YouTube Christmas Greeting

So it’s been almost 2 years since I first thought of starting a proper YouTube channel. I never really got to it, mostly due to… *cue drumrolls*…. procrastination. But it was also because I was a little nervous about putting myself out there to be seen. So I dragged and delayed it. Until this year. This year, I decided not to send out Christmas cards. Instead, I decided to do a cover of a Christmas song dedicated to all my family, loved ones and friends. Also a good way for me to test the waters, and see if I really enjoy making covers.

So here it is, a cover of Judy Garland’s ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’. 🙂

Gotta say, its quite an experience. And I do enjoy the whole process of learning the song, videoing it, then editing it up to become a proper YouTube vid. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll do it for real the next time. 🙂

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

‘At Least I’m Not As Sad As I Used To Be’… TeeHee!

A couple of good friends told me that they noticed I look much happier compared to the past 2 years. 🙂

It’s true. I am. 🙂 And it’s good that I’m very much happier to the point that it makes a noticeable difference. *beams* 🙂 Life is so much better when you get rid of all the baggages and nonsensical people in your life. I used to care so much about so many things and so many people, but now, I limit my energy, time and attention to only those who’ve earned a place in my life. I really coulnd’t be bothered with everything and everyone else who is drama-ing around me. 😉

The past 2 years, I was laughing and drinking, but deep down, I wasn’t truly happy. But this year, this year, I laugh though I no longer drink (tons of alcoholic drinks till I get tipsy), and deep down, I’m truly happy, with a sense of peace. And I thank God for all that happened. The good and the bad. They made me who I am today. And even though I still have my crappy days, but generally, deep down, I’m happy. 🙂

On a side note, this song always makes me smile cause I relate so much to it. ‘At Least I’m Not As Sad (As I Used To Be)’ by Fun.. Though, just so you know, I don’t smoke (if you know the lyrics of this song, you’ll know what I mean). Smoking is the only thing I don’t relate in the song. Teehee!

<3 FUN. <3

Since the days of Backstreet Boys, Westlife and a1, I haven’t found a band that I can truly call ‘one of my favourite bands’, until now. And this is a real band. The music instruments, live music and all. With their songwriting skills that produces really unique songs and their ability to sing and play live (really well, if I may say so), there’s not doubt at all thatFUN. caught my attention for good. The band is made up of 3 guys who may not have ‘those stereotypical boyband looks’, but definitely have more talent than a few boybands combined together. ;)Fun_325I’ll admit that I only found out bout this band after their hit single from their second album ‘We Are Young’ hit the radio stations last year. But at that time I just thought that it’s a really cool and unique song. Love the song, yes. But one good song doesn’t make me interested in a band. Then when ‘Some Nights’ was released, I decided that I really had to check out this band cause their songs are really pretty awesome. So I went to search for the songs from their first album and their latest second album. That’s when I fell in love with this band. Their first album is really not that popular, but it has some of the nicest songs ever written. And every song from both their albums have that distinctive style that sets them apart from all artistes in the market today. Every single song was written by them. They don’t need to hire a songwriter like most artistes do nowadays. And when I YouTube for some of their concerts’ clips, I was pretty much blown away. Sometimes they have a full band with them, but other times, it’s just Andrew on the piano, Jack on the guitar, and Nate singing solo. No engineered music, no pre-recorded sounds. Just pure raw music. Super nice. Watching them play and sing live so well just officially made them one of my favourite band of all times.

The 3 of them really are a bunch of musically talented guys. As someone who absolutely loves music, I find it hard to resist fawning over bands like this. Haha.

There’s Andrew Dost, the musical genius. He can play a whole lot of musical instruments.8434998826_2fb220888d_zIn the band, Andrew mainly plays the piano and keyboard. But he can also play the guitar, bass guitar, trumpet, French horn, Flugelhorn and the drums. See what I mean? Freaking musical genius.

Then there’s the guitarist, Jack Antonoff.Jack-Antonoff-620x400I am mad crazy over his guitar skills. No doubt he’s good at electric guitar as well. But when I hear him play the acoustic guitar in some of the unplugged versions of fun.’s songs, I pray every night that I’ll be able to do that one fine day. Top it off, this fella plays drums too.

Finally we have the voice of the band. Nate Ruess.Nate+Ruess+KIIS+FM+2012+Jingle+Ball+Night+0U1FMFU3vUIlLet me just say that I’m so in love with his voice. Really. And the way he sings the songs. Try listening to some of the live performance to feel the goosebumps. The good kind. ;)And even though he plays no instruments, he is just as talented. Nate Ruess has crazy mad skills in composing songs. He’s like the main songwriter for many of the songs on their album. With all that talent going on, I might just have develop a little crush on fun.’s lead singer. Yes, I’ve developed a crush on this skinny jeans and high-water pants wearing lead singer. But no, he will never surpass my TV boyfriend, Jensen Ackles, as the most perfect guy in the universe.tumblr_ly6apgsHMr1qh5df5o1_500Just saying. :P Lol!

