Just Saying

I used to feel safe leaving my iPhone beside my water bottle at the side of the studio whenever I attend a gym class. But since the coming of those from the other gym, I find myself unconsciously glancing at my phone every now and then to check if it’s still there. Maybe it’s the many ‘my stuff disappeared’ stories I heard from that particular gym that got me worried. But it’s quite annoying after a while when you keep feeling fearful and keep glancing off to the side to check on your phone. And no, locker is out of the question. From what I know (information from instructor friends who used to have classes there), they used to pry open locked lockers at their old place. So, nope. It’s risky as well. Besides, lately, it’s so packed, we can barely find a locker to use. FS really need to repair their all lockers that are ‘under maintainance’. It gets frustrating when we can’t find a locker to keep our stuff.

Sigh. The FS members sometimes can’t help wishing Jatomi will open soon, and hopefully, those people will go back to where they belong. Then we won’t be overly packed anymore and we won’t fear that much about things disappearing.

Karma’s A Bitch

Well well well… Look what karma dragged in. The bitch! Thank God, it ain’t mine. 😉 And I was right, not to be worried. Heh. It’s so funny how some people think they can trash others and get away with it. But then, as karma would have it, things turned around and bit them back at their behinds. *smirk* It was so surprising. It came so sudden, so quick. Though not in the way of ‘an eye for an eye’, karma got them back in a slightly different, yet related way, but it is just as satisfying to watch it all unfold.It’s not easy to stay in my bad books for long. At most, give it a few months, and any dislike I have for a person will dissipate, falling back to neutral, unless they’re way overboard in their bad personality and attitude, or they’ve hurt, betrayed or pissed me off in an extreme way. Gotta say though, in the past 4-5 years, only 3 people managed to have their name written in ink inside my little bad book.Thanks to the things they did, or rather said, I really don’t feel guilty for feeling extremely satisfied that karma finally caught up to them, and I get to watch it all. Now all I need is my popcorn. What can I say… I’m not a saint. I’m only human. 😉

Single Leg Push-Ups

I saw her doing it in BodyPump class. Its amazing. Given most girls go with the Knee Push-Ups, including myself, and to see her not only on her toes, but doing Single Leg Push-Ups, its just a great motivation for me somehow. It looks really good, not to mention hot. And somehow, totally NOT masculine. Now everytime I feel like I wanna give up during gym classes, I picture the Single Leg Push-Ups and push myself on. Have kinda set that as one of my goals. To be able to that would be awesome. It’s definitely gonna take some time to achieve that, given the fact that I’m only doing Knee Push-Ups now. But, am gonna strive towards that. Guess I gotta thank God for letting me see that Single Leg Push-Ups on the first day that I started my strict ‘slim down & tone up’ plan. It’s really great motivation.


Some people do. A lot. FROM THEIR MOUTHS. Make me sick. They do.

Came across this last night on FaceBook. Was a little stunned when I read it all. I remember reading that status few days back. But there weren’t any comments at that time yet. Remembered thinking, “Good quote, but should have just stopped at the quote and keep your opinion on ‘You are a failure forever’ to yourself”. But I didn’t feel anything at that time. Not until people from FF hinted me about it, did I go and check the ‘follow-up comments’. And I in my mind, “…………………………………………. WTF is wrong with her, and her friend?” It’s bad enough discriminating obese people, but to make fun of ‘a common friend just cause of his or her weight’ with another stupid friend and feel so smug about it, just shows how much an idiot both of them are. Sorry to say, as much as she tried to save it in the end using words ‘workout people’, ‘no need to get offended’, ‘u guys are fit’ and all the shit, throughout the whole convo, its obvious the main target is simply ‘obese people’.








Big salute to ‘Yeoh’, ‘Lim’ and ‘Tan’. Especially ‘Tan’. “Rather be fat and fit than skinny and pathetic”. Well said. As for the ‘two main characters’, well, good riddance! One thinks she’s so smart, so diciplined, so ‘high-and-mighty’, so perfect and the other one insults and agrees but then flip her words everytime she thinks she offended people. Coward.

I normally wouldn’t be so blunt in criticizing people, but I just think these two deserves it. Sad to say, it has changed my opinion about the one who posted this status forever. I’ll never see her in the same light, treat her the same, and try my best to never attend any gym class she teaches. She’s still a friend yes, but given a choice, I’d choose to keep my distance from people like her. Thank you.

Still find it hard to comprehend what actually went through both their minds when they wrote and replied their comments.