Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm_Bodies_Theatrical_PosterWhen I first heard of this show and saw the poster, I thought it looked like some low budget movie. Wasn’t really interested to watch it. That is, of course, until I found out this show stars Nicholas Hoult. 😉 And I thought, well, however bad this show is, at least there’s an eye candy to watch, right? Kinda forgot that the said ‘eye candy’ was made up to be a brain-eating zombie in this movie though. =p

Nonetheless, I’m glad I did watch this show in the cinema. It’s a really really nice show in my opinion. Pretty average storyline, but what makes this zombie movie different from others is that, this has a happy ending. A really sweet and happy ending. And as cliche as it may sound, I like happy endings. Don’t really fancy the kinda movies that everyone dies in the end, or maybe one or two left alive at the end. Unless of course, those movies have really good storyline, like ‘Armageddon’ or ‘I Am Legend’. As far as zombie movies go, this one is pretty much a ‘feel-good’ one.

In my opinion, even with the crazy makeup on his face, Nicholas Hoult still manages to look……. endearing, somehow. In a zombie-ish kinda way. 😉warm-bodies-image-nicholas-hoult (2)I love the internal monologues done by Hoult’s character, R. It’s funny. But it’s very natural, cause it sounds like the kind of things we’d think if we were in that situation. Thought he did a great job making himself a lovable zombie (which I’m pretty sure is required by this movie, as it is a chick flick afterall) as well. Really can’t help but just go ‘aawww’ over his character. It’s just to sweet, his fascination and care for the human girl. I actually like watching Hoult here even more than in Jack, The Giant Slayer. Seriously. 🙂

Female lead, Teresa Palmer fits into the roll like its her second skin.Warm Bodies - Teresa PalmerFor a while at the beginning of the show, I was wondering if she is Kristen Stewart with her hair dyed blonde. But no. After a while it’s not hard to differentiate them. Two different acting styles. I kinda thought Palmer has this subtle physical beauty. It’s not the kind of Hollywood beauty that makes people drool over her, but the kind that makes people like her.

The other person who stood out in this movie for me was main character, Julie’s (played by Palmer) bestie. She’s only a minor character, but somehow, her quirkiness and humor caught my attention. analeigh-tipton-in-warm-bodies_originalActress Analeigh Tipton did a pretty good job, considering she managed to shine in her role as a minor character. And I spent the entire movie wondering why she looks so familiar to me. So I came home and googled her. Lo behold, no wonder she looks familiar. As a fan of America’s Next Top Model, I never missed any cycle of that reality series. And Analeigh here is the top 3 finalist in ANTM cycle 11. No wonder she looks so familiar. She was one of my favourite during that cycle, second only to Samantha Potter who was a finalist as well. Here are some of her best shots during that cycle.analeigh_ANTM1YouÕre Beautiful, Now ChangeThe Final FiveLove the last picture above. Edgy with a feminine touch. Really didn’t know she could act as well. Haha. But good job for someone who has not much experience in acting.

I thought the villains in this movie aren’t scary at all, considering it’s supposed to be a zombie-movie. The bonies, that’s what they’re called. warm-bodies-preview-boniesSupposedly skeletal zombies who’ve irretrievably lost all traces of humanity. Fairly easy to kill though. Guess the show is not bout killing these bonies. 😉

Watch out for this.
nicholas-hoult-warm-bodiesKinda funny. The awkward moment when you find a zombie book and compare its cover with the zombie sitting in front of you. =P Haha!

