World War Z (2013)

World_War_Z_posterI wasn’t very excited about this show even when people around me were proclaiming how great it is cause, well, hello… zombies????? And it’s not a chick flick zombie movie, like ‘Warm Bodies‘. This is a through and through zombie movie. So yeah. But I’m glad I did agree to watch it with Mich and Boo Leong, cause it is a really great show. It’s really good. And seriously, I won’t mind watching it for a second or third time. 😉

I think the only person I really noticed in this show is Brad war z brad pittNope. As much as I think he’s good looking, I’m never a Pitt fan. But I gotta say he did a splendid job in this movie as Gerry Lane, a retired UN investigator, trying to protect his family and save the world at the same time. I guess being the father of 6 children in reality, 3 of which is his biological kids, helped in the intensity we see in him protecting his onscreen family in this movie. family2I think if a zombie apocalypse is to really happen, Mr. Pitt here will react in exactly the same way, with of course a couple of body guards in tow, since in reality, he is loaded. Lol. But yeah, there’s no doubt he’ll protect his family with everything he has if any of these were to happen in reality.

The show is mainly focused on Pitt’s character Gerry Lane alone, but it doesn’t make me roll my eyes like I did when I watched X-Men Origins: Wolverine, where that entire show is focused on Hugh Jackman’s character alone. Unlike the X-Men Origins: Wolverine, World War Z does not feel like its revolving around Pitt, even though the focus is all on his character. So, I was thoroughly entertained throughout the war z brad pitt2The thrill, the suspense, the drama and the slight touch of humour were balanced perfectly to make the movie a great watch. I definitely won’t hesitate to buy this movie so I can re-watch it, even though horror is not really my genre. 😉

And truth be told, I actually found this scarier than movies like Resident Evil, etc etc, because this seems more realistic. As in, you can easily imagine it really happening. I mean when I watch Resident Evil, I know it’s all fiction, but when I watch World War Z, watching nations turning into zombies, and see those zombies still looking like human, just that they’re rotting human, is really somewhat realistic. I guess sometimes, adding a small twist to the most common and simple things in life, is the scariest cause its relatable and imaginable. If you ask me, the scariest movies are the one that can fuel your imagination after you’re done watching the movie and is home alone. 😉

Anyways, coming back, this scene almost blew my mind. wwz-outside-israelJaw dropped when I saw this. I just had to take a deep breath. Lol.

World War Z. Great show. Definitely worth the watch in the cinema. Definitely worth re-watching it as well. 😉

Greedy Ghost

Another ghost story from Singapore. Gotta say though, kinda disappointed with this one. Comparatively to all previous ones, this one is kinda bland, and boring. You don’t really see the ghost, more of ghost possession.

The casts here is pretty much a disappointment too. It’s basically only 4 people acting. Besides Henry Thia, the other 2 main casts who are Brenden Yuen and Kang Jing Rong, does nothing to make the show better. The voice of Mark Lee as the ‘spirit of the book’ ain’t enough to make the show better. I personally would have preferred to have him actually acting in the show, rather than just voice over as a spirit. The only female co-star in the show, Jesseca Liu did a pretty fine job, I gotta say. Switching from the meek, sweet girlfriend, to the hot yet vicious Mrs. Butterfly. She’s pretty convincing. =)

The movie has its funny moments I guess, as all Singaporean movies does. Their dialogues are usually a stroke of genius. Haha. It’s safe to say, that did save the movie from the barely there boring story-line. And at least this movie teaches us some moral value. Do not be greedy. Heh! 😉

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Ok. This is something new. A movie about one of the most famous President of the United States of America having a second secret life. Not only any secret life, but one as a vampire hunter. Heh. I was curious alright. My first thought was maybe its not really the Abraham Lincoln we all know. Maybe its another guy with the same name. But then, I was wrong. It’s exactly the Abraham Lincoln we all know. The one who signed the United States Declaration of Independence. In all sense that is fiction of course. It’s not an awesome mind-blowing show. But its not bad, I guess. A little boring here and there, but enough suspense and action to make up for it all. Considering the casts ain’t of the golden list in Hollywood, I’d say, this show deserves its placing in the cinemas.

