Thank You, Sir Alex

Technically speaking, I knew this day would come, but at the same time, when it finally happened, it feels so unreal. Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement from the football scene, after 26 six years managing my all time favourite club, Manchester United. He joined Man. Utd. in 1986, exactly the year I was born.

From the days when my dad would watch alone, to the days that he taught me to watch and I watched with him, till now, I watched alone, Alex Ferguson has been there, at sidelines, yelling commands at his players and cheering at goals scored. I won’t deny it won’t be the same not seeing him there, at the sidelines.

Though it’s really sad to see him retire, I believe he has earned this well deserved rest. The trophies he has under his belt is enough to make him a legend in the football world. 316410_447053398722963_1124600748_nOh, let me rephrase that. He’s not a legend, but he’s the legend. My most memorable season is in 1999 where he lead the Red Devils to a treble win. That was fucking awesome! I remember celebrating with my dad. Dad even got me a t-shirt that says ‘Treble Champions’. But time is sometimes a cruel thing. 14 years down the road, dad passed away and now Fergie’s retiring. I guess all good things must come to an end? I hope not, though. Hopefully new manager David Moyes will be able to continue leading the Red Devils into more victories.

Coming back, it’s definitely a loss to the club, and all it’s fans around the world. Heck, even those from the rivaling clubs feel the loss. As long as you’re a football fan, you’ll know the significance of Sir Alex Ferguson. 428712_171483143017563_1210524948_nI don’t care what anyone else says, but to me, Alex Ferguson is the best manager ever in the history of English football. As a matter of fact, he’s the best manager ever. Period.

All being said, I hope he’ll have a splendid retirement.

But, I’m definitely gonna miss good old Fergie.

Poor Piers. LOL.

It’s a pretty much known fact that Piers Morgan is a huge huge supporter of Arsenal. Needless to say, his Twitter was very active on the night of the match between the Red Devils and the Gunners. This fella has got wits that never fail to entertain me. And very soon, I find his tweets are as interesting and and much more hilarious than the match.


Sadly, no. =P
Though, imagine how hurt Wenger would be to read this tweet. LOL!

And in response to other Manchester United fans who tweeted him…


LOL! Turning sore huh? Picking on people’s grammar now. HAHA!

And best of all them tweets, one to Piers, by the one and only Wayne Rooney, who scored the hat trick in the match itself.

20110902-120459.jpgI nearly died laughing. Literally.

THE Match. Devils Slaughtered Gunners.

I had so many titles I thought up for this blog post. “Bye bye Gunners!”, “Red Devils Rock!”, “The Devils Pulled The Trigger on the Gunners”, “Trashed, Bulldozed and Steamrolled”, “I Just Can’t Stop Smiling”, you name it, I’ve got it. Haha!

And after nearly 5 days, I am still freaking smiling when I think of the match. 8-2. Seriously? LOL! You’ve got to be kidding me. But its true. Arsenal was slaughtered, REALLY BADLY, by Manchester United in their 3rd game for the English Premier League. I think it’s their worst ever defeat in history.

Head to head for the past 2 years,

01/05/2011 Arsenal v Man United 1-0 (Premier League)
12/03/2011 Man Utd v Arsenal 2-0 (FA Cup)
13/12/2010 Man Utd v Arsenal 1-0 (Premier League)
31/01/2010 Arsenal v Man United 1-3 (Premier League)
29/08/2009 Man Utd v Arsenal 2-1 (Premier League)

Then comes the bomb,

Sunday 28/08/2011 Man Utd v Arsenal 8-2 (Premier League)

Yup, still smiling. =P

Goal credits goes to,

Danny Welbeck, 22′Nani, 67′Park Ji-Sung, 70′Ashley Young, 28′ & 90′And the star for that day. Nice hat trick! LOL! Wayne Rooney, 41′, 64′ & 82′.

For all I care, he can smile however he like, even ‘Shrek-like’ (above) as called by Piers Morgan, as long as he keep doing what he did. Haha!

I actually felt a little bad for the Gunners. Beginning of the season, played 3, lost 2, drew 1. Arsene Wenger had better get some good players in and boost the morale of his team up. If not, really, a lot of Arsenal fans are gonna be suicidal this season.

Think Alex Ferguson is an awesome manager. LOL! 25 years looking after Manchester United, great job! Glad he didn’t retire previously when there was rumours bout his retirement. Had to at least pay some tribute to him after this glorious victory. Haha. Can’t just give credits to those upfront right? =)

A note I wish I could send to my dad.

“Daddy, this match would have been awesome watching with you. I miss watching football with you. It just ain’t the same. Those waking up in the middle of the nights. The talks. Supporting our favourite Red Devils. Though nowadays, they don’t show it on normal TV anymore. It’s only on Astro. If you were around, I can imagine us camping at mamak or places like that to watch. And mum rolling her eyes at us leaving the house past midnight. If only you were here… I miss you.”