As ironic as it sounds, this ‘zombie-movie’ left me feeling warmth in my heart. Kinda made me think that, maybe sometimes, the world just needs a little tender loving care. =) Then again, maybe not. This only happens in movies. =P

Would definitely but a copy for myself so I can watch it whenever I want. 🙂

P.S : Didn’t tag this as ‘horror’ cause it doesn’t seem very horrific to me. 😉

Beautiful Creatures (2013)

Beautiful_CreaturesDidn’t read the review or summary for this before watching the show. Had absolutely no idea what the movie is about. Comedy or drama or rom-com, or adventure. Then right before we went into the cinema, Mich told me it’s something like Twilight, and my first reaction was “Oh uh..” Not that I don’t like Twilight, but I really don’t need another vampire-human dramatic ‘I-would-die-for-you’ love story. Thank God I was in for a pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s sorta in the ‘Twilight’ feel of things, but the storyline is pretty different. Somewhat. I actually found this movie more intriguing than the Twilight saga.Main actress is newcomer on the big screens, Alice Englert. Thought she did a better job than Kristen Stewart in Twilight. At least I feel a little more character and attitude from her as Lena Duchannes.beautiful-creatures-alice-englertIt’s pretty cool that Englert makes it believable for her character, Lena, to have two contradicting personalities. The sweet angelic girl who doesn’t want to harm a soul (above) and the powerful evil being who wants revenge for her lover (below).beautiful-creatures-alice-englert-2Truthfully, I prefer watching her with the dark eyeliner. Haha. Giver her more of an edge than the boring sweet girl above. 😉

Male star in this movie, in my opinion, was a little disappointing. Simply cause he’s really not that good looking.Beautiful Creatures 5Well, okay, maybe not so much about the looks, cause when I Google him, Alden Ehrenreich, there are a couple of pics that he looks pretty okay, but there’s just something missing. A spark. That certain charm. Something. Something that causes the audience to remember the main male cast. So really, I find him very forgettable. Oh well.

The guy who actually caught my attention had a very small role in the show. Kyle Gallner, who played Lena’s cousin. beautiful creatures-kyle-gallnerThat little smirk on his face whenever he pops onto screen, leaves an impression. Haha. Though its not much of a spark, but at least it makes him memorable. See? 😉

I thought Emmy Rossum did a great job portraying crazy evil. 😉Beautiful-Creatures-_-Emmy-RossumThought she usually only takes up ‘sweet girly’ roles. So its really refreshing to see her like this, all crazy evil. Haha. Really really good job. And I thought her super short haircut was really sexy. The red-headed one, not the one shown above. 😉

Jeremy Irons really don’t look as old as he is. Lol. That’s my first thought when I saw him. beautiful-creatures-jeremy-ironsLove his calm, cool, sarcastic demeanor. He did better, much better actually, than Ehrenreich. 😉

I think what makes this better than Twilight is that the storyline has a slightly better climax than Twilight. Now, I haven’t read the books, but I sure hope it won’t end up deteriorating like Twilight did into a sappy love story. Would love to see more action. Then again, it’s all in those books, and I don’t really intend on reading them, unless someone comes and tells me it’s awesome. And that someone gotta be a regular ‘fiction book reader’. I don’t truth anyone else’s taste. I had a cousin who was so crazy over Twilight and told me how good the books are. Guess what, I can’t even get past the first book. Heh. 😉

Les Misérables (2012)

Les-miserables-movie-poster1Wasn’t expecting much when I went to watch this show. Confession. I didn’t even know what it’s about. 😉 Yes. I’ve never heard of the musical Les Misérables before this. But I’m glad Hui suggested this show. Cause I enjoyed it. Gotta say, at the beginning, wasn’t enjoying some of the ‘singing conversations’, but once the actual songs come in, it’s really quite nice. But what surprises me is, for a musical movie, they managed to rope in quite a number of big names. Not those ‘Glee/High School Musical big names’ but the actual blockbuster big names. 🙂

First up, the man I couldn’t recognize. No. It’s not that I don’t know him. I know him pretty well considering I’ve watched quite a number of his shows. But the way he looked here? My brain didn’t really process it properly, hence not being able to register the face.Hugh-Jackman-Les-MiserablesHugh Jackman, ladies and gentlemen. As Jean Valjean. I seriously couldn’t recognize him looking like that. My mind was just going “Damn, this old man looks familiar. Where have I seen him before?” Not until I leaned over to Hui and asked her, did she turned to me staring and saying “That’s Hugh Jackman!” Oh boy. I was embarrassed! How could I not have recognized him?! Then again, I guess you can’t blame me. Whatever happened to this guy?hugh-jackmanSo you see, can’t really blame me right? 😉