Benjamin Walker, who played Abraham Lincoln, is really looking somewhat like a high school dork during his character’s younger years. But then again, that kinda makes the entire thing seems more real.It really takes a long while to warm up to this fella. Actually, up till now, am not really sure if I’ve even developed a slight liking towards him. Probably not. But he sure did a great job portraying Abraham Lincoln. From being innocent, to ambitious, to ruling the nation. And even as the fictional vampire hunter, he didn’t suck that bad. That’s actually considered alright, considering I’ve got the hot and skillful Winchester boys of Supernatural who set the standard bar for hunters so damn high. Nobody surpasses the Winchesters. Not even come close. Heh.

Then there’s Henry Sturges, Lincoln’s mentor in vampire hunting. I actually like this guy better than Benjamin Walker. Dominic Cooper personifies the somewhat slightly humourous nonchalant mentor really well, with a good imitation of Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark. Good imitation, but obviously, still falls short of the great Iron Man. Haha. And what makes it interesting is the twist in this fella’s character. Surprise surprise. Heh.

The villain, head of vampires, Adam, portrayed by Rufus Sewell is what I’d expected the alpha of the coven to be. Calm, collect, cool. I don’t think Sewell displayed the ‘quiet powerful’ really well though. I’ve seen others that does it much better. How with just a quiet calm look, people can feel the fear gripping them. And given how powerful this fella’s supposed to be, am kinda disappointed by how easily he was killed. Oh well. Hmph.

Mary Todd ain’t that much a likable character in this movie actually. Though she’s supposed to be one of the main casts, I felt her to be more of an extra. Mary Elizabeth Winstead did not shine in this role. As a matter of fact, she paled far behind her fellow male casts. Which is kinda sad, cause I was hoping to see more power in the First Lady of one of the most famous President of the USA.

One thing though, kudos to the make-up and/or effects team. They really managed to make Benjamin Walker look a lot like the actual Abraham Lincoln in his older years. It actually looks even more freakishly alike in the show itself. Haha. So yeah, good job there.

Overall, this show is worth a watch in the cinema. But I definitely won’t watch it a second time, neither would I get a copy and keep it. I actually wondered if I would enjoy a movie based solely on the true story of President Abraham Lincoln, instead of this kind of made up fiction. And truth be told, if a good director pick it up, I just might. I might even enjoy it more than this fiction. Heh.

The Woman In Black

Was deciding between this show or the ‘Devil Inside’ movie. But since Alan said the latter one sucked, hence me, Mich, Chiet and Boo Leong decided to go for Woman In Black instead. Kinda looked forward to it, for 2 reasons. One, cause I wanted the adrenaline rush, the fright, just for fun. Haha. Two, Daniel Radcliffe is starring in it. Not that am a huge fan of Radcliffe. But, I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. See the connection here? Haha!

Really like the new more matured looking Daniel Radcliffe seen in the movie. The slight unshaven beard, the slightly dark serious look. If he hasn’t been carved into my mind so strongly as Harry Potter, I’d even say his new looks is somewhat sexy. Haha! But I’d give him this, he IS good looking here. =) However, me seeing him full length in any scene still makes me feel that he’s just a young boy. Just Harry.  Maybe its his height. Yes, he looks short. Haha! I don’t know. Heh. But many times in the movie, it crossed my mind. OMG, he looks like a boy here! Lol. Not his face looks, but as in, a whole package. He just looks so young. Lol!

But his 4 year old son in the movie (yes, he has a 4 year old son in the movie!!!), is just cute beyond words!! Misha Handley is just adorable beyond words here. But to me, he just looks like Radcliffe’s younger brother instead of his four year old son, no? Haha!

