World War Z (2013)

World_War_Z_posterI wasn’t very excited about this show even when people around me were proclaiming how great it is cause, well, hello… zombies????? And it’s not a chick flick zombie movie, like ‘Warm Bodies‘. This is a through and through zombie movie. So yeah. But I’m glad I did agree to watch it with Mich and Boo Leong, cause it is a really great show. It’s really good. And seriously, I won’t mind watching it for a second or third time. 😉

I think the only person I really noticed in this show is Brad war z brad pittNope. As much as I think he’s good looking, I’m never a Pitt fan. But I gotta say he did a splendid job in this movie as Gerry Lane, a retired UN investigator, trying to protect his family and save the world at the same time. I guess being the father of 6 children in reality, 3 of which is his biological kids, helped in the intensity we see in him protecting his onscreen family in this movie. family2I think if a zombie apocalypse is to really happen, Mr. Pitt here will react in exactly the same way, with of course a couple of body guards in tow, since in reality, he is loaded. Lol. But yeah, there’s no doubt he’ll protect his family with everything he has if any of these were to happen in reality.

The show is mainly focused on Pitt’s character Gerry Lane alone, but it doesn’t make me roll my eyes like I did when I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where that entire show is focused on Hugh Jackman’s character alone. Unlike the X-Men Origins: Wolverine, World War Z does not feel like its revolving around Pitt, even though the focus is all on his character. So, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the war z brad pitt2The thrill, the suspense, the drama and the slight touch of humour were balanced perfectly to make the movie a great watch. I definitely won’t hesitate to buy this movie so I can re-watch it, even though horror is not really my genre. 😉

And truth be told, I actually found this scarier than movies like Resident Evil, etc etc, because this seems more realistic. As in, you can easily imagine it really happening. I mean when I watch Resident Evil, I know it’s all fiction, but when I watch World War Z, watching nations turning into zombies, and see those zombies still looking like human, just that they’re rotting human, is really somewhat realistic. I guess sometimes, adding a small twist to the most common and simple things in life, is the scariest cause its relatable and imaginable. If you ask me, the scariest movies are the one that can fuel your imagination after you’re done watching the movie and is home alone. 😉

Anyways, coming back, this scene almost blew my mind. wwz-outside-israelJaw dropped when I saw this. I just had to take a deep breath. Lol.

World War Z. Great show. Definitely worth the watch in the cinema. Definitely worth re-watching it as well. 😉

Ah Boys To Men 2 (2013)

Ahboystomenposter2Finally it’s out. Been waiting for this movie for almost 3 months now. One thing I’m glad is that, for this show, the second part is released less than half a year after the first part, unlike many Hollywood movies where we had to wait a minimum of a year to watch the second part of an installment. And let me just say that, Ah Boys To Men 2 really didn’t disappoint. If you think the first show was good, this part 2 is even better, by a couple of miles. Jack Neo should give himself a couple of pat on his back. I’m really glad that in this second part, we’re able to see a lot of character development. The story is not solely focused on the main character.

Joshua Tan returns as main character Ken Chow. pc_600x450 (2)We can see in this installment that he’s starting to ‘man-up’. Sadly though, as a main character, he his character didn’t have much room to expend, unlike that of his peers. I know a couple of people who are fascinated over him, but I just don’t understand why. I thought he was an average actor when I saw him in Ah Boys To Men, but now that his co-stars’ characters have developed, and they have room to display their acting skills, Tan just pales in comparison. He doesn’t really have much of that ‘wow’ factor as an actor and he’s a little bland in his acting. Then again, I’ve only seen him in one movie, so it’s a little hard to judge, ay? 😉

Some of those who’ve caught my attention is Tosh Zhang, who plays the new recruits’ Sergeant Ong. ah boys to men 2_tosh zhangNope. Trust me. He’s not good looking. But he’s got that ‘thing’ about him that makes you notice him, but yet, I can’t really pinpoint exactly what that ‘thing’ is.

Then there’s actor Wang Wei Liang. pc_600x450 (1)Wang plays the role of ‘Lobang’. Do not be fooled by how serious he looks here. 😉 He’s a real cheeky brat in the training. As much as a nuisance he is sometimes, you really can’t bring yourself to dislike him.

