HRH Prince George Alexander Loius

It has finally happened. The long awaited royal baby of Great Britain arrived late in the afternoon on the 22nd of July, 2013. kate-will-georgeThis adorable little bundle of joy is named George Alexander Louis two days after he was born, by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton. George Alexander LouisHe will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. I’m guessing he’s gonna grow up to be a fine young man. Fine and good looking, given his genes are a mixture of Prince William and Kate’s, both of whom passed with flying colours in the ‘looks’ department.

Gotta say. I’m always a tad bit confused when it comes to the titles of the royal family of Great Britain. Prince Charles of Wales, Prince Edward the Earl Of Wessex, Princess Beatrice of York, Princes Harry of Wales, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, and the list goes on. So most of the times, I stick to simple titles like Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince William, etc etc. 😉

I can’t help but smile when I see pictures of the proud parents with their newborn. It’s just so sweet. It’s like a part of a fairytale. kate-will-george (2)Will-Kate-GeorgeThough I know that life as a public figure ain’t a bed of roses all the time, but for that moment in time, Will, Kate and George looks like the perfect picture of a perfect fairytale. It’s just such a nice sight to behold. Kinda makes me wanna go, “Aawwwww…” every time I see pictures of this little royal family. It certainly doesn’t help when the proud parents let slip little tit-bits like how Kate mentioned that Will changed baby George’s first diaper, or how Will said that his son ‘has got a good pair of lungs on him’. Lol! 🙂

Of course, I may have paid a bit more attention to the birth of this baby as compared to other famous offspring, reason being, I used to have a crush on Prince William. Hahaha! BUT, that was when I was younger and he was younger. Lol! prince-william-age15He was about 15-16 years old, and I was 11-12 years old. It’s a kiddy crush. He’s cute. He still is actually, despite having a slight hair-loss problem. I still find him dashing and looking as fit as any prince charming would be. 🙂

One thing that caught my attention besides the adorable baby Prince George is Will & Kate’s attire for the day. kate-will-fashion(2)Just one day after giving birth to baby Prince George, Kate is looking absolutely stunning. Of course, according to new reports, she had her hair stylist fixing her hair in the morning before she left the hospital, but I still feel credit should be given to her for looking so good just a day after delivery. It’s kinda inspiring. I mean, I would wanna be like her someday, looking presentable at all times, even if its a day after giving birth. Teehee! 😉 Oh, and Prince William is the definition of ‘sophisticated casual smart look for men’, in my opinion. I love guys who are able to dress casual smart well. Formal is kinda easy, casual is kinda easy too, but many slip and fall when it comes to casual smart. 😉

Anyways, as much as some people think this news has been given way to much coverage than it deserves, I personally feel that it’s nice once in a while to read about a joyous news. Lately it seems, almost every news article I read is either depressing or just downright stupid. So yes. I’m one of those who are happily reading away about this royal newborn. Happy news makes people happy. 😛

Stars & Dust Of The Golden Globe Awards 2013

So, the Golden Globe Awards 2013 passed more than a week ago. I can’t help seeing the pictures of some of the stars posted in the news on the Yahoo! website. Some stood a level above others in their elegantly sophisticated dresses, while some others just fall flat. 😉 These are some that caught my eye, the good ones and a few of the bad ones.

Halle BerryHalle BerryThe gown alone had me drooling. This is the kind of gown that I like. And with Halle Berry wearing it? It’s just gorgeous. I think there’s no need to say she looks downright sexy. It’s an understatement. Really. Hugging all her curves at all the right places. And flowy flippy end at the bottom of the gown just creates a feeling of freedom and vibrance.

Jennifer LopezJennifer LopezWhoa! This is one sexy mama! Not my kinda gown, but damn JLo pulled it off like a shining star. What’s amazing is I can’t even see where her skin starts, where the skin colored linings layer or where the laces end. Splendid. With her hot bod, I gotta say, JLo fits this kinda body-clinging dresses like she’s one with them. Thumbs up to this mama of two!

