The Old House

One month ago, mum told me that my late grandma’s house has been purchased by developers and will be demolished as soon as some new ‘Jelutong project’ started. Though I don’t spend much time there as I wasn’t close to my maternal grandma, there’s still a feeling of sadness lurking around the heart. The countless Chinese New Years spent there with relatives, the birthday functions, the various weekends that the entire extended family decided to hangout there. Those are all the priceless memories.Yes. This place may not have air-condition at all. No nicely furnished bathroom, though there’s a big huge concrete ‘chui tee’ (hokkien for a concrete tank used to store bathing water). And definitely lots of mosquitoes during the night. But somehow, it holds quite a few of the most cherished memories I have during my younger years. Me and my cousins playing with firecrackers and hopscotch at the large compound in front of the house, watching my dad play badminton with some of my uncles or older cousins, learing to ride my bicycle on two wheels with the help of my mum and dad, and many many more precious moments.

It’s sad the it’s gonna be torn down soon for development, but I guess the state must progress, right? Though a small part of me wished they could leave the house as it is. Turning the entire Penang into a concrete jungle ain’t too appealing to me. I know these places aren’t herritage buildings, but it’s still a part of the traditional villages with the old wooden houses. It would be nice to have some of these still around so our future generations can know how life is in a village. Not that it’s important, but a part of our culture came from these villages.

It’s funny how sometimes people equate development with civilization. It is true from a certain aspect, but many don’t notice, development also turn people into more superficial, materialistic and selfish beings. But many have forgotten that many of the good moral values, that makes a person civilised come from the vilages. Till now, whenever I visit this old house in the Jelutong village, I still see people helping each other in their daily lives, regardless of religion or race. I see people thinking for others instead of thinking solely for themselves. I see people bringing food over to their neighbours to share, simply just because. It’s not often we see that nowadays. And sometimes, it’s heart-warming to watch. Most of the develop places, I can be sure to say, that people sometimes don’t even know who their neighbours are, or even worse how their neighbours look like. But well, I guess it’s the natural flow of things. I see people teaching less and less of moral values nowadays, but instead focus on academic that will spur development alone. Oh well. That’s life.

I’ll miss this place, no doubt. Though, not too much. The memories created here will always be kept safe in the heart.

I Miss My Dad

20120918-121958.jpgSometimes, it hurts to think, yes, flowers is the only thing I can get him now. I remember when I used to buy him small little things when I was younger, sometimes giving him a belated pressie cause I spend all my pocket money for the week, or making handmade gifts for his birthday. It’s sad he didn’t get to wait till I grow up and is able to get him proper nice gifts. I miss him so much. My life changed when he left this world. 😦

Of Eggs, Toasts & Memories

This is one of my favourite breakfast from when I was young. Toasted bread with butter and ‘kaya’ or toasted bread with sugar sprinkled over it and 2 half (or rather, 3/4, as I prefer) boiled eggs. Reminiscence of my younger years. The times when dad and mum would take me to the Jelutong Morning Market on Saturdays or Sundays where I’d have my favourite breakfast and they would take the ‘Curry Mee’ there. Now its only me and my mum for breakfast. It has been, for 10 years now. I miss my dad. 20120813-181346.jpg26 years in this world, and I’m still loving this breakfast. 🙂

Boys Of The Past & Present

There’s barely any dance classes left in gym. So, I decided to look for the old MTVs (old meaning those in my teenage years, the 90’s/2000-2003) to dance to, or rather to learn the dance choreos then dance it out. Something I plan to do when I don’t hit the gym, dance. Used to do that during my middle school years, but have stopped since I stepped into high school. Decided to pick it up again. Backstreet Boys, N*Sync, Britney Spears, High School Musical, and I even got some new ones like those performed by Heather Morris in Glee. Damn, but she’s a great dancer.

Anyway, the process brought back memories of the boyband-era when me and my friends were somewhat boyband crazy. Top on my list? Backstreet Boys, without a doubt. Then there is Westlife and N*Sync as well, not forgetting a1. Sure reminded me of all our discussions over who’s our favourite band member. It’s been at least more than 10 years since I really checked on news of my favourite band members. So, I decided to google them up again and see what they’ve become, just for the fun of it. Bear in mind, I was a 13-16 year old teeny bopper then.

First up, from my top favourite boyband, the Backstreet Boys. My favourite member? Brian Thomas Littrel. What I liked bout him? His wavy, dirty blonde hair. His pleasant smile. His really nice voice. And most of all, he is very God-loving. I actually find that very attractive. Since I last checked, he has gone solo for a Christian album, releasing a few singles, one of them being ‘In Christ Alone’ which is one of my favourite songs. Then the BSB re-grouped without Kevin, until bout 2 months back when they announced officially the return of Kevin to the band. NOW, finally, I feel BSB is complete again. *happy* Guess I’ll always be a BSB fan. 😉 Anyway, more than 10 years after he started out in the industry, I gotta say, he don’t look half that bad. Definitely more wrinkles to the face. But the pleasant crinkle by the eyes are still there, though deeper. Truth be told, he looked like he didn’t age a lot, probably only grown more matured (in the ‘wiser’ sense not the ‘older’ sense) looking. Still looks good. =)

Up next, Westlife. Favourite member? Nicholas Bernerd James Adam Byrne Jr. @ Nicky Byrne. This fella caught my attention with his smile. His boy-ish, cute-ish smile. Also, his sparkling bluish eyes.He was never the lead singer in Westlife. But somehow, he caught a lot of attention. Must be his pretty boy looks, I supposed. Married former Ireland Prime Minister’s daughter, Georgina Ahern. Stuck with Westlife all the way until they disbanded recently, this year. More than 10 years after he first caught my attention, he definitely ain’t the pretty cute boy anymore. Good looking features still can be seen, but he does look a tad older. Still can be classified as looking way above averaged. Don’t know bout his career though. Heh. 😛

