The Masked Christian

20140118-182533.jpgI came across this post on Instagram, and I can’t help thinking, “Ain’t that true.” But I can’t help scoffing cause I guess not everybody is like that. Believe me, I’m a realistic person. I know we can’t expect this type of attitude and behavior from everyone. I actually try to understand any individual’s situation when things people don’t walk with integrity. But what makes it annoying and disgusting is when its coming from a Christian who on a daily basis, proudly tells people about his/her religion. I had to control my gag reflex chatting with the person.

I’m a Christian, and I don’t go around telling people how good or perfect or ‘christian-y’ I am. As a matter of fact, I always tell people, I’m far from being pleasing in God’s eye, but I’m trying. I still bitch about people when I’m pissed, I still gossip about people I don’t like, I rarely read the bible regularly, and the list goes on. But I’m trying. So when a person who publicly preaches and let people know how ‘Christian-y’ he/she is, and yet behind close doors has no integrity, it pisses me off.

Fancy trying to teach me how to lie to save his/her own ass. How selfish can some people be? Luckily I’m smart enough to turn the thing around and put the responsibility back on the person so that I don’t have to lie. But I definitely can’t erase the disgust I felt when I was asked, straight to my face, to lie, by a Christian who publicly proclaims how ‘Christian-y’ he/she is. Gosh.

Although I don’t show it blatantly, I have utterly no respect left for the person. Ugh.

Just. Shut. Up.

20120801-130622.jpgHell yes! Offhand I can easily name a few people. And seriously, they may not know it that while it can be funny the first few times, its gets rather annoying after a while. Shame on them. Even worse are those who are already skinny and keep bragging about how much they workout, THEN complain to everybody that they’re so fat. So bloody obvious they are just trying to get attention and fishing for compliments. All these would be excusable if it is coming from a teenager, given the age. But if it comes from a middle aged person, well, that’s just plain shallow and bordering on cheap. Sorry if am being harsh, but I like stating facts in a straightforward manner. A person would look so much better if they don’t try so hard to seek so much attention.

If you’re worth it, people will give you the attention or compliment you deserve. Fishing for it just makes it all very douchebag-ish in a very fake way. Heh. Smirk.


Some people do. A lot. FROM THEIR MOUTHS. Make me sick. They do.

Came across this last night on FaceBook. Was a little stunned when I read it all. I remember reading that status few days back. But there weren’t any comments at that time yet. Remembered thinking, “Good quote, but should have just stopped at the quote and keep your opinion on ‘You are a failure forever’ to yourself”. But I didn’t feel anything at that time. Not until people from FF hinted me about it, did I go and check the ‘follow-up comments’. And I in my mind, “…………………………………………. WTF is wrong with her, and her friend?” It’s bad enough discriminating obese people, but to make fun of ‘a common friend just cause of his or her weight’ with another stupid friend and feel so smug about it, just shows how much an idiot both of them are. Sorry to say, as much as she tried to save it in the end using words ‘workout people’, ‘no need to get offended’, ‘u guys are fit’ and all the shit, throughout the whole convo, its obvious the main target is simply ‘obese people’.








Big salute to ‘Yeoh’, ‘Lim’ and ‘Tan’. Especially ‘Tan’. “Rather be fat and fit than skinny and pathetic”. Well said. As for the ‘two main characters’, well, good riddance! One thinks she’s so smart, so diciplined, so ‘high-and-mighty’, so perfect and the other one insults and agrees but then flip her words everytime she thinks she offended people. Coward.

I normally wouldn’t be so blunt in criticizing people, but I just think these two deserves it. Sad to say, it has changed my opinion about the one who posted this status forever. I’ll never see her in the same light, treat her the same, and try my best to never attend any gym class she teaches. She’s still a friend yes, but given a choice, I’d choose to keep my distance from people like her. Thank you.

Still find it hard to comprehend what actually went through both their minds when they wrote and replied their comments.