Yeah, I have a thing for musically talented guys. ;) That’s why I think these guys from fun. are awesome even though they’re really not that fantastically good looking. ;)

Another thing that stands out about this band is their openness in defending the LGBT community. Andrew, Jack and Nate are straight guys (they made that statement loud and clear at quite a number of interviews), though they sometimes look otherwise. ;)mainfun-grammys-456-feb-10-2013Especially with the skinny jeans and high-water pants that they like to wear so much. Not to mention wearing their shoes without any socks or with really bright statement-making socks.tumblr_m6mkopumGO1qivt8go1_500See what I mean? ;) But they’ve all stated that they’re straight with Jack dating Lena Dunham and Nate dating Jack’s sister, Rachel Antonoff (though there are rumours claiming they just broke up, oh well). And yet, they made sure their stand is heard loud and clear. Together with Rachel, fun. created The Ally Coalition to fight for marriage equality. According to them, if you don’t voice out and make your stand, it’s the same as you’re supporting marriage inequality and discrimination of the LGBT community. Word.

I’m as straight as a chopstick. Lol. I’m a girl who loves guys. I’m interested in guys. I’d love to find a nice guy and get married in the future. But that doesn’t mean I have to support only straight marriage and be against same-sex marriage. I don’t think there’s a need to discriminate people just because they prefer to love those of their own gender. Everybody deserves a chance at love. Usually girls are more open to fighting for this cause. Straight men are more reserved, specially straight men in Asia. Maybe they feel it affects their manliness of something. And that is another reason why fun. stand out to me as a great band. Besides their musical talents, they decided to put their fame to good use. They’re not ashamed or shy to voice their support for marriage equality. They aren’t worried that their dressing and their stand in marriage equality may reduce their manliness. THAT‘s what makes them so (1)fun ewSo yeah, pretty obvious I’m now a fun. fan. :) Love all their songs in both their albums. Would recommend it to anyone who’s interested in real music. Some songs may need a second or third hearing before you’ll start really like them, but I can guarantee, almost every song will be addictive once you’ve heard it 2-3 times. ;)

Just in case you don’t know (yes, I’ve got friends who knows and love the songs, but don’t know they’re actually from fun.), some of their more famous songs are ‘We Are Young’, ‘Some Nights’ and ‘Carry On’. ;)

But among all their songs, I like this one the best. It’s from their first album, Aim And Ignite. It’s called ‘The Gambler’, written by Nate for his parents. One of the sweetest and most beautiful love songs ever written without all those sappy lyrics. ;) Enjoy!


Okay. As I was (and still am) fangirl-ing in the post before, this is the song that made my heart skip a beat or two……. or more. 😀

Jensen Ackles can now proudly add another item (or two) to his never-ending list of talents, which includes acting, photography, directing, playing a couple of different sports, etc etc. He sings so beautifully in this song, the husky voice bringing a sense of calm and serenity, yet a touch of rawness that captures the heart. And previously when I posted about him singing ‘The Weight’ with Jason Manns, I knew he could play the guitar averagely well, though strumming doesn’t really display much of a person’s skills. But, in this song, ‘Angeles’, which he covered, I gotta say, he proves that he actually excels beautifully, as far as guitar playing goes. Takes real skill to play like that and sing at the same time. Trust me. I know. And if you ask me, ‘Angeles’ may be a very nice song to listen and enjoy, but hell, it ain’t an easy song to sing. The way the melody is written, it’s not easy to sing it perfectly without carrying the melody out a little wrongly. Try doing it without Jensen Ackles singing in the background and you’ll know what I mean.

But this man, Jensen Ackles, he did it perfectly without the luxury of a fully equipped recording studio. He actually recorded the song in his trailer with his friend Steve Carlson, during one of his breaks while filming ‘Supernatural’ on set. Some parts of the MTV are clips that were captured by co-star Jared Padalecki while they were recording the song in the trailer. How awesome is that?! Just proves that he’s got the real pure talent and not those with the help of high-end equipment, like many of the artistes of late. Heh.

