More Idiots

So, like I said in the post before this, in light of recent ‘events’, Facebook has been like a mad house. People pouring out their feelings, lashing out their anger, spreading rumours and to add to the list, create rumours. I really don’t know how anyone would actually fall for this and believe it, but the truth is, some did.

Brief background. Apparently people have been posting on President Barack Obama’s Facebook wall, asking for help. Some even went as far as to create a petition with the White House. I thought all these are pretty stupid moves. If you wanna complain, at the very least, pick an international body to complain to. Not the White House! The White House is mainly in charge of anything American. It’s not that they don’t wanna help us, but it’s really not their job. So really, how idiotic can a person be to post an SOS on Obama’s Facebook timeline? Luckily someone realized and created a petition with United Nations. I think that at least will bear more fruit as compared to a petition to the White House.

But no doubts, there are still ridiculous people in the world. I went onto Facebook yesterday and say a number of people posting this, sincerely believing that President Barack Obama actually wrote this. They were so excited commenting, “The world heard us! President Obama speaks!” “OMG! So happy! Finally people started listening!” “Wow, I’m so touched.

*smirk* I was thinking, “You must be touched in the head to believe this was written by President Obama!”20130510-013343.jpgThe most obvious clue : I’m sure President Obama has got a much better command of the English Language than the one written above. I mean, even my 12 year old nephew can write much better than that.

The idiot ? The one who wrote this. Trying to create rumour. Unfortunately, he or she has a bad command of the English Language. Actually make that horrendous. Even more unfortunate, he or she doesn’t seem to realize that.

The even bigger idiots? Those who actually believe this and share it happily.

Gosh. The comedy I get from Facebook sometimes. This sure gave me a good laugh. *smirk*

‘Draw My Life’ By Ryan Higa

I saw Ryan Higa sharing his latest video on Facebook a couple days back. Gotta say, this is one of the best video he has ever made, if not the best. This video is not one of his typical silly-funny skits, but instead, it’s a sharing of his life’s story, in drawing. Well, he’s not really an artist, so stick figures count as drawings for him I guess. Haha! 😉 But, it is inspiring, it gives encouragements, it’s real and true and sincere, it has moral values, it’s very relatable on many different levels or ages, AND, it has his usual humour in it. Would recommend everyone to watch this at least once, if not for the inspiration and a ‘lift-me-up’ when you’re having a bad day, then just for pure entertainment sake. 😉

The Return Of Ryan Higa~

When I first heard of the name Ryan Higa, I was probably about 21-22 years old. It was my cousin who actually told me about him. Although of course at that time, the name Ryan Higa always comes with Sean Fujiyoshi. They’re like awesome partners in crime for YouTube homemade comedy. And I thought for their age at that time, they were pretty talented to be able to come up with stuff and scripts like they did. My top 3 favs from them are ‘How To Be Ninja’, ‘How To Be Gangster’ and ‘The iPod Human’.

Let me say again, when I was entertained by these, it was 5-6 years ago. I had a real good laugh then. The kinda laugh that causes tears and side aches. But now, when I re-watch them, they don’t seem that funny anymore. It’s either, one, I’ve grown more mature (haha!), or, two, I’ve watched the videos before. But I won’t deny it take people with some talent to come up with scripts and editing (as unprofessional as it was) like that.

Now, due to attending different colleges, Ryan’s doing his own thing without Sean. And I’ve kinda lost touch for a couple of years with his videos, since it’s no longer Ryan & Sean. While some of the videos he does himself are still pretty good, there are some that seems to lack humour, sometimes bordering on him trying too hard to be funny. But a few weeks back, Ryan came up with another masterpiece. One that reminded me of his old vids. A video with real facts, dripping with sarcasm and with a touch (or rather a barrel) of humour. 😉 
I actually thought this ‘Most Annoying People On The Internet’ (MAPOTI) is pretty brilliant. And it’s so true and real that as he listed the different kinds of people, the names and faces who fits those descriptions keeps popping into my mind and I was giggling and smirking throughout the vid. Gotta say though, I’m not perfect. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty for the very last category he mentioned. 😉 Haha! Here’s to hoping he makes more awesome videos. 😉

Of Drinks & Friendships @ Berlin’s Bier Houz, Straits Quay

The week before Chinese New Year, the old ‘Saturday hangout group’ decided to meet up fro food and drinks since Denise is back. After a satisfying meal of bbq steamboat at Ding Charcoal BBQ & Steamboat, we headed downstairs towards The Library. It’s a good thing it’s pretty packed at The Library and there were barely any good seats there. Cause, we decided to go next door to Berlin’s Biew Houz instead. And even though there’s no live band at Berlin’s, but somehow, I found the atmosphere there nicer than The Library. Gives a slightly ‘warm, home-town bar’ kinda feeling. It’s nice. Sitting inside, for the first few minutes, you may find the music to be a tiny bit too loud, but once you’ve accustomed to it, it’s actually a very nice place to sit, drink and chat.20130218-133551.jpgBeen a while since the ‘old Saturday gang’ hangout like that. Since Denise left for Australia, I think. Mainly cause very soon after she left, there was a new addition to the group who made use of us all to have an affair behind her boyfriend’s back. Oh well, good to say that now she’s no longer in the group, since she don’t need us anymore. I won’t deny that all of us are actually happy. Anyways, never realized how much I missed just sitting around with a beer or two, or even a cocktail or two, just chilling and shooting shit with my good friends. The random jokes, the teasings, the laughters, etc etc. Too bad Denise was only here for two weeks. Not its back to Mich, Boo Leong, Joshua and me. Still better than having a fifth member who uses us and a sixth memeber who was trying to wedge his way into the fifth member’s steady relationship. Smirk. Yes. I can be a bitch at time. 😛

Joshua had a stroke of creativeness and I just couldn’t resist snapping a picture of it. 20130218-133605.jpg

I’m actually glad I don’t drink as much as I did in 2011 and the first half of 2012. Nowadays I just enjoy my drink or two, and chill with my close pals. But I saw this on the net, and really couldn’t resist reposting it here, just for the fun of it. 😉

Useful Humour?

Damn straight it’s useful. Or some. *sly smile*

Okay. Maybe this one’s not that useful. But it’s funny, you’ve gotta admit. 😉20130109-025138.jpgHilarious! But I actually can imagine the scenario if those little guys could really talk. Lol! Poor, fellas. Not sure which is worse. Haha!

Now this is useful! If only Facebook can take a hint and provide some of these. 20130109-025148.jpgI’ll need the :

1) For God’s sake, no more ‘MyCalendar’
2) Yo! I dig that!
3) Kinda stupid
4) F*** you!!!

Especially the ‘Kinda stupid’. Actually a ‘Really stupid’ or a ‘You’re stupid’ would be even better. I predict it would come in really good use on Facebook. *smirk*

OMG. Heart-meltingly CUTE~!

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, this is a must watch! Haha!

He’s only 6 years old. But Kellian Rowe’s immitation of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester (played by my gorgeous Jensen Ackles) performing the ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ is superb~! For a boy his age, I’d say, he did a great immitation. I can only imagine him performing along with the Jensen Ackles everytime he watches the video. Knowing how kids like to immitate what they see on TV. 😉

For best effect, watch the original Jensen Ackles’ performance first, which of course is beyond awesome… Haha! 

Now, watch this kid… He’s just so cute~!!!