Sick. Again.

Feeling sick sucks. Took a day off and fetched mum over to Bukit Mertajam to run some errands. Feeling a little off in the morning. But now? Waiting for mum, sitting at Starbucks with my Chocolate Cream Chip in front of me and my laptop on my lap, my head just feels funky. And I don’t mean in a good way. It’s the tender and slightly heavy feeling you get in your head whenever a high fever or something close to that, is coming. Now I really just wanna rest my head on something and close my eyes. Bleh. And I really want to hit the gym later. It’s really┬áfrustrating especially when I feel like I’m gonna crash if I so much as walk a little faster than normal. How the hell am I gonna be able to hit the gym, let alone complete an entire BodyStep class? ­čśŽ

Cough and flu is already killing me. All I’m praying now is, “Not the head too, please!” ­čśŽ

A lesson we all forget, including me, and I fell we gotta remember time and again is, never underestimate the uncomfortableness of a person who’s sick. ­čśŽ


Down and out. 2 whole days. Boy that sucked. Thank God in a way, that I was healthy for so long, I forgot how it felt to be really sick, down and out. 4 big packets of pills. That’s what I had for my weekend. Literally. I couldn’t eat anything. Whatever goes in, comes right back out. Throwing up till my chest and stomach hurts, even now, after I’ve recovered. I totally forgot how it felt to be really sick. Every step taken is making the head heavier and dizzier. Even when lying down, a slight move will make you feel like half dying. It sucks to be that sick. Really thankful am back on my feet, healthy now. Thank God for that. I really never want to experience that ever again.

I guess sometimes we are in good health for so long, we forget how it really felt like to be truly sick. And when someone else tells us they’re sick, we’re just nodding it off, trying to be caring and concern, but not really understanding how bad they feel. These 2 days taught me to understand those who’re sick better from now on. I admit, sometimes I take it too light when someone tells me they’re sick. But well, now I know better.

Thank God am alright now. =)

Little Frustrations

It’s frustrating when I have stuff I wanna blog, but daren’t start blogging, simply cause I know at anytime, I may have to stop writting halfway and shut down my computer to go out. But yet, worried that when I come home tonight, I may forget or have already lost the inspiration to blog. Argh.

Just My Luck

Of all weeks to fall sick, I had to fall sick during the Fitness Studio launch week. Crap. Flu, sore throat and slight fever yesterday. This morning, I can add slight cough to the list. Ugh. Thank God, it has to be God’s work, I actually felt perfectly fine for the 2 hours of launch. But before and especially after that, I just crashed. Now, still feeling a little light-headed, am hoping I’ll be fine by evening. It’s BodyJam and Sh’bam launch today. Something I definitely don’t wanna miss. It’s dance!!! =)


The frustration felt when you get inspirations on what to blog while you’re doing everything else but typing on your laptop, and when you DO get to your laptop, your mind is blank staring at your laptop’s screen showing ‘Add New Post’. Gag.