Next up, we’ve got Anne Hathaway. Les-Miserables-Anne-Hathaway-1Let me tell you, with her performance in this show? She raised herself to a total different league! Fantastic job from Hathaway! It’s totally out of her genre but she nailed it, right on the head. Her screen time may not be long, but boy, did it make an impact. Everywhere around the globe, Hathaway’s been loaded with praises, and her performance is praise-worthy.

Cosette, daughter of Hathaway’s character Fantine, was played by Amanda Seyfried.les-miserable-amanda-seyfriedUnlike Hathaway, she stayed in her genre of character. Feminine and soft-spoken. A lady, if I might say. I thought she was rather plain in this musical movie. Or maybe, it was her character that was plain, I’m not sure cause I haven’t watched the musical or read the story before. 😉 But it was cool that they managed to find a girl who’s very similar (somehow) to Seyfried, as the young Cosette.les-miserables-young-cosetteIsabelle Allen. Newbie in the showbiz. I’ll say, she did a great job. Kinda enjoyed watching her scenes a little more than Seyfried’s.

Another big name? They roped in Russell Crowe.Russel-Crowe-les-miserables-2012First thought? “Holy sh*t! Russell Crowe can sing!” Haha! I never (ever!) take him as one of those who would be in musicals. I mean, he’s usually in movies that has too much testosterone! 😉 But all being said, he did an averagely good job.

Another male lead is English actor, Eddie Redmayne. les-miserable-mariusHis character Marius, I’m assuming is supposed to be a heartthrob. Don’t think this fella here fit the bill. But as you continue watching the show, you’ll slowly find that he exudes a certain charm. Then I started realizing why they casted him as Marius, though I feel there maybe some other actors that may do well for the role as well. But still, not bad as far as the movie goes.

These group of people is what I call the ‘olden french version of One Direction’.les-miserables-revolutionariesI’m not kidding. The second they popped onto the screen and started singing, my mind goes, “Oh my gawd! It’s the One Direction, olden French version!” Lol! But, among the whole group, the revolutionaries, the one that I noticed was the one in the green vest cause damn he has a really good voice, comparatively to the rest! Sorry, don’t know his name. 😦 And I think they didn’t place enough focus on the character Enjolras, leader of the group of revolutionaries. Oh well.

There are some slightly more minor characters that actually caught my attention. Felt that they actually stand out more than some of the leads.

Éponine, played by Samantha Barks. eponine-samantha-barksGreat, great job! She has a beautiful voice. As I was researching materials to write this post, I found out that she also performed as Éponine in the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert (2010) in front of the Queen of England! And she was even better there. I guess there’s something about performing live that creates a certain magic as compared to filming your performance into a video. 😉

And last but not least, there’s the young boy Daniel Huttlestone as Gavroche. les-miserables-Daniel HuttlestoneLove him. He’s adorable! Lol! But all that aside, he sang really well. So yeah, kudos! 😉

I’d wanna add a side note that, I find both the inkeepers absolutely entertaining! Les-Miserables-by-Annie-Lei-Masters-of-the-House1And actually, they look like they jumped out of Alice In Wonderland, Johnny Depp version. 😉 Lol! Facinating! Plus, they actually have more chemistry between them than Cosette and Marius have. 😉

This movie can go either way for different people. Some will love it, while others will loathe it. I have friends who claimed this show is so boring. I can’t believe them. I mean, when I first walked out of the cinema after this show, I was feeling positively above average about it, even though I won’t say I love it. So yeah. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. 😉