Angeles (by Jensen Ackles)

Someone’s always coming around here trailing some new kill,
Says I see your picture on a hundred dollar bill,
What’s a game of chance to you, to him is one
Of real skill,
So glad to meet you,

Picking up the ticket shows there’s money to be made,
Go on and lose the gamble that’s the history of the trade,
Did you add up all the cards left to play to zero,
And sign up with evil,

Don’t start me trying now,
Cause I’m all over it,

I can make you satisfied in everything you do,
All your ‘secret wishes’ could right now be coming true,
Spend forever with my poison arms around you,
No one’s gonna fool around with us,
No one’s gonna fool around with us,
So glad to meet you,

Every singly time I listen to it, I seem to melt into a puddle. Haha. But its a really beautiful song. Kudos to Elliot Smith who wrote this song and sang it. There’s no doubt at all that Elliot Smith did a fantastic job on this song. Jensen made a different approach and made the song into his own style, which was simply beautiful. Specially in this rainy weather, sometimes, its nice to just curl up under the comforters and replay this song on my iPod, with the rain pouring outside. *big hearts*

P.S : Did I mention that it sounded like Jensen Ackles was singing to ‘Angela’ (which is me)????? Lol! 😀

Gangnam Style

Ok. I seriously had enough of this craze. It’s all over Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc etc. At first, I thought it was kinda cute and really funny. But a week after the craze started, it started to get kinda annoying to see it everywhere. Not to mention people incorporating it into almost everything and anything! Not offence but the moves aren’t even nice, though it’s pretty addictive I guess. It all started with this Korean popstar, PSY. 
The song is actually nice. I think I would have liked it more if there haven’t been that overrated craze of the Gangnam Style. Lol. Gotta say though, this song, to me, is kinda similar to ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO. Specially the intro. Heh. 😉

Anyway, this craze went international and even pop princess Britney Spears was fascinated and twitted about it. So when she went on The Ellen Show, Ellen Degeneres decided to bring in the guy himself, PSY to teach Britney the moves.
It was actually hilarious cause poor Brit was in a tight dress and heels that are about 6-7 inches. But I gotta say, I love what PSY say, “Dress classy, dance cheesy.” Lol! 😀

So anyway, that’s what I gotta say about this Gangnam Style thingy. Heh. 😉

I Am Human

Ok. I’ll be honest. The reason I went and check out this new song and video is cause I know Jared Padalecki of Supernatural is starring in it. But I gotta say, a quarter was into the music video, I just lost track of the video and was caught up in the song. It’s a song the reach deep into the heart. The way Brian Buckley sang it, it was so raw, right to the soul. It’s as if your just drawn deep into it and is slowly drowning yourself in the song. Fell in love with the song the first time I listen to it, a few days back. Now, it’s on my favourite list.

Replayed the whole video again, just so I could focus on the video the second time around. Kudos to Jared Padalecki. He did a splendid job displaying the emotions. The video of this beautiful song coupled with Padalecki’s performance just makes anyone watching and listening develop goosebumps. The good kind. Haha. Am gonna start taking note of songs by this Brian Buckley Band, cause he’s just that good. The lyrics are so simple. So so simple, but impactful.

I Am Human (by Brian Buckley Band) 

Don’t you take me too seriously
Cause one day I will be back around
One day I will be back around

Don’t you interest yourself in the things you can’t change
Cause one day I will be back around
One day I won’t be lost, I won’t be found

I am human
I am human
I am human
And I will let you down
Cause I am human
I am human
I am human
And I will let you down

Don’t you marvel at the mountains to question the good Lord why
Cause one day I will speak my goodbye
One day we will speak our goodbye
One day I won’t run, I won’t hide
One day…

I am human
I am human
And I will let you down
Cause I am human
I am human
I am human
And I will let you down

I think it’s funny that we say that
When things don’t seem to go our way

And when this scene appears toward the end of the video…… followed by the girl’s (played Genevieve Cortese who is also Padalecki’s wife in real life) reaction, I almost teared up. Just so beautiful that it draws out every raw emotions of a human. The above is my current favourite picture of Jared Padalecki. Not because of the way he looks, cause he’s got many better looking photos, but simple because of the meaning behind the picture. Beautiful.

David Choi

Knew this fella after listening to his ‘The Way You Are’ duet with Kina Grannis. Took me a while to warm up to his covers. But then I realized he has quite a number of really good covers. Taking popular songs and making them his own. This talented guy has even written his own songs and has his own released singles. I’d definitely recommend him or his You-Tube page to people who really love music, and not those who just merely listen to the latest hits.

‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ is one of my favourite songs, and I personally think Kelly Clarkson did a magnificent job. Never thought there would be a better version than that. Or one that is comparable. Until I across David Choi’s cover of it. Not better, but is about just as good. Even though he slowed down the song, it sounds just great. Simple and unique.