BodyCombat 53, BodyStep 89 & Sh’bam 9

So, Fitness Studio our launch last week. Gotta say though, due to some mess-up for one of the programs, it kinda lost a little of the excitement and spark of the entire launch. But the launch is a total different thing from the release itself. The launch depends on the gym. The release is the actual gist.

As mentioned above, the BodyCombat launch was kinda dampened due to the fact, it’s actually a re-launch instead of the actual launch. Long story. Not gonna go there. Anyway, this release, BodyCombat 53 is pretty tiring. Almost killed my legs. But kinda fun I guess. =) Even though, I don’t really like all the tracks for the release, I’m happy with the choreo and moves. 🙂

BodyStep. Heh. I literally skipped the launch. Predicting that 4 people will be launching and if they split the tracks evenly, then I’d probably skip half the class cause I really don’t wanna waste my time in class when the two instructors who are extremely incompetent are teaching. Which was a good decision. My prediction was somewhat accurate. Apparently, Jayne didn’t launch. Leaving Eason to launch with the two extremely lousy instructors. Meaning if I were to attend the BodyStep launch, I’ll probably skip 2/3 of the class. Yup. Waste of time. *smirk* Anyway, I attended the classes after the launch and I have to say that the release BodyStep 89 is one of the most dreadful BodyStep release I’ve ever done. I find the 3 warm-up tracks much slower in tempo compared to the previous releases, thus giving it a sluggish feel. And a lot of the flava have been taken out of this release, making it more athletic and BodyAttack-like. The worst of it is, they change the structure for the official release. What used to be the ‘party track’ and ‘speed track’ in the main structure is now replaced with the ‘athletic circuit’ which was previously the optional tracks. Hence, making this release even more boring. I hope LesMills ain’t planning to remove the ‘party track’ and ‘speed track’ permanently. It’s kinda worrying since they have now made the both tracks optional instead of putting it in the main structure. Sigh. I think the day they take out the ‘party track’ and ‘speed track’ will be the day I stop attending BodyStep. Heh.

Then there’s the Sh’bam 9 launch. Eerrmmm. I’m really starting to get really bored with Sh’bam. This release doesn’t change my mind. But, I kinda like 2 tracks here. One of it is ‘Hold It Against Me’ by Britney Spears where the choreo includes going down on the floor. Hee! Can’t really remember the title of the other one, but it involves a lot of swirling of the arms. Haha! Other than that, its really just…. bleh. I guess, I find it boring cause there’s a maximum of only 3 moves in an entire track. Three! Sigh. I miss BodyJam.

BodyStep 88 & Sh’bam 8

One word. Disappointed.

Kinda boring. Actually, scratch that. Boring. Plain boring. With the exception of the last song before cool down, ‘No Tears (Enough Is Enough)’. There’s 2 other tracks in the middle that I kinda like the moves (certain moves, anyway). But can’t really remember the tracks. Maybe will be able to grasp them better after going for the class a second time this week. Hopefully will find it better. Though, ain’t putting much hope though. Sigh.

I thought the class was never gonna end. For the first time ever. And it has nothing to do with Alan’s instructing. He’s good. No argument there. It’s just the release. Purely the release. Can’t find even a single song that I really like. The tracks are mostly bland to me. And some even felt never ending! Oh no, wait. There’s a song I like. ‘Love On Top’ by Beyonce, and that’s the cool down. Other than that, meh. The conditioning tracks are bearable. Not bad actually. Track 1 all the way to 10… Hhmmm… I’m really hoping my second time doing the release next week will prove my opinions wrong. Heh.

To add a little more, I REALLY MISS BODYJAM. Sigh.

BodyJam 59, Sh’bam 6 & BodyStep 86 @ Fitness Studio

Love the new BodyJam, except for one particular ‘weird leg flick’ move. Specially love the second block. Nice songs. Nice moves. And then there’s the cool down. Purely sexy, and that’s exactly why I love it. Haha.

Sh’bam wasn’t a disappointment as well. Most of it ain’t bad. Though there were a few tracks like, Judas, that were a little anti-climax in comparison to the songs. But considering it has my favourite songs like Run The World, Danza Kuduro and Don’t Stop Believing, I’ll say that I kinda like the release this time. And the cool down, or at least the beginning part of the cool down, is really sexy too. And I love it. =) Though, I wonder how many times of this release I gotta do before getting bored. Not many, I’m sure. Haha. The downside of Sh’bam. =P

BodyStep on the other hand was quite disappointing. Choreo for most of the tracks are not bad, but the songs just don’t encourage the members to push harder. Pretty boring songs. Besides Party Rock Anthem, Run The World  and Poison, all three which I absolutely love, I practically don’t really like most of the other tracks. Especially the warm up songs. Heh.

Oh well. There’s always the good releases and the bad ones.

BodyJam 58 & Sh’bam 5 Launch @ FS!

BodyJam 58 launch. Sh’bam 5 launch. Am actually glad now that they put the two dance base launches together. Cause it can really make a person high. Like pretty really high. Haha. Or maybe it’s just me. =P But damn, its so nice!

Wasn’t very excited about the 1st half of BodyJam. Maybe it takes time. But I LOVE the second half. The funk of Paris is so so so cool. The moves! Nice! Though overall, brilliant release. I still like it, cause I believe (hopefully), I’ll start to get in to the 1st half too. Haha!

And Sh’bam 5! My favourite tracks? Show Me How You Burlesque (yes, again! In BodyStep and in Sh’bam as well!) and Born This Way! Mega-awesome! I was so high during Born This Way, Chris actually said “OMG, look at her!”.. LOL! =.=”

It was all in all 2 awesome launches. =) BodyJam + Sh’bam launch is way cooler than BodyStep + BodyBalance. Though, I actually liked all 4. =P
20110915-115333.jpg The cam-whoring session was just as fun. Only problem is, Wendy’s husband took so many pictures for us, and only one could be used. Which is the one above. LOL.

And the few of us Jam regulars, also managed to grab a pic before leaving to shower. =) Beautiful night. =)


BodyStep 85 & BodyBalance 54 Launch @ FS!

So we had a theme for the BodyStep launch. Joyce came up with it. Pink (preferably) or red (option if you hate pink). Things turned out pretty great. Though the launch would have been perfect if ALL instructors were up to launch standard. Sad to say, one wasn’t. Pretty far from the mark, actually. Hence, most members did not fancy having the unqualified instructor in the picture. And so it is. =)
20110914-123151.jpgLoved the new release of BodyStep. Favourite tracks?

Step Orientation : The Call
Step Athletic : Sure Fire Winners
Party Step : Show Me How You Burlesque
Speed Step : Objection

Sadly, I find the Peak : ‘Real Things’ kinda an anti-climax. Maybe it takes a while to get really into it? Hhmmm. We’ll see. But overall, BodyStep 85 is a pretty cool and sexy release. Woot! Haha!

Went for the BodyBalance 54 launch as well. I actually really really like this release of BodyBalance. From the start till the end. I won’t list my favourite tracks cause it’ll be nearly all the tracks. Though I think I like the second half better than the first half. Or maybe its the way the different instructors taught it? =P Haha! Was pleasantly surprised to hear ‘Just The Way You Are’, my favourite! *squeal!!!* As well as Choose You, another of my favourites. Summary? It is a great release this time! =)