Anne HathawayAnne HathawayLove her new short hair, but as much as I like Hathaway, this dress just does nothing for her. She looks like stick. Too skinny in my opinion. I think this kinda gown would look fabulous on slim or voluptuous bodies, but on her figure, it just makes her look unhealthily thin. But congratz on the win! That’s the only glamour of Anne Hathaway that night.

Kate HudsonKate-HudsonThe hair, the dress… Love them all. Although black ain’t anywhere near my favourite color, but Kate Hudson made me love this gown. I think she is one of the definitions of ‘wearing the gown’, instead of ‘letting the gown wear you’. The combination of black and gold somehow brightens her face and enhances her beautiful soft locks. She’s definitely elegant and chic personified.

Jennifer GarnerJennifer GarnerI personally think Jennifer is really pretty person, BUT this is just an epic failure in fashion. She has the potential to look absolutely stunning, but I think her stylist kinda screwed up this time. The hair makes her look like she’s shopping grocery in the market, the red dress just clashes with the red carpet and the cut of the dress makes her look rather sloppy in it. Sorry Jennifer, but you just blend into the background. Or to be more accurate, the floor.

Jessica AlbaJessica AlbaDon’t think orange is really Jessica Alba’s color, but I think overall, she looks nice. Simple and sweet. Trust me when I say, it’s not easy to looks simple and not bland. Jessica Alba did a great job in making simple look sweetly elegant. Kudos.

Amanda SeyfriedAmanda SeyfriedLove the bottom half of the gown, but hate the top part. Amanda didn’t stand out in this dress, but at least she’s no where near ‘worst dressed’. What she had on is what I’d call average. For a normal formal dinner or party, I’d say this is nice, but its the Golden Globes. This just looks a little plain to the eye. But oh well, at least she looks presentable.

Taylor SwiftTaylor SwiftI’m not a fan of ‘mermaid gowns’, but I think Taylor looks nice in this gown. I actually am a fan of the straight cut top. Had always love that design. Anyway, love the way her hair is all slicked back. All posh and elegant, but with some sense of power behind it. The gown can be a little plain, but I think her makeup and hair style just makes this look work. So good job, Taylor! Even though I really prefer what she wore for the Country Music Awards 2012. She looks absolutely stunning there. Here, she just looks nice.

Nicole KidmanNicole KidmanI actually thought the dress looks nice. But not Nicole in the dress. Know what I mean? Just like Hathaway above, this just makes her look unhealthily sick. I can actually imagine how the dress would look on someone with slight slim curves, like Scarlett Johansson, or even those with voluptuous like JLo mentioned above. It would have been a killer. But on Nicole, it loses it’s charm. She just looks skinny, not slim. Would have prefered to see her in a more flowly dress, so maybe then, she won’t look so thin. Sorry Nic, but this just falls flat.

Sienna MillerSienna MillerThis is just ATROCIOUS. Horrifying. The dress. If that’s what you call them. It looks like someone just took my grandmother’s doilies and sewed them together to make this gown for Miller. I just. I can’t even. Oh gawd. It’s just. Ugh! Why she even agreed to wear this in public is beyond my comprehension.

Megan FoxMegan FoxSimple dress. Simple, but very nice. Sweet even. The soft off-white color. Love it. However, there’s just something that don’t pop. I think Megan Fox lost her attractiveness. Her face looks so mean and old. Last time, she looks like those hot bitchy type, but now she just looks mean. Forgive me, but it’s safe to say, the look on her face spoiled her entire appearance. If only she softened her face or smiled, she’d looks really pretty in the gown. So, sorry but this is don’t work for me.

