HRH Prince George Alexander Loius

It has finally happened. The long awaited royal baby of Great Britain arrived late in the afternoon on the 22nd of July, 2013. kate-will-georgeThis adorable little bundle of joy is named George Alexander Louis two days after he was born, by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William, and his wife, Kate Middleton. George Alexander LouisHe will be known as His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. I’m guessing he’s gonna grow up to be a fine young man. Fine and good looking, given his genes are a mixture of Prince William and Kate’s, both of whom passed with flying colours in the ‘looks’ department.

Gotta say. I’m always a tad bit confused when it comes to the titles of the royal family of Great Britain. Prince Charles of Wales, Prince Edward the Earl Of Wessex, Princess Beatrice of York, Princes Harry of Wales, Prince William the Duke of Cambridge, Prince George of Cambridge, and the list goes on. So most of the times, I stick to simple titles like Prince Charles, Prince Edward, Prince William, etc etc. 😉

I can’t help but smile when I see pictures of the proud parents with their newborn. It’s just so sweet. It’s like a part of a fairytale. kate-will-george (2)Will-Kate-GeorgeThough I know that life as a public figure ain’t a bed of roses all the time, but for that moment in time, Will, Kate and George looks like the perfect picture of a perfect fairytale. It’s just such a nice sight to behold. Kinda makes me wanna go, “Aawwwww…” every time I see pictures of this little royal family. It certainly doesn’t help when the proud parents let slip little tit-bits like how Kate mentioned that Will changed baby George’s first diaper, or how Will said that his son ‘has got a good pair of lungs on him’. Lol! 🙂

Of course, I may have paid a bit more attention to the birth of this baby as compared to other famous offspring, reason being, I used to have a crush on Prince William. Hahaha! BUT, that was when I was younger and he was younger. Lol! prince-william-age15He was about 15-16 years old, and I was 11-12 years old. It’s a kiddy crush. He’s cute. He still is actually, despite having a slight hair-loss problem. I still find him dashing and looking as fit as any prince charming would be. 🙂

One thing that caught my attention besides the adorable baby Prince George is Will & Kate’s attire for the day. kate-will-fashion(2)Just one day after giving birth to baby Prince George, Kate is looking absolutely stunning. Of course, according to new reports, she had her hair stylist fixing her hair in the morning before she left the hospital, but I still feel credit should be given to her for looking so good just a day after delivery. It’s kinda inspiring. I mean, I would wanna be like her someday, looking presentable at all times, even if its a day after giving birth. Teehee! 😉 Oh, and Prince William is the definition of ‘sophisticated casual smart look for men’, in my opinion. I love guys who are able to dress casual smart well. Formal is kinda easy, casual is kinda easy too, but many slip and fall when it comes to casual smart. 😉

Anyways, as much as some people think this news has been given way to much coverage than it deserves, I personally feel that it’s nice once in a while to read about a joyous news. Lately it seems, almost every news article I read is either depressing or just downright stupid. So yes. I’m one of those who are happily reading away about this royal newborn. Happy news makes people happy. 😛

The Sandy Hook Elementary School Tragedy (December 2012)

I actually wrote this on Christmas, but didn’t get to finish it. So I’m modifying it a little to suit the time.

Christmas and the New Year just passed not long ago. For many of us, we partied, we celebrated, we sang, we laughed and we enjoyed this festive season. But for a few families in the Connecticut, United States, I’m sure Christmas and New Year for them would have been very quiet. Some might even have spent their holidays staring into the rooms of their children, whom they lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, thinking of ‘what ifs’.

My heart goes out to the families of every victim who fell on that fateful day. Those kids made the biggest impact on me. I teared up just thinking about the things they will not get to do. Some I saw their pictures and thought, “She would grow up to be Prom Queen material.” Some, “He looks like he’s gonna grow up to be the next Bill Clinton or something.” And it hits me. All that will not come to pass. Here’s to remembering the beautiful little lives lost. Little and young they may haave been, but I’m sure they shone bright in the lives of people who knew them.