I was surprised at how different this fella looks in real life and in this movie. ABTM-6Maxi Lim, who plays goody two-shoes, Aloysius a.k.a. ‘Wayang King’. Wow. Great job portraying the authorities’ pet. Spot on. Someone who always wanna be noticed as the best and most perfect in the group, someone who is afraid of getting into trouble with his superior, someone who is always a party pooper, someone who always suck up to those above him, etc etc. He keeps reminding you of the different people you’ve met in your life who’s like that. 😉

There’s a couple others who did fairly well too. Look out for the characters ‘IP Man’, ‘Ismail’ and ‘Muthu’. I love the plot of this entire movie. Am glad that we’re able to see more of the training process as well. Even the training scenes were hilarious. And it’s always funny when the group gather around and talk. ah boys to men groupAh Boys to Men《新兵正传》Part 2 movie scene 1pc_600x450 (3)You see, the key to enjoying a Singaporean movie is to understand the conversations going onscreen. Trust me. It’s like the best comedy ever, and they don’t even need to try that hard to act funny. The script is good enough. 🙂

As I’ve mentioned before in my previous post of ‘Ah Boys To Men – Part 1‘, I love movies like that. Training to be a cop or soldier or fireman, etc etc. And it’s awesome and super motivating to see how they started from wimps and ended up being a warrior, so called warrior at least. pc_600x450ABTM-1Lol. And I just read an article that reported that Jack Neo is gonna come up with the 3rd installment of Ah Boys To Men. He didn’t plan for it previously, but due to overwhelming request from the viewers, he decided to produce another installment. I can’t wait for it to be released! =D

A Princess For Christmas (2011)

APrincessForChristmas2011PosterThis, without a doubt, it an all-round feel good Christmas movie, which I watched about 2 weeks ago. Yeah, a little late for Christmas, but hey, to me, there’s no allocated time to watch a feel good movie. 😉 It’s pretty obvious that this is actually a slightly medium to low budget kind of movie. But lucky for it, almost everybody loves a sappy cheesy story once in a while. Specially if it is a Christmas themed movie. Typical cliche storyline. As a matter of fact, it’s so typical that there’s not really any climax to the movie. Poor girl visits duke, fell in love with duke’s son, duke breaks up with his girlfriends, marry the poor girl in the end. It’s just the kind of movie that puts a smile on your face throughout the show. That is, if you’re a girl, or a guy who likes happy endings. 😉

The ‘princess’ of the movie is played by Irish actress Katie McGrath. Katie_McGrath_A_Princess_for_Christmas_TV_Movie-12Thought she looked fairly fake here. Don’t get me wrong. She’s got all the ‘pretty-look’ going along very well. But, I think she tried too hard to be cheerful and bubbly, that it ended up looking really forced. Which was kinda surprising cause, I thought she’s quite an above average actress when I first saw her in the series, Merlin. Quite captivating as the sweet girl turned evil, Morgana. morgana (1)Merlin 5She had that certain aura around her that attracts your attention when she was playing the role of Morgana. Unfortunately though, in this movie, she falls kinda flat. But luckily, you can’t really go too wrong with a Christmas-princess-themed movie, so it didn’t really destroy the show. 😉

Male lead was played by a Sam Heughan. Never heard of him before, maybe cause he’s a Scottish actor, but he does look like a prince. He’s got that regal and classy style about him. aprincessforchristmas2011_samheughanDefinitely above average looking. From certain angles, he can be considered pretty good looking in my opinion. I do find him a little stiff in his acting though. Just a little. Or maybe it’s just the storyline that didn’t allow him to explore his character. 😉

English actor Roger Moore, plays the grumpy turned warm and friendly Duke of Castlebury. A Princess Story Roger MooreThink he played the grumpy Duke better than the warm and friendly one, but then again, as I’ve mentioned above, could be the problem of the script which barely leaves any area for character development. I mean, he is the actor who replaced Sean Connery as James Bond, so there must be something to his acting skills right? 😉

But the character which caught my attention is the butler, Paisley.a-princess-for-christmas_butlerMiles Richardson portrays this character really well, making him very likable. The friendly but smart butler, who does things for the good of the Duke. 🙂

Overall, this is what I’d consider a medium to low budget show. But as I’ve said, you can’t really go wrong with a ‘Christmas-princess-themed’ movie. In the harsh world we live in today, it’s nice to escape into this kinda childhood fantasy once in a while. Would say it’s a good movie, but at least it leaves you smiling and your heart feeling warm, at the end of the show. 🙂A-Princess-for-Christmas-Katie-McGrath-Sam-Heughan-kiss

