Disgusted At McDonalds, Green Lane, Penang

This is not the first time it happened. The first time it happened, I thought maybe they were all rushing through their work cause there was a lot of customers at that outlet. I gave the same reason the 2nd time it happened. By the 3rd time, I was starting to get doubtful. There were other outlets which I went to, who has just as many customers as this outlet but they never make that mistake. So after almost a year, and a few more times of the same incident happening, I decided to snapshot a picture of it when I went to that same outlet and bought a large set for my mum last Sunday through the drive-thru, just to arrive home and find the ‘large fries’ given is like this. Again.20130704-094736.jpgNo. I haven’t even taken a single fries. This is exactly what was in the package of the large McNuggets set I bought for my mum. What’s the point of giving the large fries packaging when the amount of fries given is less than that of the medium sized fries. Is this because the workers there carelessly do their job? Or is this because the outlet’s owner wanted to ‘expend his profit’ by giving people less than medium sized fries when they paid for the large one? Geez! I usually don’t complain about these stuff, but it’s not the first time. Nor is it the second or third. I’ve actually lost count the number of times in the past year. Gotta take note to check the food before driving away next time around.

If this is the large, I can’t help but imagine the medium sized fries. *smirk*

I wonder if anyone who dined or bought from the McDonald’s at Green Lane, Penang, experienced this as well. It’s really getting ridiculous.

Flying Rumours

With the recent ‘events’ since Sunday night, Facebook has become a madhouse. Nope. Not kidding. If you’ve got a lot of Malaysian friends, you’ll know what I mean. First there were all the pissed off, sad, disappointed and disbelief statuses. The one thing all those statuses have in common is that they’re all laced with utmost disgust. Those? were fine. I understand how everyone felt. But what came the next day is the start of a ridiculous craze, that I’m sure will go on for quite some time, on Facebook.

Some idiot said some stupid thing and now the entire Facebook, and even my Whatsapp, are filled with all kinds of rumours flying around. Everyone is urged to go for ‘this rally’. Everyone is urged not to go out if unnecessary. Everyone wear ‘this colour’ to show support. Do not wear this or that colour or you may be caught. Etc etc. All these rumours end with, “There are people asking you to do this (or not to do this). Do not believe it. It is a trick the other side is using to con you. Please forward and let your friends know.” And by midday, I was like “What the f*ck?!” Really, people? Please get your facts right before you post anything on Facebook or forward a message along. If you don’t have anywhere to check your rumours with, then for crying out loud, use your common sense! Don’t simply forward the message or post stuff on Facebook and create a whole lot of tension and fear (as if people are not worried and depressed enough!).

What’s worse is, those people who are idiotic enough (I wanted to say stupid, but I’ll sound overly mean, no?), will follow in your footsteps and re-post the rumours or forward the rumours on to their friends. It gets annoying after a while seeing so many people sharing the same thing over and over again when it’s very obvious that they’re merely rumours and most are probably untrue!

Don’t create panic or hatred or fear at a national level.

Don’t simply spread rumours.

Have some ‘social intelligence’.

Don’t be an idiot.

Use your brains.


20130407-202847.jpgWelllll… Okay. I’m not that blunt. But at the very least, I don’t fake my reaction, likes or dislikes in front of people. What you see is what you get. And I’ll admit. Lately, I’ve been getting pretty good at saying things other people haven’t got the balls to say. 😉 Of course I don’t simply diarrhea from my mouth. I only say it when it’s necessary, and of course when it’s the effin’ truth. Lol. And it feels so bloody liberated, truth be told.

Of course there will be people who would rather hear fake facts and see fake reactions that will make them feel good about themselves, and they’d be those people who deemed me ‘rude’, but hey, I really don’t give a damn. Not anymore anyway. I know that I am well mannered and well brought up. I just decided that I will not lie and fake my way through life. Yeah, even though I may not fake my reactions, likes or dislikes, it doesn’t mean I show them rudely. There’s always a more polite way to do things. It’s just that sometimes, no matter how nice or polite you are at telling people truths, they’d rather be given lies and feel good. So let ’em be. They’ll never know people’s true opinions of them and will never grow and improve. 🙂

On a slightly different note, speaking of saying what everyone else hasn’t’ got the balls to say, I gotta express my amusement over the idiocy of certain people. I saw a few people sharing this on Facebook and I can’t help but wonder when I saw the picture for the first time, “Which idiot would believe that this is true???”20130414-001117.jpgAnd I was surprised. There are actually a couple of people who believed that picture. I mean, seriously?! Even if Bill Gates wanted to give back, he’d donate to charity, create scholarship funds, conduct a competition to give intelligent students scholarship, etc etc. NOT give anyone who share this picture RM 5000. Yes, he is a rich man. But please bear in mind that he became rich because of his brains and innovative thoughts. Do you really think a person with that good a brain and works his way up the ladder of wealth will do something like that and encourage unproductiveness? Geez! And tot think some of the people who fell for this fake picture have pretty good brains. Some people are just unbelievable! 😉

I Beg To Differ

Saw someone post this on Facebook. A little smirk start to appear on my face as I read it. 20130109-025406.jpgIt’s not that I don’t agree with the stuff stated in the picture above. But not everything on it is accurate. According to the picture above, what this MaryEllen Tribby is saying is that all ‘successful people’ is, as a matter of fact, perfect. A saint. Flawless. And of course, the ‘unsuccessful people’ are the many definitions of everything not perfect.

