Of Drinks & Friendships @ Berlin’s Bier Houz, Straits Quay

The week before Chinese New Year, the old ‘Saturday hangout group’ decided to meet up fro food and drinks since Denise is back. After a satisfying meal of bbq steamboat at Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat, we headed downstairs towards The Library. It’s a good thing it’s pretty packed at The Library and there were barely any good seats there. Cause, we decided to go next door to Berlin’s Biew Houz instead. And even though there’s no live band at Berlin’s, but somehow, I found the atmosphere there nicer than The Library. Gives a slightly ‘warm, home-town bar’ kinda feeling. It’s nice. Sitting inside, for the first few minutes, you may find the music to be a tiny bit too loud, but once you’ve accustomed to it, it’s actually a very nice place to sit, drink and chat.20130218-133551.jpgBeen a while since the ‘old Saturday gang’ hangout like that. Since Denise left for Australia, I think. Mainly cause very soon after she left, there was a new addition to the group who made use of us all to have an affair behind her boyfriend’s back. Oh well, good to say that now she’s no longer in the group, since she don’t need us anymore. I won’t deny that all of us are actually happy. Anyways, never realized how much I missed just sitting around with a beer or two, or even a cocktail or two, just chilling and shooting shit with my good friends. The random jokes, the teasings, the laughters, etc etc. Too bad Denise was only here for two weeks. Not its back to Mich, Boo Leong, Joshua and me. Still better than having a fifth member who uses us and a sixth memeber who was trying to wedge his way into the fifth member’s steady relationship. Smirk. Yes. I can be a bitch at time. 😛

Joshua had a stroke of creativeness and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it. 20130218-133605.jpg

I’m actually glad I don’t drink as much as I did in 2011 and the first half of 2012. Nowadays I just enjoy my drink or two, and chill with my close pals. But I saw this on the net, and really couldn’t resist reposting it here, just for the fun of it. 😉

An Afternoon At Downtown Penang

The long Hari Raya weekend. Victor and I decided to do a spontaneous trip around downtown Penang, since our round island plans was postpone to year end. Started off with lunch. We found this little place along Chulia Street, Penang, called Yeng Keng Cafe.
20120822-121808.jpgIt was a surprised when we realized it actually belongs to Yeng Keng Hotel next door. They’ve renovated the place and it looks really decent, considering the area. Don’t be deceived by the outlook. Really. The insides are really nice. Feels like a little corner that’s still in the ‘British Colony era’ but with a tad of modern touch. Love the simple and nice interior design of the cafe. Fully air-conditioned. Love how they retain all the old traditional stuff about the building, and added some modern touch that does not take away the ‘ancient’ beauty of the place. Love the soft springy sofas/cushioned red chairs. Sure gives an ‘English-feel’ to it. And it’s really comfy. Vic and me sat for so long cause it’s a really nice place and we got so comfy, just sitting, eating and chatting.

For such a place, the food can be considered pretty reasonably priced. Vic and I ordered 2 dishes to be shared and a Latte each for us. First we had the ‘Hainan Mee’.

20120822-121821.jpgIt is good. Seriously. Think they have a really great chef in the kitchen. We were actually tempted to order a second plate, but decided against it cause we still had one more dish coming. I’d definitely go back there for this again.

Then we had the ‘Yeng Keng Hainanese Chicken Chop’.

20120822-121832.jpgThis is yummy too. The sauce is different from other chicken chops’ sauces. For one, it’s not that oily. The sauce I mean, not the chicken. The chicken is fried. Heh. Love how they throw in big pieces of potatoes and tomatoes with the sauce.

Had my cup of Latte. Now, I’m not an expert in coffee, unlike how I am in hot chocolate. Haha. But I gotta say, erm, I’ve had better coffees. Hhmmm. Maybe it’s just me, it don’t know. Heh.

20120822-121849.jpgBut that aside, great company and good food makes a good meal. An average coffee won’t kill it. Not for me. Hee.

After lunch, we headed to the popular side of the heritage area in town. The web of roads which includes Armenian Street, Acheh Street and Toh Aka Street where the now famous murals are at. The area has been turned into a popular tourist spot. After parking our car, we got down and took a walk around the area. I’m definitely not a tourist. I was born right in this state of Malaysia, The Pearl Of The Orient or more formally known as Penang. But I was delighted when I saw this little souvenir shop. It looks so cozy inside. Haha.

