Funny How

Funny how you are the one who calms me down when I lose control,
Funny how you are the one who makes me smile when tears are gonna flow,
Funny how you are the one who wipes off my frown when all storms blow,
Funny how you, out of 7 billion people, are the anchor to my soul.

Funny how all I have to do is see your face,
Funny how all I gotta do is hold your gaze,
Funny how all I want is to be in your warm embrace,
Funny how all I need is you, my soul’s anchor, and I will not faze.

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What Happened?

I can’t remember when,
Summer turned to autumn,
The moment when,
All warmth fail to blossom.

I can’t remember when,
Autumn turned to winter,
The moment when,
The cold in my heart left me bitter.

I wish I could,
Turn back time,
To a season when,
Even our words would rhyme.

I wish I could,
Bring back the laughter,
To bring back to life,
The beautiful rose flower.

I can’t remember when,
The temperature start to decend,
But now I wonder,
When will this winter end?

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Do You Remember?

When good memories make me cry…

It begin late morning,
A trip to Balik Pulau,
From cloudy to sunny,
The journey took us,
Straight back to where,
Memories fall out.

I remembered how,
Just three close friends,
And around the island we went,
Where laughter and food,
Were our extra two friends.

Just passing by,
That quiet old town,
The younger one I asked,
“Why not sardine, why Sardon?”
Then came his reply,
“It’s a name, dear,
Of someone long gone.”

That day ended,
With happy moods under raining sky,
Now I wondered if,
It was a cry,
Of those above who certainly knew,
The twist of friendships,
That were due.

Now looking back,
Passing the exact road today,
How different things are,
As the wind blows the sun away,
Bonds changed, distance grew,
Memories that are more than a few,
Enhanced the hurt of loss,
And all that have gone askew.

When good memories make me cry…

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