Adam Levine : 2013 Sexiest Man Alive

I’ve always thought he was attractive, but Adam Levine just keeps getting sexier and hotter as the years go by.Adam LevineI’ve always thought that he was attractive even when I weren’t a big fan of his, but ever since I saw this clip of him on YouTube, man,  was hooked. The 2013 Sexiest Man Alive accepted that award on the Jimmy Kimmel show with such humourous, witty and sassy attitude (without appearing arrogant) that you just can’t help but be drawn in by that charming confidence.  As cheesy as it sounds, since then, I started being an avid Adam Levine fan. Come on. It is hard to resist this guy! My personal opinion of course. 😛 Specially when he can check of a couple of the things in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. Lol!

First up! He’s silly in an adorable way, but never coming off as dumb or a clown.Adam Levine_funny

He’s also flirty, in a really sweet way. Haha! Yes, I know I sound totally like a fangirl. Adam Levine_dreamy

He loves dogs! Man, that’s a big point added in my book. Adam Levine_puppy
He’s kind. Somewhat. Saw some paparazzi stalking him, taking pictures of him, and decided to put those rolls of film into better use. Adam Levine_kind
Last but not least, and this plays a big role in my list of ‘things that makes a guy more attractive’. He is musically talented. On top of writing songs and singing lead for his band, the Maroon 5 frontman also plays a couple of musical instruments. Namely the acoustic guitar, the lead guitar and the drum. And he is bloody good at them! *swoon*Adam Levine_guitarAdam Levine_drums
So yeah, while I’m not really a big fan of the tattoo sleeve he sports, Adam Levine is definitely one of the hottest and of course sexiest celebrity I’ve come to like. And if you asked me, Adam won this incredibly cheesy title not because of how he looks, cause come on, Hollywood is filled with gorgeous man! But rather , it is because of his attractively crazy yet charming personality.

Note : Jensen Ackles will always be at the top of the list, but Adam does come close to that spot. 😀

Oh, Jensen! You’re Just Too Adorable!

Came across this set of pictures of Jensen Ackles during the recent JIBCon 2013, while surfing the net. Oh gosh! My heart just melted……. *swoon*

So what happened was, Misha Collins, who was on stage with him at that time, was fooling around and decided to clip a baby panda toy onto his microphone. And his reaction was captured on camera. *squeal*

20130521-113943.jpg20130521-113950.jpg20130521-113957.jpg20130521-114005.jpg20130521-114013.jpgIt’s just too adorable for words! And if you watch the video of this on YouTube, as unamused as he looks, when the panda fell off a short while later, he actually looked disappointed. Aarrggghhhhh! His cuteness and adorableness is killing me! Then again, what’s new, right? 😉 Lol! He’ll always be the definition of the perfect man, in my opinion. 😉

Note : This set of gorgeous pics is by a Supernatural fan who goes by the name ‘redteekal’. Redteekal’s Tumblr page has tons of good quality, gorgeous pictures of the Supernatural casts, mainly Jensen and Jared of course!

The Crush

It’s quite a …………… fluffy feeling, to develop a crush on someone. Yes. I know fluffy is not a word used to describe a feeling, but it’s the best way I know how to express it. Okay. Not really making sense, but yes, it’s a giddy feeling. That, of course is provided you don’t fall too deep. That’s when the hurt comes in if your affection is not reciprocated. But if it’s only a minor girly crush, then it’s a fun thing. The kind of crush that you know it’s just nice to crush on but you seriously doubt you’ll be with the person in the end. This is what I call the feel good crush.

Just a little something to add some spice in your life. The little skip in the heart when he looks over to you, the butterfly that flutters in your tummy when he talks to you or smiles at you, the bright smile that would rival the sun when he cracks a joke or say something funny to you, etc etc. 🙂

So I realized that as extrovert as I am, I’m more frequently than not, attracted to quiet guys. Quiet, but not meek. What most people would describe as the strong silent type. But in my case, with a sense of humour when needed. 😛

Anyways, the one who’s quiet, smart, musically talented (this upped the attractive points, obviously), friendly and helpful with a little quirky sense of humour is so adorable!!! Physically, he’s just average, normal. Geeky, a little dorky, and definitely nerdy. But as a person, so adorable! Turns my heart all mushy! *giggles* But yeah, it’s just something to giggle and go ‘fluffy’ (yes, I know fluffy is not usually used to describe situations like these, but get over it.. geez) over. I’m definitely not expecting anything from it. Heh. Can’t even see or imagine it. Haha. Just a a little something to spice up the mundane life. TeeHee!