20120822-122026.jpgAnd boy, they sell some really cool cute stuff. Saw a little ‘scooter-dangly-thingy’ that’s so cute. But decided not to get it, though am regretting my decision now. Maybe will go back again to buy it this week or next. Hee!

20120822-122036.jpgSome of the stuff in here are pretty cheap. There are others that a slightly more expensive than normal, but then again, it is a tourist souvenir shop. I’m not saying its right, but it’s what they usually do. Hike up the prices. Ugh.

The best part? We took some nice shots! Haha. Love all of them. And surprisingly, Victor is quite a smart poser. Haha. Always managing to strike a casual, relaxing but nice pose. Me on the other hand, being a typical Aries, likes to be loud. Lol!



20120822-122157.jpgIt was an awesome few hours. Vic and I call it a prelude to our upcoming round Penang island trip. We’d definitely come back here again. And this one afternoon just made us even more excited. Haha! Great company makes a great day! 🙂

Party @ Soju Room, Penang Times Square

Went out partying on Sunday after attending Eunice’s wedding with my ex-classmates and ex-schoolmates. Haven’t been in the clubbing scene for a couple months now. So, Sunday night was the first time I stepped into the ‘supposed-to-be’ hippest club in town currently, Soju Room, located at the basement of the Penang Times Square. From what I heard, it used to be teo different clubs, Soju and Room. But they weren’t doing too well. So they decided to combine into Soju Room, and boom! It became the most popular place in town right now.

I gotta say, I was impressed before even stepping into the club. This is the entrance way to the club underground.
20120821-000443.jpgGives me a feel of the ‘Tron-effect’. I remember Kah Beng and me talking about how much it feels like we’re on the set of Tron. Hehe. But it looks really nice, and posh. Going into the club, even at the entrance, everything was classy and nice. They even have lockers for patrons to keep their belongings. Not sure if it’s safe, but there’s a worker in a suit taking care of the lockers.

Stepping into the club, I gotta say, I was surprised, in a good way. Anyone who’s been into any Penang club, would know what I mean. The clubs in Penang are usually bland, to me. Haha. Even one of the most popular Mois at Upper Penang Road only spots a really small dance floor. But here, boy! It’s a double story thing. You only get the sofas area if you spend more than RM 2000, and the private room with glass walls if you spend more than RM 3000. Anything lower than RM 2000, you’ll be at the main area, which I feel is also very nice. It’s really spacious, with a kickass big stage, as far as clubs in Penang go.

20120821-000455.jpgThey even have poles on stage. Though, there wasn’t any pole dance performance the night I was there. I’m sure they has been, and there will be on certain days. Heh. Then there’s the bar area. Which is also mighty big. But what I like most is the alcohol rack behind it. Bloody tall, brightly lit.

20120821-000530.jpgAs far as the stage and bar counter goes? Impressive.

But the best part of it all? LIVE BAND! Yeah! Live band! I love live bands. And its not only one singer a night. They have multiple singers and multiple performers. And they’re all really good.

20120821-000801.jpgThe don’t only sing club songs, but pop and ballads too. Yes. A club with live ballad songs. Mostly English songs, but every once in a while, there’s a Chinese song thrown in. The feel it gives me is like a concert in a club. And great atmosphere! Especially when everyone in the club starts to sing along with the band, song after song!

20120821-000848.jpgThis is Boo Leong, singing his heart out to a Chinese ballad that was being sung at that time. Haha. The night I was there, the songs sung and performed were all from different eras. Besides all those clubbing remixes, there were latest hits like ‘We Are Young’ by Fun ft. Janelle Monae and ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz. There also was older hits like ‘We Are The Champion’ by Queen. All sung live! Then there was the performances. That particular night, there was also a tribute to Michael Jackson. After 12 am, the deejay and live band will alternate every half hour. And believe me when I say, the deejays are wicked!

All in all, it was an awesome night! And damn, I’d definitely go back to Soju Room to party.



p.s : The washrooms? Adorable! Every door to a cubicle is plastered with a picture of a topless hot guy! That’s for the ladies room. And apparently, I heard from the guys that in the men’s room, the doors are plastered with hot chicks in their lingerie. Hee!

Morganfield’s & Chiet’s Birthday

So, 2 Saturdays ago was Chiet’s birthday. And since Hui is back as well, we decided to go for drinks and have a simple celebration for him. Mich, Boo Leong, the birthday boy and me went to Morganfield’s at Paragon Gurney for dinner before meeting up with the other 3 girls for drinks at Healy Macs. Never been to Morganfield’s and am really glad Chiet suggested this place. 20120703-133633.jpgNewly opened at Paragon, Morganfield’s is packed to the brim. We had to wait about 20 minutes on the waiting list before we got ourselves a table.