I saved the best, or rather the most shocking one for last. N*Sync. Favourite member? Joshua Scott Chasez @ JC Chasez. Well, he has the best voice in N*Sync if you minus Justin Timberlake’s slightly feminine one. Plus, he can be considered the best looking, relatively speaking, to the rest of the band members. Timberlake is good looking no doubt. But at that age, I really can’t stand the maggi noodles on his head. Heh. 😉 Hence, JC inched forward and became my favourite member of N*Sync. I remember I used to have an issue with his fashion sense though. JC Chasez in my opinion, at that time, had one of the worst fashion sense I’ve even know, almost always dressing in really ‘ugh’ clothes. I remembered him wearing a black long-sleeved lace top for a performance once. My favourite member of N*Sync he might be, I still can’t help gagging then, or even now as I recall. Anyway, more than 10 years later, I almost got a heart attack when I googled him up. Oh boy. He looks really old! He’s supposed to be only 35. And for guys, that’s their prime time! No offence but he looks about almost 10 years older than Nicky Byrne who is only 2 years younger than him, and also Brian Littrell who is a year older than him! I wish I could say he looks the ‘graceful aged’, but this is the best picture I could find of him. Others aren’t so flattering. Heh. Oh well, too bad. Going solo didn’t work too well for him, hence he went into songwriting and producing songs for other artistes.

Others that I looked up are Christian Ingebrigtsen of a1 and Ritchie Neville of 5ive. Erm, these two don’t fair too well either. Ingebrigtsen though did okay in his own country, Norway. Ritchie is pretty much a mess when I tried to read up news on him.

Of course with all these discussions on the guys, I can’t help comparing them to my still on-going celebrity crush that I have finally given up trying to get over. Mr Jensen Ackles. Now I know why he’s my biggest celebrity crush ever, hitting so deep even when I’m freaking 26 years old! Lol! Not only he can play the guitar and sing like all the guys mentioned above, he can act really well too. Add in his slightly shy and humble personality, he’s pretty much golden. And if we put his talents and enchanting personality aside, based on physical appearance alone, it’s very safe to say, the older he grows, the better he looks. That’s actually saying a lot when he’s already really good looking 10 years ago.Sad to say, never knew him then. Haha. Only started noticing him after watching Supernatural. 🙂 Anyway, Jensen Ackles went from looking cutely handsome more than a decade ago (above), to looking hotly and sexily handsome now (below).And just one more for the sake of Supernatural. Jensen as Dean Winchester. Personality, talents, looks.
Inner, checked. Outer, checked.
Need I say more? =)

It was good reliving one of the fun old school days’ craze today. The boyband craze. I think no matter how old we are, those from the boyband-era will always treasure those crazy times we had during our younger years. Memorizing lyrics, learning dance moves, reading up the biodatas of our favourite band members, etc etc. And did all that while completing homework and studying for exams!!! Haha!! Oh how I miss the good old days. =)


Just Bruno being Bruno. Heh. Hilarious. Specially when he was asked, “What other songs have you written?” and he answers with a straight face, “Aahhh… I wrote Thriller, Purple Rain… Um…” then everyone including him burst out laughing. Lol. Adorable. But the reason I love this video is towards the end when he sang ‘Fuck You’ (that’s the original title for Forget You). What he did reminded me of what I did at RedBox 2 Saturdays ago with my friends…… I went, “I see you driving round town with the guy I love and I’m like…” *points mic at friends and they shouted… “F*CK YOU!!!”

Oh what can I say. I usually have my own concert when I hit RedBox or Neway. Haha!

If Only We Could Bring Back Those Times

Had a few good old close friends tagged me on FaceBook for this video. Really brings back such good memories. The skipping rope made out of rubber bands, the colour pencils, the autograph books, the simple fun games we used to play (OUTDOORS and not on our computers or iPads), the punishments in school assembly, etc etc. Nearly made me tear up. Haha. I miss those times. What I specially like in this video? The way they show ‘FaceBook’ in our younger years. Sweet. And really, that was what we did. When talking was face to face and not to a small screen in out hands. Heh. Good old times. So many other things and memories kids nowadays or kids in the future will never understand.

If only we could bring back those times…

Times when having new colour pencils made us happy..
Times when we look forward to the ringing of the school bell so we can play outside..
Times when we actually spend more time with our friends than our electronic devices..
Times when buying a new original cassatte or CD of our favourite band feels like owning a precious gem..
Times when we try to stand still and keep quiet so we’ll be the first few to sit down when the teacher punishes us to stand on chairs..
Times when we try to set the VCR to record our favourite programmes on the television..
Times when we fold messages on papers and secretly pass it across the room to chat with a friend..
Times when we play with our erasers, rulers, pens and pencils when we’re bored in class..
And many many more…

If only we could bring back those times…

Proud To Be An 80’s Baby!

20111112-014109.jpgTrue to each and every word. And I kinda miss those times when we were a kid and just went out to the garden or park to play. No computers, not handphones, no gadgets distractions. Just simply healthy fun. I remember using cassettes to listen to songs, or to record songs I heard on the radio. I remember being really happy when daddy bought me my first walkman. He knew I love music and needed it everywhere I went. Which made me think. It’s a little sad, kids nowadays will never know the relation between these two things.I also remember setting up my VCR to record my shows for when I’m not home. Mostly awards shows with lots of singing and dancing. Britney, A1, BSB, N’Sync, Christina. Three words sum it all up : GOOD OLD TIMES.