Overall though, the plot and storyline here ain’t bad. And the suspense really stress me out throughout the movie. I won’t rate it as a really scary horror film, cause really, its not that scary, not really anyway. Haha. But the suspense in the night scenes at the abandon haunted mansion made me jump a couple of times in my seat. Lol. Thank God there’s Chiet and Boo Leong crapping stuff to make it a lighter mood. Haha! One of the scary scenes to me was the one involving the rocking chair. Freaky! And another one. The ‘thing’ behing Radcliffe through the window. Made us jump when the camera suddenly zoomed towards Radcliffe and that ‘thing’ behind him. Lol! And of course, there were the freaky looking toys too. One of it being a clown or something like that. These toys really add the ‘fear’ factor for me. Somehow, someway. Heh.

But all in all, its a pretty above average movie. Won’t rate it really good, neither average. Its just above average. Worth my cinema ticket anyway. Definitely won’t buy a copy of the show to keep though. Haha!

Did a little research and realized something really amazing. Relatively speaking. The role of Radcliffe here as Arthur Kips, in the original movie, in 1989, was played by Adrian Rawlins a.k.a. Harry Potter’s  father, Mr. James Potter.What are the odds huh? ‘Father and son’, ending up the same role, 23 years apart. =)

Paranormal Activity 3

First real horror show I watched since Devil, last year. Haha. Fright Night don’t really count cause it is part comedy. =)

Not really a fan of horror movies. But have been wanting to watch some lately. Guess I just wanna watch shows that can freak me out of something, and take my mind off a lot of things. Not to mention, movies that will make me cry at the end. Haha. So horror seems to be the only choice. Heh.

Watched this with Alan on Wednesday night after Sh’bam. Great way to end the night actually. Haha. Had a great time. Think he’s one of the best person to watch horror movie with. Fun watching with him. Though, still can’t believe he can laugh at the scary parts. Ou, and also laugh when I jump at every scary part. Ish. Haha. =P

I’d have to say though, Chloe Csengery & Jessica Tyler Brown did a great job as young Katie and Kristi.Especially Chloe Csengery. The innocence she had in her. The naivety. The sweet smile. But yet, the scary aura when she tells of secrets she has with ‘Toby’. Great work. For such a young kid.

Surprisingly, for such a low budget show, it ain’t bad. Not exceptionally good, but not bad at all. Had my attention for the entire show. At least I had the suspense, some hair raising moments and some laughs (courtesy of Alan, of course) throughout the movie.

However I have to say, this kinda filming kinda gives me the dizzy feeling by the time the show ends. I literally feel like throwing up. No kidding. Heh.

Fright Night

Watched this movie with Chris and Alan last Wednesday night. Don’t love the show, but liked it. =) Though it was the company that made the night great. Haha.

Wasn’t too eager to watch the show at first, but after hearing Red FM promote it so much, it got me excited to watch it. Curious thing, advertisement is. Haha.

Think Colin Farrell fits perfectly into Jerry-the-vampire’s role. That smug, nonchalant attitude of his, coupled with the uncanny vibes he exudes, makes his vampire character pretty alluring. And I think he makes a pretty hunky vampy too. Body looks pretty hawt from certain angle. Lol.And the supposedly amature vampire slayer, Charlie, played by Anton Yelchin, is kinda cute, in a nerdy way. The curly hair, kinda skinny body (he looks a little buff in the poster, but in the movie, skinny. haha), the big eyes, all played to his advantage I guess. Though, I think he reminds me a little of Frodo Baggins from The Lord Of The Rings.Ya think? Haha

But funnily, don’t ask me why, the one who attracted my attention is David Tennant, who plays Peter Vincent, a Vegas performer in this movie. Nope, totally think he looks ridiculous here. But when he removes all his ‘props’ for his performance, I actually think he looks not bad. Haha.Quite hawt aye? Haha. His character is a pretty funny one. But towards the end, the act of courage turn the perception of his character around. And I think Tennant did a great job portraying the dramatic, but yet slightly lunatic, Peter Vincent. =)