I actually like the atmosphere of this place. It’s somewhat homely with a touch of class. And the outdoor seating just somewhat screams a cool place to chill, provided there’s sea breeze of course. Love the high rack of wine and alcoholic drinks lined up on one side of the wall. 20120703-133654.jpgThen there’s this wall of smiles that I absolutely adore. Looking at it somewhat makes a person smile as well. At least, it did make me smile. Haha.

Michelle ordered the Tequila Chicken.
20120703-133736.jpgReally well-cooked, though I can’t really taste the tequila. Would have loved to have a slight whiff of tequila, else it kinda defeats the name of this dish, no? Haha.

Chiet ordered the ‘Chicken & Steak’ combo. Obviously the price of the combo would roughly be double that of a normal à la carte.
20120703-133755.jpgNot reallt sure how it tastes, but it sure looks good. The chicken at least. The steak, to me, looks a little stale. But you won’t know till you try, right? =)

Boo Leong’s combo on the other hand looks much more yummy. Ordered the ‘Roasted Pork Rib & Chicken’ combo. I have to say, the pork ribs looks absolutely devour-able. Haha.20120703-133807.jpgThough, heads up, looking at how long he took to consume it, its a little hard to slice and dice the mean from the bones, and hence takes longer to finish eating it. Lol! Takes patience. Though, it looks so good, I may try that next time I’m at Morganfield’s.

Me on the other hand, slightly craving for bacon since my trip to Aussie land, decided to order the Chicken Roulade. It’s chicken meat (I think it’s minced) wrapped in bacon. 20120703-133814.jpgI gotta say, it is delicious. The gravy maybe a little, just a little bland, but then again, the yummy-ness of the chicken and bacon definitely makes up for it. The first few bites were a little hesitant. But then, I was downing it one mouth after another. Hehe. Definitely would recommend this to anyone dining at Morganfield’s.

It was Healy Macs at Straits Quay after dinner where we met up with Hui, Denise and Wei Yi. The boys’ friend, Tai Kong, came along as well. We got the band there to sing a birthday song for the birthday boy. And the best thing is, not only they sang the song, but they came over to our table and serenade Chiet with it. The slightly, I’m not sure if its shy or embarrassed, look on Chiet’s face is priceless. Lol! Knowing him for so many years, very few things could actually make him uncomfortable, in a good way of course. Lol!

20120703-134029.jpgAnyway, it was great fun and a good chillin’ out time with the guys and girls. Though we didn’t have much time to really catch up much. But still, it was a good time just hanging out. =)

Note : The boss of Healy Macs is somewhat familiar, but I can’t place my finger as to how familiar is familiar. Hhmmm. He’s got a pretty pleasant face though. Hee! 😉

Dinner @ CHEERS

20120517-114227.jpgAngie recommended us to CHEERS Restaurant & Bierhaus for Imee’s belated birthday dinner last night. Kinda glad she did. Like the place. Not too fancy, but fancy enough. Lol! Somewhat cozy, and the food is pretty above averaged. Pricing damn reasonable. I’d go as far to say the ‘set lunch’ is really cheap! But we didn’t have that of course. We ordered à la carte for dinner.

20120517-114248.jpgSurprisingly though, they gave us this ‘Vegetable Soup’ complementary even when there’s no set dinners available. I actually secretly wondered if its cause they were thinking they probably won’t have many customers coming in on a rainy night, and they soup will be put to waste. Heh.

20120517-114257.jpgWe had the ‘Cheesy Cocktail Sausages’ for appetizers. Not particularly ‘out-of-this-world’ yummy, but the dips is nice. A mix of mayo and cheese I think. Purely sinful. Lol! The sausages were just normal. Think Brussels serves better sausages. =) 20120517-114312.jpgThe birthday girl ordered ‘CHEERS Seafood Platter’. Didn’t really hear her comments on it. But the bite fish she offered me tasted well above averaged. But that’s just apart of the dish. There’s still the mussels (which I’m never a fan of), the prawns, etc etc. Angie had the ‘CHEERS Citrus Smoked Duck Breast’. The sause is somewhat unique. At first I thought it’s with a tinge of lemon. But Angie later corrected me saying its actually with the taste of orange. Hhmmm. A little too sweet for my liking, but other than that, this dish is quite nice. The duck is a little hard to chew on though. Haha.