I’d like to say though, as nice the movie is, I’m very sure it’s not as good as the actual live musical. Reason? I was googling for some of the songs and stumbled upon the Les Misérables 25th Anniversary Concert (2010). That was awesome! Way more awesome than this movie, and its only the concert! Not even the actual musical yet! Almost all the singers were much better compared to those mentioned above, except maybe for Anne Hathaway and Eddie Redmayne. I think they did better than the Fantine and Marius in the concert. 😉 Other than that, the casts for the concert trumps almost every one of the casts in this movie. Not kidding! Maybe it’s because when you’re on stage, you’re lack of techonology effects, scenes and props that would make a story look good, so you gotta rely fully on yourself, your own expressions and performance. And THAT, is what made it for them, I think.

These two songs in particular stayed in my mind after hearing it only for the first time. I decieded to post the 2010 concert version cause it’s much nicer than the 2012 movie version.

Master Of The House, a fun tune and funny lyrics. The music makes you wanna bop your head to it. 😉

Do You Hear The People Sing, a song that will stir your emotions. It’s very addictive. It’s as if it captures your very soul. Well, kinda. 😉 But somehow, I just love this song. And these people who performed at this concert did so much better than those in the movie for this song, in my opinion.

The entire concert can be found on YouTube. Simply awesome! It is highly recommended, if you love music or musicals. 🙂

This Means War

Love this movie. Hilarious. Usually, action movies that has the comedy element in them turn out pretty lame to me. Not all the time, but usually. This Means War is one of the exceptions. I’ve always liked shows by Reese Witherspoon .

I always think she does better in those kind of roles that are the ‘smart-blonde’ type. You know, smart but can be a bimbo at times kinda role. But she’s pretty good here as well. Though I have to say, she looks REALLY old in this movie. Not to mention, kinda haggard in a couple of scenes. Her bubbly personality and chirpy voice can’t seem to cover that up. Hhmmm.

Love the plot of two spies who are besties, falling for the same girl. Using their spy methods to court a girl. What makes it all so splendid? It’s British vs American. Lol! Mr. British spy is played by the manly, hunky (or at least that’s how he looks in the movie) Tom Hardy.Love his accent! I always have a thing for British accent. Not those that are too heavy, but just slightly. Haha. I personally don’t think he’s good looking, but there’s just this something about him that attracts a person.

Then there’s Chris Pine, the smooth-talker ladies’ man, Mr. American spy. I actually like his character more. Someone who seems like a player, but deep down, has a real soft and sensitive side. Never a fan of him. And I think up front, he looks ‘bleh’. However, twist his head abit, 2/3 portraits of him looks kinda cute, as shown above. LOL! Well, I guess he’s got the looks that you can only see the cuteness at certain angles. Hehe.

And oh…Absolutely LOVE her shoes!

What’s Your Number ?

Been looking forward to this show for quite some time. Simple reason. Chris Evans is starring in it. Hah.

Real entertaining comedy. Not one of the best, but worth the watch in the cinema. Typical ‘I fell in love with you slowly without realizing’ story. However, I guess, viewers never get bored of stories like that. If it the show is good, that is. =)

Some lines near the end of the movie hit me right in the face though. Relatable. Hhmmm.

Was surprised that Anna Faris is the female lead here. As I said, I only focused on Chris Evans. So didn’t really take note as to who’s the female lead, until I watched it. Pretty cute. She fits perfectly in the ‘bimbo’ character kinda role. Haha. Effortlessly I might say. Did a great job. I rather like watching her. Gives you that slightly carefree feeling. Though, comparatively, I think she’s bout 10 times more bimbo-ish in House Bunny. Lol.Yes. Where she played a girl from the Playboy Mansion. Haha.

Chris Evans however, weren’t that attractive to me in this movie.Still as hot as ever. Yes. See? Lol. But somehow, maybe its the character he plays or something, he ain’t that attractive in this show. Oh well, still had a good eye-wash. *big smiles* And it was sweet when he sang with his guitar. =)

If you ask me, Evans is most attractive in Fantastic Four. Looks, character and all.