Your Shit Or You’re Shit?

20121112-142740.jpgOh, burn! Lol! I don’t mean to sound mean, but maybe I should send this card as a Christmas present to some of the people I know who aren’t really good in their English Language but yet, they try to boast their ‘exemplary’ use of a great vocabs. Unfortunately for them, they seem to know the words, but not the use of them. 😉

Really, people should stick to simple words if they know their command of the English Language ain’t good. At least, ask someone how to use a certain word if you’re not sure, before using it time and again. If not, don’t use those big words. A simple example, I know of someone who keep using the word ‘blast’ wrongly in the birthday wishes she wished others. Instead of “Have a blast”, she will say, “Have a blast day.” The heck’s a ‘blast day’?! Gosh. And this is only one of the simple examples. Don’t get me started on the others. Don’t know how to use a word? Don’t use it until you’ve fully mastered the use of it. Stick to simple words first. Gosh!

What’s the point of using all the flowery vocabs and then end up looking like a complete idiot when your sentences sound like you’re the shit who don’t know their shit. Smirk. 😉

Can You Spot It?

20120830-140219.jpgI predict someone at The Star office is now burning on the frying pan. Heh.
I guess you can say, it’s the simplest error. But I guess it’s the most severe, seeing as the error is smack right in the middle of the headline. Not the sub-headlines, but the main headline itself. It’s actually unbelievable, coming from the national newspaper, The Star. Maybe the writer typed the entire article on her iPhone or iPad. We know how iPhones and iPads like to autocorrect out words. 😉

Or maybe, it is correct, and I’m just a little dumb to understand the meaning of the headline.
Hhmmm, doubt it. 😉

So, can you spot it? Heh. 😉

3 Years, No Change

Ok. I’ve seen this exact same status update for quite a number of times now, from the same person, in the past 3 years. Now what I really don’t understand is, after 3 years, there is still no realization on the person’s part on the wrongness of her quote. Anyone would have thought, after a couple years, you’d have learned and grown and improved.

I really have no idea what the person is trying to convey. If we take the sentence for its literal meaning, I seriously don’t think it makes much sense. But if we don’t, I can’t help but wonder if it is some kinda code. Cause God help me, I totally don’t understand this version of English Language. Maybe people should try start Google-ing for the correct use of English. I mean, its alright if a person ain’t really good in English. But if you know you’re gonna use the language frequently, please try your level best to improve it. I won’t even begin to explain how wrong the above sentence sounds. Gosh.

What The Heck?!!??!!

I can’t even begin to express my amusement and horror when I first read this status update on FaceBook. Never knew feelings of amusement and horror can co-exist at the same time until now.

Kinda speechless actually. The state…… standard…… level of English, is simply atrocious! I don’t even know where to start pinpointing the mistakes, let alone start correcting them. The only good thing ? Well, I think anyone with an average command of the English Language would be able to somehow grasp what the status means. But it still doesn’t warrant the use of such horrible English Language. It is so bad, it even went past the mark for being funny.

“.. BROKING a trust..” Really?! I really can’t comprehend……


Typical. From Episode 1 of Season 1 Supernatural, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester caught my attention. And as the series develops, it just gets worse, resulting in me getting obsessed over him. Haha. I’m so used to the feeling now. Anything Jensen Ackles and I go “Aahhhh~~~”. Lol. Anyways, needless to say, am quite familiar with some of his lines in the movie. One of his famous quotes is…

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” – Dean Winchester

Hooked onto this phrase almost immediately. At that time, I just thought it sounded cool, roughly knowing what it means. But heck, my English ain’t perfect, and I was a little lost in the use of the word ‘shotgun’.

Decided to look it up. Google, of course. And then finally, Urban Dictionary is the way to go. Haha. There are quite a few different meanings to ‘shotgun’. But the most common and popular ones are as follows…

1) The obvious one. A kind of gun. 

2) The meaning that fits perfectly into Dean Winchester’s quote. It’s also by far, the most popular usage for the word. 

3) Something I’d like to try someday. Heh. Sounds cool. To do the action and to use the word in that sense. Lol.

And there you go. A little English Language lesson. Am sure ‘shotgun’ is gonna be one of my favourite word to use for quite some time. Big thanks to Jensen Ackles of course. (If I may say again… Am so far gone for him.. Lol!)

‘Blast Time’ Huh?

I’m starting to think people really like to commit the English language crime on FaceBook. Goodness. First it was the spelling like ‘tenkiu’ (thank you) and ‘cumming’ (coming). Then its the grammar. One particular one that I noticed is the usage of the word ‘blast’. Can’t help wishing that some people would just stop using that word if they don’t know how to use it properly, or at least go check up on how to use it  and not keep repeating the same mistake. I used to laugh at it. But after sometime, it got really stale. After so long and yet people don’t learn. Now, really dunno whether to laugh or to face-palm when I see people posting “Have a blast time!” instead of “Have a blast!”

Seriously, blast time? What in the world it that? =.=” Sigh.