Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

20130918-002617.jpgBeen a long while since I wrote a book review. That is simply cause I haven’t been reading much until bout 2-3 months ago. Feels good to pick up an old hobby again. 😉

I’ve never read anything from these two authors before, but I’m glad I gave this book a shot. Very interesting read. To give a brief synopsis, a couple was attacked and the husband was murdered. Neighbours and also the security camera showed the killer leaving the scene to be a guy living in the same apartment building. But here’s the catch, the man that the people witnessed as the murderer was found dead, after an apparent suicide, two weeks before the attack.

Right from the first few pages, the story drew me into its world. I love how the authors managed to quickly make the reader be somewhat emotionally attached to the couple who were attacked, right from the beginning. Also love all the twists and turns in the storyline. There were also a number of spooky parts that were very well written. I guess I shouldn’t say ‘parts’ but more like the situations and scenes that unfold in the story were derived from very simple and normal stuff that it made it very easy to imagine the horror happening in real life. The authors did a great job in describing each scene, making it really easy to picture the flow of the story as if its a movie playing in your mind. The descriptions were not overdone to the point that it became draggy, like that of Under The Dome by Stephen King.

Gotta say the ending was a little of a surprised, but I guess that’s what makes a good story. 😉

Criminal Minds

Finished 6 season in one month. Pretty amazing accomplishment if you ask me. Doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. This series has been my sleeping draught since the first week of January.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not boring, at all. Far from is actually. Criminal Minds has been one of my favourite English series to watch. Hence, to take my mind off a whole lot of things when I lie in bed to sleep at night, I go to my living room and lie there, watching Criminal Minds. It is then that I don’t feel the heaviness in the heart, the hurt and pain in the chest, and the constant questioning of my mind on the recent happenings. Being fully focused on the show, my mind starts to relax. So when my eyes couldn’t take it anymore, I just slip into slumber, even though by that time, its usually 3-4 am in the morning.

Watching these dudes and dudettes, I can’t help having glimpses of those ‘little girl’ ambitions of wanting to be a secret service agent with the FBI when am grown up. The tripping stone here? I AM grown up. *there goes the dream* Lol.

Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Jennifer Jareau, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia. Absolutely love them all. Each with their own ‘spice’. But together, they make such a good team. I have always loved watching detective shows and series. But this one’s my favourite cause, not only do they analyze the evidence, but they go into the minds of the criminals, analyzing the behaviors of the unsub and predicting their next move. Splendid.

My ‘hero’ of Criminal Minds (and I just can’t stop oogling at how hot he is). Agent Derek Morgan, played by Shemar Moore. I mean, the way he speaks, the way he fights, the way he thinks and even the way he is best buds with the weird but cool Penelope Garcia is just so freaking alluring. Haha. Besides, who could resist this bod? I literally can see steam emitting from his hot bod. LOL.

Then there’s Dr. Spencer Reid. Freak kid genius! No one could have done a better job at being the freak kid genius than Matther Gray Gubler. It’s as if he was born to play this role. And as nerdy as he can look, there’s just this ‘thing’ about him that makes people like him. Of course it helped when in the later seasons, they gave him the ‘boyband’ haircut. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Hee!

Then, there’s this awesome moment when I found out that the cute boy above, provides the voice for…………….