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful_CreaturesDidn’t read the review or summary for this before watching the show. Had absolutely no idea what the movie is about. Comedy or drama or rom-com, or adventure. Then right before we went into the cinema, Mich told me it’s something like Twilight, and my first reaction was “Oh uh..” Not that I don’t like Twilight, but I really don’t need another vampire-human dramatic ‘I-would-die-for-you’ love story. Thank God I was in for a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s sorta in the ‘Twilight’ feel of things, but the storyline is pretty different. Somewhat. I actually found this movie more intriguing than the Twilight saga.Main actress is newcomer on the big screens, Alice Englert. Thought she did a better job than Kristen Stewart in Twilight. At least I feel a little more character and attitude from her as Lena Duchannes.beautiful-creatures-alice-englertIt’s pretty cool that Englert makes it believable for her character, Lena, to have two contradicting personalities. The sweet angelic girl who doesn’t want to harm a soul (above) and the powerful evil being who wants revenge for her lover (below).beautiful-creatures-alice-englert-2Truthfully, I prefer watching her with the dark eyeliner. Haha. Giver her more of an edge than the boring sweet girl above. 😉

Male star in this movie, in my opinion, was a little disappointing. Simply cause he’s really not that good looking.Beautiful Creatures 5Well, okay, maybe not so much about the looks, cause when I Google him, Alden Ehrenreich, there are a couple of pics that he looks pretty okay, but there’s just something missing. A spark. That certain charm. Something. Something that causes the audience to remember the main male cast. So really, I find him very forgettable. Oh well.

The guy who actually caught my attention had a very small role in the show. Kyle Gallner, who played Lena’s cousin. beautiful creatures-kyle-gallnerThat little smirk on his face whenever he pops onto screen, leaves an impression. Haha. Though its not much of a spark, but at least it makes him memorable. See? 😉

I thought Emmy Rossum did a great job portraying crazy evil. 😉Beautiful-Creatures-_-Emmy-RossumThought she usually only takes up ‘sweet girly’ roles. So its really refreshing to see her like this, all crazy evil. Haha. Really really good job. And I thought her super short haircut was really sexy. The red-headed one, not the one shown above. 😉

Jeremy Irons really don’t look as old as he is. Lol. That’s my first thought when I saw him. beautiful-creatures-jeremy-ironsLove his calm, cool, sarcastic demeanor. He did better, much better actually, than Ehrenreich. 😉

I think what makes this better than Twilight is that the storyline has a slightly better climax than Twilight. Now, I haven’t read the books, but I sure hope it won’t end up deteriorating like Twilight did into a sappy love story. Would love to see more action. Then again, it’s all in those books, and I don’t really intend on reading them, unless someone comes and tells me it’s awesome. And that someone gotta be a regular ‘fiction book reader’. I don’t truth anyone else’s taste. I had a cousin who was so crazy over Twilight and told me how good the books are. Guess what, I can’t even get past the first book. Heh. 😉

Ah Boys To Men – Part 1 (2012)

AhboystomenposterI’ve always liked Singaporean movies. Most of them anyway. The raw humour, the sarcasm, the usage of all three languages (English, Mandarin and Hokkien) and the ability to paint a very realistic picture of life is just so intriguing. Not to mention their ‘innocently’ thrown in dirty jokes or phrases. 😉 Add in my one of my favourite ingredient in a movie, army/police training, and I really have no complains for this show. Given, there’s no ‘big-shot’ names casted here (for example, no Mark Lee), this is still a really nice and entertaining show to watch.

Main character, Ken Chow, played by Joshua Tan did a pretty good job portraying a spoilt rich teenager. I’m sorry, let me rephrase that. A spoilt, rich and childish teenager who dreads joining the Singapore National Service Training, and is trying his damn hardest to get out of it. Ah-Boys-To-men-KEN-CHOWWell, of course, ‘you can never run from the law’. 😉 He ended up still having to go for the training. Tan, though not really hot to the eye after he got his crew-cut, still manages to exudes his presence as the main character.

It’s pretty hilarous looking at the new recruits, most a softie and undisciplined, trying to get used to the routine and training. ah-boys-to-men-recruitsThis entire movie kinda reminded me of the time when Malaysia first implemented its National Service law, and we were all dreading it, praying that we won’t be selected for the training. I remember my year was the first batched for the country’s National Service Program. Anyways, I love watching movies or series like this. Where they train really lame-ass recruits until at the end, they become successful, and tough, and full of character and dicipline.