20120517-114326.jpgI had the ‘CHEERS Seafood Chicken’. This, I can safely say, is incredibly yummy. Think its agreed by Imee and Angie as well. Grilled and baked chicken topped with a layer of cheese and seafood, coated with mandarin orange sauce. Incredible. The taste of all these layers just blends beautifully together. And I gotta say, I’m never a fan od cheese, but the cheese here is just nice. After downing the entire dish, I don’t get the usual ‘jelak’ feeling I get from eating cheese. Lol! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who’s planning to hit CHEERS for a meal. =)

We ordered a ‘Banana Split’ for dessert. I was surprised. At RM 5.90, its like the cheapest ‘Banana Split’ I’ve ever eaten. However, its the first time I’ve ever seen a ‘Banana Split’ being served this way (‘Banana Split’ is usually served in a long horizontal desert bowl).

20120517-114336.jpgI actually find it a little obscene, having it shaking in my face when the waiter tried to place it down on the table. Imee and I burst out laughing on the spot. Angie being the typical naive one in the group, thought it looked like a bunny. Bunny. Something that never even crossed Imee and my mind. Lol!

Ended the night with ‘Savanna Dry Cider’. A drink Melvyn koko recommended me the last time he was back in Penang. Nice.
It was a good night of food, drinks, laughter, gossips and girl talks. And we had fun. Simply nice fun. =) Friends whom we just feel comfortable with, whom we have fun chillin’ with and whom we can chat freely with, are great friends. People to keep for a lifetime. =) It used to be a bigger group. People come, people go. But the 3 of us seems to be the ones that manage to pull through it all. Hee! =)


Belated Birthday Treat @ Brussels

Big thanks to Angie and Imee, I dined at one of my favourite cafes the past Friday night. Car problems, arrived kinda late. Hence didn’t managed to take pictures of the food eaten. Maybe next time. Heh. BUT, we had good relaxing time with the drinks, trying out new things. All 3 of us, ordered stuff we’ve never tried before. And what a dash of different colours! Haha!20120409-115758.jpgThere were Apple Pie, Midori Melon, John’s Jameson and Leffe Brune Draught. Take a guess which is which? Haha. But glad to say, they all taste great. Happy with the new drinks tried this time. They don’t always turn out good, but they did this time. =)

Mine was the Apple Pie.
20120409-115825.jpgLove it. Kinda sweet though. And a little lacking of alcohol taste. But nevertheless, its a good cocktail to chill with and wind down on a relaxing Friday night.

We had a great time just chilling, chatting, a little gossiping (haha!), eating and obviously drinking. Hilarious time trying to cam-whore. Haha. But good to say, it was successful. *beams*


20120409-120412.jpgHad a great night. Really appreciated everything. Food, drinks, company and the time spent. =)

The Surprise Celebration

Well, kinda. Haha. Had a couple of treats from friends here and there. But nicest was the one I least expected on Saturday night, which was the one planned a week ago, when even I myself forgot that it will be my birthday eve when we all made the plans. Mich, Wei Yi, Chiet, Boo Leong and Denise really made my night. Truth be told, I didn’t expect any of them to remember, cause even I myself forget until about one or two days before it. Haha. Hence, thoroughly surprised when halfway through singing (I still remember this) Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’, Mich & Wei Yi brought in the cake, Gaga vanished and was replaced by a cheesy version of ‘Happy Birthday’. Haha. Really touched by all of them. Think I actually turned a little pink then. Heh.

Was so surprised and caught off guard, I forgot to take a pic of the cake before I cut it. Hence, the lines on the cake. Haha. Chocolate Belgium Cheese. Yum! Of course, also touched by Boo Leong sponsoring the bottle of Chivas as well. Haha. And Chiet for bringing in the extra Coke and his backpack to put everything inside. Am amazed at how good Chiet and Denise are in Korean and Jap songs. And Boo Leong in Mandarin and Cantonese songs! Haha. Makes me feel now, I gotta widen my ‘songs to sing’ range. Lol.

20120328-124336.jpgAll in all, it was one fun night. Heart-felt thanks to all of them. I had a really great time. =)

Though, there’s another mini group who came and pick me from my house after the singing above, and I downed another bottle of Chivas with this other group. By the time am home, I had 3 hours of sleep before waking up to go church. Needless to say, I look a little stoned in church that morning. Haha!