OMG. Heart-meltingly CUTE~!

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, this is a must watch! Haha!

He’s only 6 years old. But Kellian Rowe’s immitation of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester (played by my gorgeous Jensen Ackles) performing the ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ is superb~! For a boy his age, I’d say, he did a great immitation. I can only imagine him performing along with the Jensen Ackles everytime he watches the video. Knowing how kids like to immitate what they see on TV. 😉

For best effect, watch the original Jensen Ackles’ performance first, which of course is beyond awesome… Haha! 

Now, watch this kid… He’s just so cute~!!!

My Supernatural Ringtone!!!

HeeHee!!! Got myself a new ringtone!! And I’m loving it to the max! Know why??????? It’s a ‘Supernatural Ringtone’! Sam & Dean Winchester asking you to answer your phone! How cool is that!??!?!!?!!! Ok. Yes. The fangirl in me has arisen again. 😛 Anyway, saw the tweet on Twitter, so I went online to search for it. Found it on YouTube. Here it is.

And now, it’s my ringtone on my iPhone! Woot!

To those who want it, just rip the above video using one of the ‘rip video from YouTube’ websites. I usually use ‘KeepVid‘. Then convert the ripped video into mp4 format using RealPlayer . For iPhone users, an extra step of converting the sound clip into ringtone format for iPhone is needed. It’s a little more work than normal, I’ll admit, but really, it ain’t that hard. And its so bloody damn worth it!!! HeeHee!!! Told you the fangirl in me has arisen! 😀

The Secret Fangirl In Me

Think I’ve just taken it to a whole new level. Previously, it was just going ‘goo goo gaa gaa’ over Jensen Ackles and Supernatural. But now? Now, I think I’ve been officially promoted to a pure fangirl. Really. 😉 Just started doing something….. really awesome…. as a fangirl. For my personal amusement. Haha. Sharing the Supernatural love can be fun. Interacting with people all over the globe during my free time when I’m not in the lab researching or working. *thumbs up* 🙂 Welcome to the SPN family! Keep the love going……. 😀p.s : LOVE the way Jensen’s pose is different from the rest. So cool. Hee! 😉

Tribute To Team Free Will





Two boys, an old drunk and a fallen angel. Team Free Will. Taught us how family goes beyond blood. How family would risk everything for each other. How the power of love, whether for many or only one person, can change destinies, even the destiny of the world. That’s what Supernatural is about, beneath all the mysteries and myths. Team Free Will. Two boys, an old drunk and a fallen angel making a difference.


Typical. From Episode 1 of Season 1 Supernatural, Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester caught my attention. And as the series develops, it just gets worse, resulting in me getting obsessed over him. Haha. I’m so used to the feeling now. Anything Jensen Ackles and I go “Aahhhh~~~”. Lol. Anyways, needless to say, am quite familiar with some of his lines in the movie. One of his famous quotes is…

“Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.” – Dean Winchester

Hooked onto this phrase almost immediately. At that time, I just thought it sounded cool, roughly knowing what it means. But heck, my English ain’t perfect, and I was a little lost in the use of the word ‘shotgun’.

Decided to look it up. Google, of course. And then finally, Urban Dictionary is the way to go. Haha. There are quite a few different meanings to ‘shotgun’. But the most common and popular ones are as follows…

1) The obvious one. A kind of gun. 

2) The meaning that fits perfectly into Dean Winchester’s quote. It’s also by far, the most popular usage for the word. 

3) Something I’d like to try someday. Heh. Sounds cool. To do the action and to use the word in that sense. Lol.

And there you go. A little English Language lesson. Am sure ‘shotgun’ is gonna be one of my favourite word to use for quite some time. Big thanks to Jensen Ackles of course. (If I may say again… Am so far gone for him.. Lol!)

Can’t Fight This Feeling

Ok. I’m am so hooked onto this song by REO Speedwagon. And I really don’t know why. The melody, the lyrics. It gives a sense that maybe, there can be fairytales in reality. Heh. Sounds cheesy, I know. But its true.

The songs of the 1980’s never fail to surprise me. I fall for them, one after another. Yes. I do averagely like the songs of late, but really, they can’t compare to the music of the 80’s. Producing songs like Living On A Prayer, Bohemian Rhapsody, Sometimes When We Touch, Right Here Waiting, This Ain’t A Love Song, Total Eclipse Of The Heart and many more (that saying, I only listed the classic rock ballads), its obvious songs like Baby, Poker Face, Bad Romance, Stereo Hearts, Baby One More Time, Genie In A Bottle, Pumped Up Kicks, and many more falls short of the glory of the 80s. With the exception of a limited one or two, they don’t produce music as good as the 80’s anymore.

I won’t deny, one of the episodes of Supernatural introduced me to this song by REO Speedwagon. And having the character Dean Winchester sing it out acapella, got my attention.

Typical Jensen Ackles is always adorable of course, specially as Dean singing. Heh. =)

But decided to YouTube the entire original song. And dang, I never expected it to hit me like that. Fell in love with the song immediately. Now I have another one to add to my favourite 80’s songs, which is already a VERY long list, if I may say, considering most of my favourite songs are from the 80’s anyway. Heh.

I totally can see myself curling up with this song replaying on my iPod on a cold rainy night. Hee. Can’t help wishing one day, maybe, I’ll have a love story of my own, evolving around this song. *blush*

Drunkard’s Damnation Jamboree

OMG. This song is so wrong in so many ways more than one. And yet I can’t help getting addicted to it. Damn Supernatural Season 6 gag reel. Played during the montage at the end of the video. I have to say, the rhythm and melody is so catchy, it got people asking for the title of the song all over YouTube. And let me just say, this song is NO WHERE near popular or even the slightest bit known, before it appeared on the gag reel. Hence when I YouTube-d it, I only found ONE video that is not Supernatural-related. Lol!

‘Drunkard Damnation Jamboree’ by Swank. (FYI, Swank is a Canadian band, apparently.)

Gotta say, the lyrics mean so bad, specially if a Christian were to understand it. I hope God won’t blast me for actually liking the song. Lol! It does have a happy feel to it, ya know. The kinda music that makes you wanna get up and do the jiggy dance. But the lyrics… Boy……

Drunkard Damnation Jamboree (by Swank)

When the clouds they rain down on your parade,
And wash your float out to the sea,
You’ve reached your bitter end, but brother you’ve got friends,
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree.

You can find us there drinking the dog’s hair,
Hair of that hound that bit you and me,
Rope and tyin’ em on them doggies gettin’ gone,
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree.

We’re getting high, high, high, high,
Pickin’, drinkin’ and singin’ songs,
We’re getting bombed, bombed, bombed bombed,
Glad you joined us, the night is long.

Let’s have another round and spread that joyful sound,
We may be dead but you must agree,
Heaven’s not for us, we’re too boisterous,
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree.

So don’t shed a tear ’cause I wound up here,
Hell ain’t all it’s cracked up to be,
In fact it’s so much more, they got a music store,
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree.

We’re getting smashed, smashed, smashed, smashed,
Cigars and fruit jars of sour mash,
We’re singin’ songs, songs, songs, songs,
Pour a whisky and sing along.

 We’re getting high, high, high, high,
Pickin’, drinkin’ and singin’ songs,
We’re getting bombed, bombed, bombed bombed,
Glad you joined us, the night is long.

So when the clouds they rain down on your parade,
And wash your float out to the sea,
You’ve reached your bitter end, but brother you’ve got friends,
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree…
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree…
At the drunkard’s damnation jamboree…

See what I mean? Heh.
And yes I can’t help loving the song… Urgh!