulled it off. So thumbs up, Adele!

Now, I saw this on Perez Hilton’s blog and I just couldn’t resist reposting it. Angelina vs. EvaMy money’s on Eva Longoria. She looks absolutely stunning. And as good as Angelina Jolie looked, her bones can be seen under that layer of skin. This comparison between Eva and Angelina just shows very clearly the difference between being slim and being skinny. 😉 It’s sad to see how Angelina has lost so much weight in the recent years when previously, she was one of the hottest Hollywood stars who was slim with all the curves in the right places. (Remember her Tomb Raider days?) So yeah, sorry but Eva wins this hands down, in my opinion. 😉