Les Misérables (2012)

Les-miserables-movie-poster1Wasn’t expecting much when I went to watch this show. Confession. I didn’t even know what it’s about. 😉 Yes. I’ve never heard of the musical Les Misérables before this. But I’m glad Hui suggested this show. Cause I enjoyed it. Gotta say, at the beginning, wasn’t enjoying some of the ‘singing conversations’, but once the actual songs come in, it’s really quite nice. But what surprises me is, for a musical movie, they managed to rope in quite a number of big names. Not those ‘Glee/High School Musical big names’ but the actual blockbuster big names. 🙂

First up, the man I couldn’t recognize. No. It’s not that I don’t know him. I know him pretty well considering I’ve watched quite a number of his shows. But the way he looked here? My brain didn’t really process it properly, hence not being able to register the face.Hugh-Jackman-Les-MiserablesHugh Jackman, ladies and gentlemen. As Jean Valjean. I seriously couldn’t recognize him looking like that. My mind was just going “Damn, this old man looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?” Not until I leaned over to Hui and asked her, did she turned to me staring and saying “That’s Hugh Jackman!” Oh boy. I was embarrassed! How could I not have recognized him?! Then again, I guess you can’t blame me. Whatever happened to this guy?hugh-jackmanSo you see, can’t really blame me right? 😉

Next up, we’ve got Anne Hathaway. Les-Miserables-Anne-Hathaway-1Let me tell you, with her performance in this show? She raised herself to a total different league! Fantastic job from Hathaway! It’s totally out of her genre but she nailed it, right on the head. Her screen time may not be long, but boy, did it make an impact. Everywhere around the globe, Hathaway’s been loaded with praises, and her performance is praise-worthy.

Cosette, daughter of Hathaway’s character Fantine, was played by Amanda Seyfried.les-miserable-amanda-seyfriedUnlike Hathaway, she stayed in her genre of character. Feminine and soft-spoken. A lady, if I might say. I thought she was rather plain in this musical movie. Or maybe, it was her character that was plain, I’m not sure cause I haven’t watched the musical or read the story before. 😉 But it was cool that they managed to find a girl who’s very similar (somehow) to Seyfried, as the young Cosette.les-miserables-young-cosetteIsabelle Allen. Newbie in the showbiz. I’ll say, she did a great job. Kinda enjoyed watching her scenes a little more than Seyfried’s.

Another big name? They roped in Russell Crowe.Russel-Crowe-les-miserables-2012First thought? “Holy sh*t! Russell Crowe can sing!” Haha! I never (ever!) take him as one of those who would be in musicals. I mean, he’s usually in movies that has too much testosterone! 😉 But all being said, he did an averagely good job.

Another male lead is English actor, Eddie Redmayne. les-miserable-mariusHis character Marius, I’m assuming is supposed to be a heartthrob. Don’t think this fella here fit the bill. But as you continue watching the show, you’ll slowly find that he exudes a certain charm. Then I started realizing why they casted him as Marius, though I feel there maybe some other actors that may do well for the role as well. But still, not bad as far as the movie goes.

These group of people is what I call the ‘olden french version of One Direction’.les-miserables-revolutionariesI’m not kidding. The second they popped onto the screen and started singing, my mind goes, “Oh my gawd! It’s the One Direction, olden French version!” Lol! But, among the whole group, the revolutionaries, the one that I noticed was the one in the green vest cause damn he has a really good voice, comparatively to the rest! Sorry, don’t know his name. 😦 And I think they didn’t place enough focus on the character Enjolras, leader of the group of revolutionaries. Oh well.

There are some slightly more minor characters that actually caught my attention. Felt that they actually stand out more than some of the leads.