Sandy Hook Child VictimsWith their last names in alphabetical order (though not according to the picture placement above : Charlotte Bacon (6), Daniel Barden (7), Olivia Engel (6), Josephine Gay (7), Dylan Hockley (7),  Madeleine Hsu (6), Catherine Hubbard (6), Chase Kowalski (7), Jesse Lewis (6), Ana Marquez-Greene (6), James Mattioli (6), Grace McDonnell (7), Emilie Parker (6), Jack Pinto (6), Noah Pozner (6), Caroline Previdi (6), Jessica Rekos (6), Avielle Richman (6), Benjamin Wheeler (6) and Allison Wyatt (6).

Other victims killed includes 6 adults, who gave their lives trying to protect the children. The principle Dawn Hochsprung, the school psychologist Mary Sherlach, the teachers Victoria Soto and Lauren Rousseau, and the teacher’s aidesRachel D’Avino and Anne Marie Murphy.

These people will be remembered.

It’s somewhat hard for me to comprehend the ability of someone to hurt a kid, let alone shooting at an entire classroom of them! What the hell is wrong with the fella?! For crying out loud they’re barely 7 years old! It’s been almost a month and my heart still feels like it’s being steamrolled whenever I think of this tragedy. These aren’t high school students who may be capable of bully or discrimination. These aren’t college students who may be capable of looking down and being mean to others. These aren’t working people may be capable of bitching around each others’ back and playing politics. These are kids. Very young kids. Innocent little kids! Whose only capabilities are making friends and doing their own thing. Playing, colouring, drawing. Why them!? And each kid was shot multiple times. I shiver at the thought of it.

My first reaction when I first heard the news was ‘Every parent of the victims should be given a gun and be allowed to shoot at free will at the gunner (I choose not to mention his name because I don’t think anyone who has done evil deserves to be famous) even though he’s already dead.’ But that make us stoop to a level as low as the shooter, right? Maybe the killer was under depression, maybe he was on drugs, maybe he’s mentally ill due to bullying at school. I don’t know. Whichever it is, it is undeniable that what he did was wrong. But it is not our position to judge him. No matter how mad we are towards him, how hateful we feel towards him, it is still not our position to be the judge of him. God will be the judge. God IS the judge.

All we can do is pray. Pray for the lives lost. Pray for the family of the victims that are left behind. Pray for a better, less cruel world. It’s gonna take them all a very long time to get over this. I doubt one year is enough. Some may not even recover fully from this tragedy. All we can do is pray for them.

Erm… NBC? What Are You Doing?

Sept 11. I don’t even need to mention the year. Anytime someone mention the date Sept 11, I’m sure your mind flashes back to the day the world was rocked to it’s core.11 years ago, when the World Trade Centre came tumbling down. All it took was 2 hijacked planes. And thousands upon thousands of lives lost, just like that. Just because some humans aren’t civilized enough to settle their stuff peacefully and decided to turn everything violent to send a message. Though, the retaliation to the act above ‘ain’t that civilized as well. War is really not the answer. But I guess we all still have a lot to learn about being civilized. Maybe that creature in the movie Green Lantern were right about the human race, that we’re still a very young race.

For America, I’m sure 11 years is still a very short period of time to truly get over such an incident. And that being so, most morning talk shows observed a minute of silence at 8.46am (the time which the first hijacked plane hit the first tower) on Sept 11, 2012 in remembrance of all those who perish in the tragedy 11 years ago. Innocents who lost their lives and people who died in line of duty.

And here is where NBC’s ‘Today’ show made headlines, for all the wrong reasons, again. Not only they didn’t participate in the minute of silence, guess what they replace that minute with? An interview with Kris Jenner. Yup. As in the Kris Jenner of the ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’. And the topic? Kris Jenner’s breast augmentation. Yes. Breast augmentation.

