What A Pleasant Surprise!:)

Totally unexpected. It was supposed to be a RedBox outing to celebrate Lavinia, Sharron and Serene’s birthday since their birthdays are just 2-3 days apart. And I was helping a little in the planning. So I didn’t expect it to also be a birthday celebration for me. An early one. 😉 And what’s surprising is that I never expected my cell group members to know when my birthday is, let alone remember it, given that I just started regularly going to cell group 6-7 months ago and I’ve never told them my birth date. Plus, I removed my birth date from Facebook on January the 1st, 2013, as mentioned in my earlier post. But somehow, they did. They care enough to find out, know and remember, though I don’t know how. Haha. And it’s a pleasant surprise. It’s just a simple cake and a birthday song, but it warms my heart to the core. Truly touched. And happy. 🙂 IMG_7447

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest Of Them All?

It’s kinda funny, but in a real pleasing way.

I remembered Chiet commenting that Denise is like Snow White in the whatsapp group chat that we have. And we were all teasing Joshua and Denise over it. Not the couply teasing, but just based on the fact of one saying the other is like Snow White.

So was kinda surprised or rather a little taken aback the first few seconds when someone told me “You’re as fair as Snow White”. This person does not know Chiet or Denise, so its a little surprising to hear the compliment less than 2 weeks after Chiet’s comment on Denise. Such coincidence. Haha. Know him well enough that he rarely compliments me, opting more towards teasing me and making my life miserable sometimes. Haha. Great friend, of course. Sincerely speaking. Lol. And funny as it is, it’s kinda pleasing too. Heh. Made me smile and feel warm.

Goes to show, a sincere compliment, no matter how small, will warm a person’s heart and make their day. Specially a girl’s. Haha!

Jensen Is Hot, Vic Is Sweet

It takes 2 men to make my Saturday. One made me smile just by looking at him. The other warms my heart with his thought. Hee!

Pleasantly surprised when Vic sent me this on Saturday morning with a note, “See wad I found on my fb newsfeed hehe”. 20120515-141802.jpgI smiled so wide, I didn’t think at that time my mouth would go back to its normal shape. Lol! Jensen Ackles! So far has never failed to make me smile. And the fact that Vic actually remembered that I like Jensen Ackles and thought of me enough to save the pic and send it to me? Warms the heart thoroughly. =) Though I suspect, it was sent partly also to fondly tease me over my obsession over Jensen. Lol!

Definitely made my day. As a matter of fact, it made my weekend, seeing as the effect lasted past Saturday and I was still walking around with a slight dopey smile on my face on Sunday. Lol! It’s obvious I love Jensen Ackles, haha! But heart Vic so much for making my day. It’s great to have him as one of my closest friends. *big smiles* =) Goes to show how a simple small thought can go a long way.

Delivery From London!

What a surprise I got when I was handed an M&Ms paper bag in gym last Wednesday.Took out what was kept inside and…… voila! All the way from London!20120426-165730.jpgCouldn’t stop laughing for a couple of minutes. Really made my night. Can’t believe Chris actually got me the exact replica of the picture he posted on my wall for my birthday as a souvenir from London.. Gosh. But its cute.. Haha! Loved it.. Makes me laugh everytime I set eyes on it. Princess M&Ms! =.=” All that aside, warmed my heart too. Cause its the though and heart that counts, as always. =)