Perfect | Pink (SuilynnAngel Cover)

So, my first ever official cover. And I just had to go and pick a song that is a little too big for myself. Oh well. Doesn’t really matter. 🙂 My heart was set on this song being the first song I’d cover on my page simply cause this song has been my theme song for as long as I can remember. What better song to kick start your YouTube channel than your very own theme song right? Even if its a little too hard to cover. Teehee!

Pink’s ‘(Fuckin’) Perfect has been the top played song on my Always Keep Fighting playlist. It has gotten me through some tough times in life. And hopefully, it has and will continue to help pick people all around the world up when they are feeling beaten down by life, and get them to always keep fighting.

Despite a few hiccups, I’m generally quite happy with the cover. Won’t deny that hearing myself sing on a video still gives me a slight cringe attack. Oh well! 🙂

YouTube Christmas Greeting

So it’s been almost 2 years since I first thought of starting a proper YouTube channel. I never really got to it, mostly due to… *cue drumrolls*…. procrastination. But it was also because I was a little nervous about putting myself out there to be seen. So I dragged and delayed it. Until this year. This year, I decided not to send out Christmas cards. Instead, I decided to do a cover of a Christmas song dedicated to all my family, loved ones and friends. Also a good way for me to test the waters, and see if I really enjoy making covers.

So here it is, a cover of Judy Garland’s ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. 🙂

Gotta say, its quite an experience. And I do enjoy the whole process of learning the song, videoing it, then editing it up to become a proper YouTube vid. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll do it for real the next time. 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Super Stoked!

20140630-223049-81049229.jpgFINALLY. A couple months back, I finally got the guts to buy myself a pair of drumsticks and enrolled myself to a drums class. Haha! I’ve always thought drummers are soooooo cool! And any females who play drums is pretty much awesome. Most of them anyway. Haha! Anyway, unlike the other instruments I play, drums is a little harder for me to pick up. Hence the need for proper classes instead of picking it up bit by bit like I did with the piano, bass and guitar. Those are melodic. They’re simpler, as compared to drums which goes solely on beats and groove. But I am super stoked! I hope by year end, I’m at least good enough to play some of the simpler songs well, as well as being able to improvise whenever I need to. 🙂 Fingers crossed!

<3 FUN. <3

Since the days of Backstreet Boys, Westlife and a1, I haven’t found a band that I can truly call ‘one of my favourite bands’, until now. And this is a real band. The music instruments, live music and all. With their songwriting skills that produces really unique songs and their ability to sing and play live (really well, if I may say so), there’s not doubt at all thatFUN. caught my attention for good. The band is made up of 3 guys who may not have ‘those stereotypical boyband looks’, but definitely have more talent than a few boybands combined together. ;)Fun_325I’ll admit that I only found out bout this band after their hit single from their second album ‘We Are Young’ hit the radio stations last year. But at that time I just thought that it’s a really cool and unique song. Love the song, yes. But one good song doesn’t make me interested in a band. Then when ‘Some Nights’ was released, I decided that I really had to check out this band cause their songs are really pretty awesome. So I went to search for the songs from their first album and their latest second album. That’s when I fell in love with this band. Their first album is really not that popular, but it has some of the nicest songs ever written. And every song from both their albums have that distinctive style that sets them apart from all artistes in the market today. Every single song was written by them. They don’t need to hire a songwriter like most artistes do nowadays. And when I YouTube for some of their concerts’ clips, I was pretty much blown away. Sometimes they have a full band with them, but other times, it’s just Andrew on the piano, Jack on the guitar, and Nate singing solo. No engineered music, no pre-recorded sounds. Just pure raw music. Super nice. Watching them play and sing live so well just officially made them one of my favourite band of all times.

The 3 of them really are a bunch of musically talented guys. As someone who absolutely loves music, I find it hard to resist fawning over bands like this. Haha.

There’s Andrew Dost, the musical genius. He can play a whole lot of musical instruments.8434998826_2fb220888d_zIn the band, Andrew mainly plays the piano and keyboard. But he can also play the guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn and the drums. See what I mean? Freaking musical genius.

Then there’s the guitarist, Jack Antonoff.Jack-Antonoff-620x400I am mad crazy over his guitar skills. No doubt he’s good at electric guitar as well. But when I hear him play the acoustic guitar in some of the unplugged versions of fun.’s songs, I pray every night that I’ll be able to do that one fine day. Top it off, this fella plays drums too.