I may understand if they replace it with something more ‘serious’, ‘useful’ or somehow ‘less bimbo-ish’. It could even be a story about a boy who saved a cat. It’s still better that the story they aired, cause, maybe they thought it was time to move on, since in their defense, they mentioned that they did do some coverage on the tragedy. But the fact that they use that particular time when all around were observing a moment of silence for the Sept 11 tragedy to talk about Kris Jenner’s ‘breast artwork’, I personally feel it’s an insult to all those who fell on that tragic day 11 years ago, and I’m not even an American.

There may be those who argue that it is time to slowly let go. Which, yes, I agree, is true. But that doesn’t mean forgetting. And some may counter, not having a moment of silence does not mean that it is forgotten. Yes, that is true too. But a moment of silence can sometimes be a good thing, in many different ways.

This moment of silence gives people a little time to remember those who were lost, those heroes who risked their lives and perish while trying to saving people, those innocent people who walked into the building that morning not knowing that they will never see their loved ones ever again. This moment of silence gives people a little time to reflect on how fragile life can be, how precious a life is, how it is in a single second, we could lose everything we have. This moment of silence gives people a little time to think about how much blood have been shed since this tragedy started, how a little extra compassion from the human race may have prevented the tragedy from happening, how we can better ourselves and act or react differently in the future.

I gotta say, NBC’s ‘Today’ show is a pure disappointment this time. Kris Jenner’s breast augmentation. Smirk.

Clash Of The Giants : Apple & Samsung

20120831-011538.jpgEasiest way to describe the situation in the smart phone industry, currently. What with Samsung losing another lawsuit to Apple. I guess, you can’t be too sure about the development of technology in today’s world. But to be frank, Apple start the whole touch screen smart phone revolution that is so user friendly with countless apps to download. Then again, in the world of development and research, one can always discover something new, or slightly better. That is, of course, IF they really did do their work. This lawsuit between Apple and Samsung have been going on for quite a long while now.

And really, as a consumer, I really don’t care much who copied who, or if there is actual copying work done. But, I stumbled across this article by Bloomberg Businessweek. The 10 Best Lines From The Apple-Samsung Trial. 😉

The one that got me amused. Erm. Apple. Samsung. Breat Feeding. Wow.

The one that got the question marks going off in my head.Erm. Totally agree with Phil Schiller. Never heard that one before. Ever. Where do they come up with this nick? Bellybutton? Eewww!

And the one that made me think that the judge for this trial is one of the coolest I’ve ever read about. One word. HAHA!

I’m sure this ain’t the last lawsuit we’ll see of these two giants. =)
By the way, I feel really sorry for Nokia. Heh. Lol! 😉

Defeated But Standing Tall

Like I said before, I’m not a fan of Olympic. And certainly not a fan of badminton. But somehow, I feel, this guy is worth writing about, because as much as I don’t like badminton, this fella has brought together Malaysians of different races and cultures to root for our country, united as one.

29 year old Datuk Lee Chong Wei made Malaysia a proud country despite not winning the gold medal for the Olympic Badminton Men’s Single. He fought his way through to the finals, where he faced his most popular rival, China’s Lin Dan. It’s like the 2008 Beijing Olympics all over again, EXCEPT that this time, Datuk Lee Chong Wei played a really good game, giving his all. I remembered his 2008 Olympics Badminton Men’s Singles Finals against Lin Dan. I presumed it must be due to the stress to win Malaysia’s first ever Olympic gold medal, that made him play a bad game. Think he lost his spirit to fight somewhere during the first round, sealing the defeat at 12-21 and 8-21 to China’s Lin Dan. Even those of us who watched the match didn’t hope much 15-20 minutes into the game, at that time.

But this time, 4 years later, Datuk Lee Chong Wei made Malaysians proud. If I may say so, maybe luck just was not with him this time.

A 21-15, 10-21 and 19-21 defeat to world number 1, Lin Dan, just proves that he gave his all, and did his best. He may have lost the match, yes, but in my opinion, he already won and surpassed his old self who seem to have given up halfway through the game 4 years ago. And based on that alone, I can safely say, it is a good accomplishment. Even with the weight of every Malaysian’s hopes to obtain the first Olympic gold medal for Malaysia, on his shoulder, this man fought his way to the very end, losing by only a very slim margin.