WARNING! Extreme Fangirl-ing!

HOLY PIE! I literally squealed when I heard it! I can’t stop fangirl-ing!! Absolutely can’t believe it. Up till now, bout a week later, I am still feeling the crazy adrenaline rush whenever I heard the song or think of it! And I still break into a huge dopey smile when I hear the song, see the video or even think about it!

JENSEN ACKLES freaking sang to ME! ME! Unbelievable! 😀

Okay. Maybe not me directly, but it was close enough. Lol! 😀 His newly released song on Steve Carlson’s new album, ‘Sharing The Covers’, titled ‘Angeles’ sounded exactly like ‘ANGELA’ when he sang it. Seriously! I mean, I knew the song title was ‘Angeles’, but never did I expect it to be pronounced like my name, Angela! OMG!

Nothing, and I mean nothing, prepared me for when I first heard it! When I heard the, “So glad to meet you, Angeles”. It literally sounded like, “So glad to meet you, Angela”. My jaw literally dropped and I started squealing after 2-3 seconds of shock! OMG! 😀 I rewound that part a couple of times, before letting the video continue and finishing the song. Haha!

Gosh! I’m still feeling the high of it all. If it was by any other singer, I’d still be happy and like “Oh wow, cool! It’s got my name! Haha!”. BUT, what are the chances that, my FAVOURITE guy, the guy whom I have the biggest celebrity crush on, who rarely sings, produce a song, and sang it sounding like he sang it to ‘Angela’?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!! OMG!

Yes. I’m still OMG-ing every now and then. Lol. Poor friends of mine. Those who have to put up with my temporary extreme fangirl-ing, especially Hui and Vic. I think they actually find it amusing, given most of the time, I’m just a normal 26 year old. Unless of course the issue of Jensen Ackles appears. 😉I edited this picture myself from a snapshot from the video. Just thought that since the song is in Carlson’s album, and it won’t have its own cover, I might as well make one for it. 😀 *big heart*

Just A Dream

She was strolling the park with a friend. It was a beautiful park. One she’d never been to. There was a beautiful lake at one end with swans swimming in it. And smack right in the middle of the park, there’s a pretty little white gazebo. That’s where she spotted him. 6ft tall, light brown hair and sparkling emerald green eyes, in a snug grey sweater and worn out jeans. Her heart skipped a beat as she approached him, with a big smile. 

“Gosh! Can’t believe catching you here… This is unbelievable.” She lets out a shy little chuckle. “Can I grab a pic with you?”

“Hey. Yeah, sure!” He beams at her. What a set of perfect pearly whites. It’s so charming, it is actually dazzling. 

He casually slung his arms around her shoulders as they turned towards her friend holding the iPhone. She was preparing to smile and pose prettily for the camera with him, when he suddenly pulls her into his arms, giving her a slight squeeze. She heard the iPhone camera clicked. Her heart skipped a few beats as she breathed in his scent and lose herself in the warmth of the hug. It was a surprise, yes. But there was nothing awkward about it. They pulled apart and chuckled together. 

“Lets take another one. A proper one.” he said. And she can’t help the gleeful smile that broke across her face as they both posed for the camera again. 

There’s the click of the iPhone, and they were walking towards her photographer friend, wanting to check how the pictures turned out to be. Hovering their heads over the iPhone, the screen showing their picture started to blur… And Christina Aguilera was singing ‘Show Me How You Burlesque’ in the background…


She blinked her eyes and found herself staring at her bedroom ceiling. There was still a little of that gleeful smile left on her face when she realized, “It was just a dream.” She never got to see the two pictures she took with him. Waking up to reality, specially after a ‘dreams-come-true’ dream can be like serving a plate of disappointment as breakfast early in the morning. With a sad little smile, she tells herself, “At least I had a good dream.” Though, she won’t deny that more than often, she wishes that dreams do really come true…

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“You know, you’ve got really lush and kissable lips..” he said.

I really can’t help blushing at that. Haha. Of all the compliments, that was the least expected ones. Sure, I know my lips are a little thicker than some asians, but really never expected that compliment. Its sweet though. Heh. *blush*