AdeleAdeleI know there are many who’d say this is a boring gown. I won’t deny it. But I think Adele looked gorgeous in this. Her hair and makeup is splendid. But her confidence makes this dress look good on her. Another plus point? She didn’t try to fit in, trying to squeeze into those tight fitting, sleeveless gowns like many of the ‘chubby’ actresses try to do. She stuck to who she was, with confident and pulled it off. So thumbs up, Adele!

Now, I saw this on Perez Hilton’s blog and I just couldn’t resist reposting it. Angelina vs. EvaMy money’s on Eva Longoria. She looks absolutely stunning. And as good as Angelina Jolie looked, her bones can be seen under that layer of skin. This comparison between Eva and Angelina just shows very clearly the difference between being slim and being skinny. 😉 It’s sad to see how Angelina has lost so much weight in the recent years when previously, she was one of the hottest Hollywood stars who was slim with all the curves in the right places. (Remember her Tomb Raider days?) So yeah, sorry but Eva wins this hands down, in my opinion. 😉

A Lil’ Bout Me~! =)

I’m a girl, and this is the best makeup I can put on. I know, I’m not the super girlish kinda girl who would ace at makeup. As a matter of fact, I just learned how to use the eye-liner late last year. Lol! So on days that I need to look my best, the best makeup I can manage? A little eyebrow pencil, my eye-liner, mascara, lipstick and lip gloss. That’s all. Sad to say, I suck at eye shadow, so I avoid that. And this is the end product.20120826-184905.jpgSometimes I wish, I can be as good as other girls at makeup. But I’m never good in the ‘beauty line’ of work. I guess I just don’t have talent in that area. Oh well, at least I can do simple makeup and (thank God!) look presentable for dinners. 😉 Happy enough. Hee!

A random fact about me?
I love big ‘housefly-eyes’ sunglasses. They’re so cool, aren’t they? I don’t think they’ll ever grow out of trend. Even if they do, I’ll still keep mine. Haha.

20120826-184936.jpgThis is my second pair, and I’m loving it! 🙂

Olympic London 2012

Kicked off with a bang, a couple of days ago. But I guess I’m not really a sports person. While almost everyone is talking about the updates, its kinda sad to say, I’m not really interested in them. Of course, I do just flip to the sports section once in a few days to check up on the medals won by different countries all over the world. I find it nice that all the countries are gathered in the same place in healthy competition and ‘indirectly’ bonding with each other. Kinda gives the world a little feel of fuzzy warmness, or so I’d like to believe. Though I gotta say, this year, the Olympic Games doesn’t feel as hyped up as it was 4 years ago, when it was held in Beijing, China. Or maybe its just me. Heh.

ONE thing I did notice though, which pretty much comes a little as an embarrassment. Just a little. I still have to support my country, right? During the opening ceremony, I saw tweets from friends who were following the progress stating stuff like “OMG! What is Malaysia wearing??” or “Oh no! Team Malaysia, why your uniform so clownish?” or “Such an embarrassment. What an ugly uniform. Sigh.” Curiosity got the best of me. I waited a couple of hours then I googled the Malaysian uniform for the Olympic Games 2012. Gotta say, I was kinda speechless for the first few seconds. 
Well, I guess, on the upside, it would be hard to miss the team walking past, since we probably need a pair of sunglasses to shade the eyes. And to make matters worse, Yahoo! just have to go and rate them one of the worst team uniforms of the London Olympic Games 2012.

I wish I could say it wasn’t THAT bad. But I really, REALLY think, they could have done a much better job with the uniforms. I mean, the ‘baju kebaya’ is actually a really nice attire to be worn, and it looks really good! If only the could have toned down the colours or the patterns. Tone them down by a wide margin, actually. So I guess it is too bad that the beauty of the ‘baju kebaya’ is ruined. Oh well. Like I said, too bad. Heh.

News going around that there are a couple of really good looking hot athletic, but aren’t there always? =) So the games kicked off, and to date, it seems like China is surpassing the United Stated to take the lead in the medal table. But we’ll see how it all ends. It’s only slightly past the beginning anyway. 😉