Finally we have the voice of the band. Nate Ruess.Nate+Ruess+KIIS+FM+2012+Jingle+Ball+Night+0U1FMFU3vUIlLet me just say that I’m so in love with his voice. Really. And the way he sings the songs. Try listening to some of the live performance to feel the goosebumps. The good kind. ;)And even though he plays no instruments, he is just as talented. Nate Ruess has crazy mad skills in composing songs. He’s like the main songwriter for many of the songs on their album. With all that talent going on, I might just have develop a little crush on fun.’s lead singer. Yes, I’ve developed a crush on this skinny jeans and high-water pants wearing lead singer. But no, he will never surpass my TV boyfriend, Jensen Ackles, as the most perfect guy in the universe.tumblr_ly6apgsHMr1qh5df5o1_500Just saying. :P Lol!

Yeah, I have a thing for musically talented guys. ;) That’s why I think these guys from fun. are awesome even though they’re really not that fantastically good looking. ;)

Another thing that stands out about this band is their openness in defending the LGBT community. Andrew, Jack and Nate are straight guys (they made that statement loud and clear at quite a number of interviews), though they sometimes look otherwise. ;)mainfun-grammys-456-feb-10-2013Especially with the skinny jeans and high-water pants that they like to wear so much. Not to mention wearing their shoes without any socks or with really bright statement-making socks.tumblr_m6mkopumGO1qivt8go1_500See what I mean? ;) But they’ve all stated that they’re straight with Jack dating Lena Dunham and Nate dating Jack’s sister, Rachel Antonoff (though there are rumours claiming they just broke up, oh well). And yet, they made sure their stand is heard loud and clear. Together with Rachel, fun. created The Ally Coalition to fight for marriage equality. According to them, if you don’t voice out and make your stand, it’s the same as you’re supporting marriage inequality and discrimination of the LGBT community. Word.

I’m as straight as a chopstick. Lol. I’m a girl who loves guys. I’m interested in guys. I’d love to find a nice guy and get married in the future. But that doesn’t mean I have to support only straight marriage and be against same-sex marriage. I don’t think there’s a need to discriminate people just because they prefer to love those of their own gender. Everybody deserves a chance at love. Usually girls are more open to fighting for this cause. Straight men are more reserved, specially straight men in Asia. Maybe they feel it affects their manliness of something. And that is another reason why fun. stand out to me as a great band. Besides their musical talents, they decided to put their fame to good use. They’re not ashamed or shy to voice their support for marriage equality. They aren’t worried that their dressing and their stand in marriage equality may reduce their manliness. THAT‘s what makes them so (1)fun ewSo yeah, pretty obvious I’m now a fun. fan. :) Love all their songs in both their albums. Would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in real music. Some songs may need a second or third hearing before you’ll start really like them, but I can guarantee, almost every song will be addictive once you’ve heard it 2-3 times. ;)

Just in case you don’t know (yes, I’ve got friends who knows and love the songs, but don’t know they’re actually from fun.), some of their more famous songs are ‘We Are Young’, ‘Some Nights’ and ‘Carry On’. ;)

But among all their songs, I like this one the best. It’s from their first album, Aim And Ignite. It’s called ‘The Gambler’, written by Nate for his parents. One of the sweetest and most beautiful love songs ever written without all those sappy lyrics. ;) Enjoy!

Pitch Perfect (2012)

Pitch_Perfect_It may not be one of the awesome movies, but there’s singing and dancing, and usually, with an average storyline, that’s good enough to get my approval. Pitch Perfect is sort of the kind of ‘feel good’ show that can be watched countless times. What impressed me is that this movie, is starred by all the mediocre-grade actors and actresses, and yet, it’s a pretty entertaining show.

Main actress Anna Kendrick plays college student Beca Mitchell who’s more into listening to her own music than talking and socializing with people.pitch-perfect-2She didn’t catch my attention until about mid-show. At the beginning, I just found her a little boring. I guess maybe that’s why she don’t really star in movies. She don’t have the ‘wow-factor’ that some actresses have which enables them to catch the audiences’ attention the minute they appeared on screen. Though, she really ain’t bad as an actress. Maybe she should be given more chances and experience. And I actually love her voice. There’s a slight country-jazz-pop feel to it. When I first saw her in Twilight, I never expected her to be able to sing so well.