So it came as no surprise when this time, after the defeat, people started posting “We’re proud of you, Lee Chong Wei” or “Job well done, Datuk!” or “Even though we lost, you did great, Datuk Lee Chong Wei” or many other quotes that are along the same line, as opposed to those of the “It’s okay. Nevermind. There’s still the next Olympics” posts 4 years ago.

Congratulations to China’s Lin Dan. A well deserved win to the world’s number 1 and also 2 time gold medal winner of the Olympics Badminton Men’s Single.

As for Datuk Lee Chong Wei, he did a great job, and Malaysia as a whole is extremely proud of him.Here’s one for the man who got Malaysia its first medal in the London Olympics 2012.
Here’s one for the man who defeated his old self and rise up better than before.
And more importantly, here’s one for the man who brought all Malaysians united together on the night of 5th August 2012.

Olympic London 2012

Kicked off with a bang, a couple of days ago. But I guess I’m not really a sports person. While almost everyone is talking about the updates, its kinda sad to say, I’m not really interested in them. Of course, I do just flip to the sports section once in a few days to check up on the medals won by different countries all over the world. I find it nice that all the countries are gathered in the same place in healthy competition and ‘indirectly’ bonding with each other. Kinda gives the world a little feel of fuzzy warmness, or so I’d like to believe. Though I gotta say, this year, the Olympic Games doesn’t feel as hyped up as it was 4 years ago, when it was held in Beijing, China. Or maybe its just me. Heh.

ONE thing I did notice though, which pretty much comes a little as an embarrassment. Just a little. I still have to support my country, right? During the opening ceremony, I saw tweets from friends who were following the progress stating stuff like “OMG! What is Malaysia wearing??” or “Oh no! Team Malaysia, why your uniform so clownish?” or “Such an embarrassment. What an ugly uniform. Sigh.” Curiosity got the best of me. I waited a couple of hours then I googled the Malaysian uniform for the Olympic Games 2012. Gotta say, I was kinda speechless for the first few seconds. 
Well, I guess, on the upside, it would be hard to miss the team walking past, since we probably need a pair of sunglasses to shade the eyes. And to make matters worse, Yahoo! just have to go and rate them one of the worst team uniforms of the London Olympic Games 2012.

I wish I could say it wasn’t THAT bad. But I really, REALLY think, they could have done a much better job with the uniforms. I mean, the ‘baju kebaya’ is actually a really nice attire to be worn, and it looks really good! If only the could have toned down the colours or the patterns. Tone them down by a wide margin, actually. So I guess it is too bad that the beauty of the ‘baju kebaya’ is ruined. Oh well. Like I said, too bad. Heh.

News going around that there are a couple of really good looking hot athletic, but aren’t there always? =) So the games kicked off, and to date, it seems like China is surpassing the United Stated to take the lead in the medal table. But we’ll see how it all ends. It’s only slightly past the beginning anyway. 😉

Sumatra Earthquake April 2012

After 8 years, the earthquake late yesterday afternoon put everyone on high tsunami alert. Yes, there have been many occurrences of earthquakes these past years, but none as similar to the one in 2004 as yesterday’s. Even people on the ground floor in Malaysia can feel the strong tremors of the quake. I had to leave the guitar studio on the second floor cause everything was shaking up there. For the first minute, we didn’t even realize it was the floor and building shaking. We thought it was the electric guitar and the amplifier. Heh.

The 8.6 magnitude earthquake send many in Penang running out of buildings, shopping malls, etc etc. Buildings and businesses along the shorelines were closed for the night due to tsunami warnings. I can only imagine the fear that gripped the heart of the Indonesians in Aceh, when even Penangites were freaked out. Though not as severe as previously, our hearts go out to all those affected by the quake yesterday.