There are tons of ‘successful people’ I know who don’t like to show gratitude, don’t give compliment to people other than themselves, who hold grudges, do not learn continuously nor embrace change, and certainly most definitely not exuding joy. Successful people bitch about others too. They don’t all, as indicated above, read everyday, talk about ideas, and share information and data. Heck, sometimes, successful people are the people who criticize the most. The list goes on. I’m not saying ‘successful people’ aren’t all that is mentioned above, but that they have flaws too. They are afterall human. The maybe some of the things mentioned above, but not all.

And let me just say, there are ‘unsuccessful people’ who exudes joy instead of anger as indicated by the diagram above, simply cause they’re contented with their less successful life. And not all ‘unsuccessful people’ hold grudges. Not all ‘unsuccessful people’ don’t set goal, given, the majority don’t. And ‘unsuccessful people’ don’t always talk about other people.

I personally think, this chart is somewhat biased. Though, I won’t deny that the ‘successful people’ holds some of the qualities mentioned above and those ‘unsuccessful people’ exhibits some of the bad qualities mentioned above. However, I don’t think they are solid enough to be used as an indicator for success. I just don’t think it’s fair to group things up like that. I think it to be rather stupid, if I may say. Then again, I’m not that successful yet, so maybe I don’t know that much about success. *pun intended* *sarcasm oozing* *smirk*

One last thing. If we were to strive to achieve all the qualities listed above to be successful, then I can most definitely say, we’re heading down a damn boring journey in life. Yes, we must always strive to be a better person, but please, don’t lose the fun. Don’t lose yourself in the process. And don’t be fake. Be human. I smirked outright at the ‘talk about people (unsuccessful) vs. talk about ideas (successful)’. Oh puh~leaseeee…..

‘Like’ Craze

20121022-144118.jpgOne of the many ‘Likes’ posts on Facebook. This gets me really annoyed sometimes. And I can’t help thinking, how stupid can some people be. No. I am not a heartless person. For example, I feel really bad for the dog above. And I salute the person feeding it. And if I wanna do something to help the dog, I get my ass out of my house, go to a nearest pet shelter and volunteer to help. I don’t sit in front of my computer and click ‘Like’ to this stupid post cause it states 1 Like = 1 Respect, 1 Comment = 10 Respect, 1 share = 100 Respect. As if this would make any difference. And I seriously doubt the person feeding the dog or the dog itself would appreciate this 1 Like = 1 Respect kind of respect.

There are many others that are slightly different in the mini-storyline but just generally trying to get a lot of ‘Likes’. ‘Like if you think this man is brave‘, ‘Like if you’d stand up for this cause‘, ‘Like if you wanna help this kid‘, etc etc. And the list goes on. I mean seriously? If for every ‘Like’, some money is donated to something, then I’d be more than willing to do that. But ‘Like if you……. blah blah blah…..‘ and that’s it? Well, it’s just people trying their damn hardest to get attention. And its seriously pathetic.

Another kind of attention-whores trying to gain ‘Like’ and popularity is those who post on popular pages stating a condition. For example, someone posted to Justin Bieber’s page, “If this post gets ********* likes, you have to stop your singing career.” No, for the record, I’m not a die-hard Bieber fan, neither am I a hater. Or another one I saw that is posted on Coca-Cola’s page by another attention-seeker stating. Can’t remember the exact words but is goes something like this, “If this post get ********** likes, you have to change the colour of one of you cans or bottles to pink in support of the breast cancer awareness campaign.” Please. You wanna help support the campaign? Put your time into better use, researching ways you can contribute your help in it. Posting stupid posts like this is not helping anything. It is you being selfish and seeking attention plus popularity. Geez!

There’s also the religious posts such as, “Like if you love Jesus and will follow Him“. Let me just say, I love Jesus, and I will, or rather am, following Him. That’s why, I’m going to church, doing my quiet time and reaching out to people when I can. Liking that post on Facebook is definitely NOT following Jesus. Gosh. It’s just liking a damn post. Goodness.

I can’t believe there are people who fall for these shit time and again. Feeding those attention-whores what they want the most, ‘Likes’ and popularity. Not to mention, encouraging them to create more of these nonsensical posts. I won’t deny that I do smirk everytime I see posts like that and people liking it. Heh. 😉

It’s Starting To Get Annoying

I used to just smirked at it all. But lately, its starting to get annoying. All the crap on FaceBook about how ‘Like’-ing a post or ‘Like’-ing a link will help save a life or show you have a heart is starting to get at me. As if ‘Like’-ing it will help, even a single bit. Like’-ing it on FaceBook, will NOT change a thing or will NOT help anything. It’ll probably just get you more smirks. If you really wanna help, go out, do charity, or donate some money, etc etc. ‘ Don’t sit on your big asses and ‘Like’ it on FaceBook. It’s starting to look really stupid. Nowadays when I see posts like that, I just roll my eyes, smirk and scroll past it, not even bothering to read the link, let alone ‘Like’ it. It’s not that I don’t have a heart (not to say I’m one of the kindest person around, cause I’m definitely not), but really, I’d rather go out and do some good in the world than to sit around ‘Like’-ing some links on FaceBook that helps absolutely no one.

Saw this on the web. A little something to think about, no? =.=”20120404-114036.jpg