Main actor Skylar Astin is just a bordering on disappointing.pitch-perfect-skylar-astinOther than having a good voice, his performance is kinda dull in my opinion. I couldn’t find anything interesting about him at all in this show. And to top if off, he’s not even cute or hot. No offense. I find my thoughts straying back to the ‘DJ’ in the show more often than not, wishing that he was the main male character instead. Actor Freddie Stroma sure stole the lime light for me. Maybe it is his hot bod.pitch-perfect-freddie-stromaOr maybe it’s his looks. Freddie StromaEither way, Freddie Stroma caught my attention even though he only appeared on screen about 2-3 times. 😉

I thought the Barden Bellas final performance was pretty good, and their makeover? Thank God. 😉 Pitch-Perfect-BellasAnd it’s actually surprising that all these girls actually have pretty good voice. I guess sometimes we’re so used to see them acting, we forget that some of them can sing pretty well. Les Misérables is a good example. 😉

Overall, I’d rate this movie a 3 stars out of 5, even though I enjoyed myself throughout the show. Would definitely watch it again in the future. Though, there are news that there will be a sequel, Pitch Perfect 2. 🙂

Step up Revolution (Step Up 4:Miami Heat)

As a person who absolutely loves dancing, I can never say a dancing movie is bad no matter how bland the storyline is, as long as the movie has got some kick-ass moves. But, no worries about story line here. Yes, it probably ain’t that original but it’s quite an entertaining show.

I mean, how many story-lines can you have for dance-based movies right? It usually has a competition in them. A competition they need to win, either for the lead character’s future, or to save some cause. This time around in Step Up Revolution, the 4th installment of the Step Up series, a dance team named The Mob is trying to win a YouTube competition for some cash money. But towards the end, they’re fighting to save their neighbourhood.

Quite a number of really cool choreos. One which I feel is really original and captivating is the number they did at the art gallery/museum. It is as if the entire gallery just came to life. The video above may not be very clear though, it’s hard to find the clip online somehow. But viewing it clearly in the cinema? Simply breathtaking. 

Then there’s the sexy-ish choreo they did at a high class restaurants, dressed as masqueraders. Not really sure about the song, maybe it takes a while to grow on you, but the dance? Sexy and hot with a touch of class. 😉

The number that speaks more than words do? The one at the office building. This definitely makes working at any office looks cool. Heh.

Gotta say though, am a little disappointed with the finale mob. It’s not that it’s bad, cause it’s not. They have pretty amazing effects displayed. But I think the problem is trying to fit everything they feel that’s amazing into one single dance. Kinda felt the whole number was a little dispersed and messed up. Not the messed up-organized kinda messed up, but just a little too jumbled up. Oh well, I don’t know much about dance, so I maybe wrong. Just that the finale dance didn’t give me make me feel the climax of the show. But boy, I was so happy to see they brought ‘Moose’, played by Adam Sevani, back for the finale! Man, this kid’s dancing? Wicked. Sick. Kick ass. I will never get bored watching him dance.

And just like every Step Up movie, there’s the duet dance. And Step Up Revolution’s?One word. Beautiful.

Kathryn McCormick who plays the female lead, Emily, is a little more of a ballet dancer I think. She can do the hip-hop moves but not as precise and perfect as I’d expect her to be. I guess maybe her body is the flow-y kind. She can’t really ‘pop’ some of the tougher hip-hop moves, unlike Sharni Vinson who starred in Step Up 3D. I love watching that girl dance. And she can do both the tough, sexy and soft aspect of dance really well. But nevertheless, McCormick delivered a good enough performance throughout the entire show, especially her final piece, the duet with male lead, Ryan Guzman. Great dancer. But totally not memorable. Unlike Channing Tatum or Harry Shum Jr or Adam Sevani. Really cute handsome face. But only at certain angles. Other angles makes him look just averagely good looking. I’m not complaining. Heh. However, it doesn’t matter. Cause damn, he has a hot bod. Lol!

One thing I noticed (and please bear in mind I’m a girl so I notice random stuff like this), I absolutely love the mask McCormick wore for the masquerade dance! Gorgeous. I wonder where I can get one like that. Hhmmm…

Anyways, here’s the opening performance from The Mob, just for a gist of what’s in the show.  I’d definitely watch this show, again and again. As I did for Step Up and Step Up 3D. 🙂

p.s : I didn’t mention Step Up 2. That’s cause I didn’t really like that. Nothing memorable in that movie. The dances are good, but they were mostly just normal good stuff. Nothing ‘Wow!’ or ‘Whoa!’ about it. Think at most, I’ve only watched it twice. Heh.