I Miss Blogging.

I really do. And it feels good to be back. It’s been more than a year now that I have not been blogging. Let me just put it out here that it is all due to work……. and a little bit of laziness after work… and also a whole lot of procrastination. *sheepish smile*

Hence, my new year resolution of 2016 is to go back to blogging. And hopefully stick to it this time, as blogging is really good for the soul. 🙂

My Very Own Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad!

Finally! I got it! My Evan RealFeel Practice Pad. Been looking all over for this but still couldn’t find it. In the end, I decided to order it from Australia and have Ben carry it back for me.

Now, I can finally practice rudiments on it! 🙂IMG_2785The slightly sad thing is that it was cracked at one corner when I got it. The courier service probably dropped it during delivery. 😦 IMG_2751Nonetheless, I’m still happy I finally got the pad! 🙂 However, knowing myself, if there’s a chance for me to get another one, I would get it, cause I want a nice one without cracks. Lol! It’s just me and my weird habit. If its something I like, I don’t mind spending shitloads just to get it from halfway around the world or to get another one that is 100% perfect even when I already have one which is slightly cracked. Lol. 😉


I love reading. I love books. I personally feel that if you’re gonna read, it’s nicest to read from a book. A real honest to god book pages made from paper, and NOT an electronic device. That’s my personal opinion. So it really annoys me sometimes when some of my friends, who think that it is best to read from electronic devices cause its cheap/free and it makes you (look) ‘tech savvy’, scoffed at me for reading from a book. And they never get bored of mocking me for spending money on books when “you can get the e-copy of it so easily for free or a much cheaper price online!” Well, guess what? I like reading from books!

And from what I’ve heard, people who really loves reading prefers to read from books and not computer screen. So really, don’t tell me what and where I should get my ‘reading-fix’ when you yourself is not a reader. Geez!

Happy Chinese New Year~!!!

20130218-142324.jpgSo I guess, with this year being the 3rd year in a row I took the ‘blissfully happy with the angpaos’ picture, it’s safe to say that it’s become my habit to do it every first day of the Chinese New Year. I’m not complaining though. I mean, good and happy memories are supposed to be captured and kept, right? 😉 Receiving angpaos (red packet with money inside) is good, and happy. 😉 Besides, I love cam-whoring. Lol. Sometimes. 😉

Types Of Horror Movies Goer

20121031-125709.jpgCame across this on Facebook few days back. Find it amusing, but so damn true. Though I think they missed out a few other types. However, this is close enough. Lol. I daresay, I’m a cross between the ‘one eye closed’ and ‘two eyes closed’, depending on how scary is the horror movie. In extreme cases, I’ll be the ‘two eyes closed and two ears closed’. Lol. Not kidding. 😉

Think they should also add the ‘watch and laugh’ category, as well as the ‘watch and scare your friend next to you’ category. Cause I’ve got shitloads of friends who does that. Lol! 😛 It’s annoying as hell, at the same time fun to sit next to people like that, let me tell ya. Lol! 😉


So, I noticed I’ve slacked in my workout for the past 2 weeks. Workout and diet. A little disappointed in myself. Then again, who has never failed or slacked a little now and then in life. The important thing is to get the focus and determination back. And to top it off? Never give up. And that’s what I’m doing now. Picking myself back up and getting my focus back! 🙂