Éponine, played by Samantha Barks. eponine-samantha-barksGreat, great job! She has a beautiful voice. As I was researching materials to write this post, I found out that she also performed as Éponine in the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert (2010) in front of the Queen of England! And she was even better there. I guess there’s something about performing live that creates a certain magic as compared to filming your performance into a video. 😉

And last but not least, there’s the young boy Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche. les-miserables-Daniel HuttlestoneLove him. He’s adorable! Lol! But all that aside, he sang really well. So yeah, kudos! 😉

I’d wanna add a side note that, I find both the inkeepers absolutely entertaining! Les-Miserables-by-Annie-Lei-Masters-of-the-House1And actually, they look like they jumped out of Alice In Wonderland, Johnny Depp version. 😉 Lol! Facinating! Plus, they actually have more chemistry between them than Cosette and Marius have. 😉

This movie can go either way for different people. Some will love it, while others will loathe it. I have friends who claimed this show is so boring. I can’t believe them. I mean, when I first walked out of the cinema after this show, I was feeling positively above average about it, even though I won’t say I love it. So yeah. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😉


I’d like to say though, as nice the movie is, I’m very sure it’s not as good as the actual live musical. Reason? I was googling for some of the songs and stumbled upon the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert (2010). That was awesome! Way more awesome than this movie, and its only the concert! Not even the actual musical yet! Almost all the singers were much better compared to those mentioned above, except maybe for Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne. I think they did better than the Fantine and Marius in the concert. 😉 Other than that, the casts for the concert trumps almost every one of the casts in this movie. Not kidding! Maybe it’s because when you’re on stage, you’re lack of techonology effects, scenes and props that would make a story look good, so you gotta rely fully on yourself, your own expressions and performance. And THAT, is what made it for them, I think.

These two songs in particular stayed in my mind after hearing it only for the first time. I decieded to post the 2010 concert version cause it’s much nicer than the 2012 movie version.

Master Of The House, a fun tune and funny lyrics. The music makes you wanna bop your head to it. 😉

Do You Hear The People Sing, a song that will stir your emotions. It’s very addictive. It’s as if it captures your very soul. Well, kinda. 😉 But somehow, I just love this song. And these people who performed at this concert did so much better than those in the movie for this song, in my opinion.

The entire concert can be found on YouTube. Simply awesome! It is highly recommended, if you love music or musicals. 🙂

The Woman In Black

Was deciding between this show or the ‘Devil Inside’ movie. But since Alan said the latter one sucked, hence me, Mich, Chiet and Boo Leong decided to go for Woman In Black instead. Kinda looked forward to it, for 2 reasons. One, cause I wanted the adrenaline rush, the fright, just for fun. Haha. Two, Daniel Radcliffe is starring in it. Not that am a huge fan of Radcliffe. But, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. See the connection here? Haha!

Really like the new more matured looking Daniel Radcliffe seen in the movie. The slight unshaven beard, the slightly dark serious look. If he hasn’t been carved into my mind so strongly as Harry Potter, I’d even say his new looks is somewhat sexy. Haha! But I’d give him this, he IS good looking here. =) However, me seeing him full length in any scene still makes me feel that he’s just a young boy. Just Harry.  Maybe its his height. Yes, he looks short. Haha! I don’t know. Heh. But many times in the movie, it crossed my mind. OMG, he looks like a boy here! Lol. Not his face looks, but as in, a whole package. He just looks so young. Lol!

But his 4 year old son in the movie (yes, he has a 4 year old son in the movie!!!), is just cute beyond words!! Misha Handley is just adorable beyond words here. But to me, he just looks like Radcliffe’s younger brother instead of his four year old son, no? Haha!

Overall though, the plot and storyline here ain’t bad. And the suspense really stress me out throughout the movie. I won’t rate it as a really scary horror film, cause really, its not that scary, not really anyway. Haha. But the suspense in the night scenes at the abandon haunted mansion made me jump a couple of times in my seat. Lol. Thank God there’s Chiet and Boo Leong crapping stuff to make it a lighter mood. Haha! One of the scary scenes to me was the one involving the rocking chair. Freaky! And another one. The ‘thing’ behing Radcliffe through the window. Made us jump when the camera suddenly zoomed towards Radcliffe and that ‘thing’ behind him. Lol! And of course, there were the freaky looking toys too. One of it being a clown or something like that. These toys really add the ‘fear’ factor for me. Somehow, someway. Heh.

But all in all, its a pretty above average movie. Won’t rate it really good, neither average. Its just above average. Worth my cinema ticket anyway. Definitely won’t buy a copy of the show to keep though. Haha!

Did a little research and realized something really amazing. Relatively speaking. The role of Radcliffe here as Arthur Kips, in the original movie, in 1989, was played by Adrian Rawlins a.k.a. Harry Potter’s  father, Mr. James Potter.What are the odds huh? ‘Father and son’, ending up the same role, 23 years apart. =)