Useful Humour?

Damn straight it’s useful. Or some. *sly smile*

Okay. Maybe this one’s not that useful. But it’s funny, you’ve gotta admit. 😉20130109-025138.jpgHilarious! But I actually can imagine the scenario if those little guys could really talk. Lol! Poor, fellas. Not sure which is worse. Haha!

Now this is useful! If only Facebook can take a hint and provide some of these. 20130109-025148.jpgI’ll need the :

1) For God’s sake, no more ‘MyCalendar’
2) Yo! I dig that!
3) Kinda stupid
4) F*** you!!!

Especially the ‘Kinda stupid’. Actually a ‘Really stupid’ or a ‘You’re stupid’ would be even better. I predict it would come in really good use on Facebook. *smirk*

Big Dream?

Gladys sent me this a few days back. Trust me when I say, I’ve NEVER heard of it, ever! Until I was sent this picture.20120831-011435.jpgBoy, did I have a good laugh. But seriously? I really doubt it’ll be able to replace Facebook. The thought itself is considered a joke among many. Reading up on this website, it is apparently only limited to Malaysians. This is one of the main factor that pulls the whole idea down, I supposed. Many of us now have relatives and friends living overseas. And limiting the members aren’t gonna get it anywhere. Facebook on the other hand, lets us connect with people all over the world.

I daresay, till now, almost 2 years after launching the website, it is still nowhere near replacing Facebook in this country. I did a little check up on the website, for the first time ever. Gotta give it to them though. The log-in homepage will definitely ease parents’ worries of allowing their kids onto the website.It looks 100% kids-friendly. 😉

But all that being said, it’s always good to dream right? One must have dreams in order to be on their way to success. Dream big. Aim high. Aim for the stars and you may fall on the clouds. Then again, there’s a chance it is a cloudless day. 😉

‘Appeal Points’ : The 3 Guys

A recent karaoke session at RedBox opened my eyes towards a certain thing. 3 guys. Totally different. Displaying different personalities and behaviors. Yielding different level of attractiveness and different number of ‘appeal points’. Mich and I did wonder if age was an issue. But we seriously doubt it.

Guy number 1. Approximately 2 years younger than us. Not really sure what’s up with him. But if I were to label him, it would be ‘anti-social’. Sorta, anyway. Yes, some of them at RedBox that day are new to him. Being shy around new people is one thing, but losing your confidence is a total different thing. It’s alright to be shy, but never lose your confidence. This guy ended up being quiet and keeping to himself in a corner, almost the entire 7 hours we were singing. And boy, did we try to coax him into joining the fun, singing together and chat with us. None of the attempts were successful. Gotta say, it made him look very unattractive and very unappealing. It’s even more obvious when there are only 6 people in the room.

Guy number 2. Also approximately 2 years younger. Not as anti-social as the first. He took a while to warm up. Gradually fitting into the group. But it took hell of a coaxing to get him to slowly open up and join us in the fun. Truth be told, we were kinda getting tired of coaxing. Luckily, a friend of Mich and I, whom guy number 2 is interested in, didn’t give up on him. Lol. Finally managing to get him relax and have a little fun, towards the last hour of the singing session. Gotta say though, with the way he acted, it does gives off a slight vibe of arrogance and smugness, whether its intentional or not. And though he is pretty decent looking, the behavior he displayed the past weekend? Kinda made his ‘appeal points’ drop quite noticeably.

Guy number 3. I guess this guy did make the other two look worse. Not physically, but as a whole package. Not exceptionally good looking. Kinda average. But he carried himself well. Being the same age as Mich and I, he’s bout 2 years older than the other 2 above. He ain’t bad at singing, though not exceptionally good. But he was a good sport for it. Picking the songs he wanna sing, singing them, and even stepping up to take the mic for the songs we requested for him. Rap parts included. And even though he ain’t good at rapping and we all had a good laugh over it, it makes him fun to hang out with. He even tried coaxing the 2 guys to join in the fun, when that very day was the first day he met them. He can be a little shy sometimes, but he never let that rob the confidence he had. Put him beside those two guys, its safe to say, he scored the most ‘appeal points’, coming across as a little shy but confident, adaptable and sociable without being cocky.

Now, its obvious that looks alone won’t get you anywhere far. It’s the whole package that counts. Good personality and behavior can make a person look so much better than someone who is physically good looking but lacking personality and good behavior. Personality and behavior is what adds to the appeal points. Let me just say, ‘appeal points’ don’t only count in that romantic sense. It’s applicable also as a person, as a friend or as a good company to chill out with. Generally, high ‘appeal points’ makes a person more likable.

There’s nothing wrong with any of the guys, of course. It’s just that Mich and I suddenly realized, what kind of people makes it fun to hangout with and what kind don’t. 😉

114 A


I actually was a little shock when I read about this last week. No. I haven’t really been keeping updated with the national news lately. Nothing really interesting. Or rather, nothing worth my time and effort to read about. So when I first caught a whiff of this online, I was pretty knocked out of my mind. Unbelievable. This ruling creates so many loopholes. Bottom line, this kinda defeats the principal of our law to consider someone ‘innocent until proven guilty’. From what I read, almost everything in this section 114A screams ‘you’re guilty unless proven innocent’. 

Because of this 114 A, it would also do good to remember never to lend your phones, laptops, iPads or anything else that can access the internet to your family, friends or anyone for that matter. Also, it’s be great never to let anyone know your wifi password and not let them use it.

Sigh. Sometimes, we can’t help but wonder… Are we moving forward, or backward?

The (Ridiculous) Obedient Wives Club

The country has gone international, for the wrong reason again. Just when I thought nothing could amuse me anymore, boom! The Obedient Wives Club sprouted. Till now, I still have speechless moments when someone mention the topic of The Obedient Wives Club. It has made even The Washington Post to publish this article in their newspaper. Such embarrassment. Now we’re the joke of the world again. Am still having difficulty trying to comprehend the mentality of these women. Ridiculous. I can’t even describe it.

NOW they blame it on the ‘disobedient wives’ for ‘upheaval in this world’?! And the words coming from a woman herself!? WTF?!

And then they accuse the women for not welcoming their husbands home with ‘alluring smiles and sexy dressing’. That is seriously a diarrhea in their brains. To blame and degrade your own gender. It’s the 2011 year, ladies. What year do you think you are living in ? 0011?

Something even more mind-blowing when I read this news article on The Star newspaper. It literally made my jaw drop, in a really bad way.

According to them, you still have to submit to your husband even if he cheats on you, or even worse, abuses you. Wow. Seriously? Yeah, sure. Am sure you’ll go to heaven, though much earlier than you are supposed to, cause maybe you’ll be abused to death by your husband.

The make The Flintstones era seem modern and developed. Ugh.