My Supernatural Ringtone!!!

HeeHee!!! Got myself a new ringtone!! And I’m loving it to the max! Know why??????? It’s a ‘Supernatural Ringtone’! Sam & Dean Winchester asking you to answer your phone! How cool is that!??!?!!?!!! Ok. Yes. The fangirl in me has arisen again. 😛 Anyway, saw the tweet on Twitter, so I went online to search for it. Found it on YouTube. Here it is.

And now, it’s my ringtone on my iPhone! Woot!

To those who want it, just rip the above video using one of the ‘rip video from YouTube’ websites. I usually use ‘KeepVid‘. Then convert the ripped video into mp4 format using RealPlayer . For iPhone users, an extra step of converting the sound clip into ringtone format for iPhone is needed. It’s a little more work than normal, I’ll admit, but really, it ain’t that hard. And its so bloody damn worth it!!! HeeHee!!! Told you the fangirl in me has arisen! 😀

Clash Of The Giants : Apple & Samsung

20120831-011538.jpgEasiest way to describe the situation in the smart phone industry, currently. What with Samsung losing another lawsuit to Apple. I guess, you can’t be too sure about the development of technology in today’s world. But to be frank, Apple start the whole touch screen smart phone revolution that is so user friendly with countless apps to download. Then again, in the world of development and research, one can always discover something new, or slightly better. That is, of course, IF they really did do their work. This lawsuit between Apple and Samsung have been going on for quite a long while now.

And really, as a consumer, I really don’t care much who copied who, or if there is actual copying work done. But, I stumbled across this article by Bloomberg Businessweek. The 10 Best Lines From The Apple-Samsung Trial. 😉

The one that got me amused. Erm. Apple. Samsung. Breat Feeding. Wow.

The one that got the question marks going off in my head.Erm. Totally agree with Phil Schiller. Never heard that one before. Ever. Where do they come up with this nick? Bellybutton? Eewww!

And the one that made me think that the judge for this trial is one of the coolest I’ve ever read about. One word. HAHA!

I’m sure this ain’t the last lawsuit we’ll see of these two giants. =)
By the way, I feel really sorry for Nokia. Heh. Lol! 😉

New Apps I Downloaded

So over the past week, was surfing on the iTunes Apps Store and I came across 2 apps that I thought are really useful. To me anyway. Heh.

The first is called ‘My Saman’. It’s an app to check for road summons in Malaysia. This is so useful to those who are lazy to check it out at the police station or people like me (and mum) who can be forgetful when it comes to little things like this and may have somehow lost the summon slips.
20120726-122623.jpgAll you need to do is key in you identification card number and there you go. You full name will pop up with the summons you have accumulated and the total amount you have to pay. And you can key in more than one IC number. Making it easy for you to check for your family and loved ones too.

20120726-122746.jpgGotta say, am glad I have no summons collected. The green box above with the number ‘0’ is mine. Hehe! =) Anyway, best of all, this app does a breakdown of all the summons you’ve acquired. Date, amount and offence. All stated clearly.

20120726-122757.jpgHow user friendly and convenient is that? =)

The next app that I’ve developed a liking to, will be my ‘fitness companion’ for the next couple of month for the ‘big plan‘ I’ve put forward. Love it cause its detailed, but very user friendly. Not complicated at all.

20120726-122805.jpgIt’s actually really easy to use. You just gotta key in your current weight, your goal weight, and how much you wanna lose in a week. Then everyday, just key in the stuff you eat and the exercises you do and the app will automatically calculate and summarize everything for you. Letting you know a rough estimation of how much will be lost in a month or so.

20120726-122952.jpgAnother great thing is, you can really keep an eye out for how much calories you intake per day. This app has a preset huge list of food and exercises with their calories intake or burned. And if you can’t find the stuff you want, you can create and add your own stuff.

20120726-122958.jpgIt also allows you to monitor your progress. Just record your weight or size of waist/neck/hips and the graph will be plotted for you. This app has really helped me this past 4 days. Gonna continue using it. Damn useful. Heh. =)

Return Of Music In The Car

3 months I drove my car without my FM-modulator. The fuse blew and I never got around to get it repaired. I really don’t like driving without my music. And the radio just doesn’t do it for me. Not knowing whether to get it fixed or to buy a new one, I’ve been dragging time till finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore. My iPhone playing in the car just ain’t loud enough and the music can’t fill up the car. Hence, I decided to try fix the damn thing myself. Looked around for an electrical shop, went in and bought a 0.5A fuse, bought 3 actually (just for spare), then set to work take the FM-Modulator apart looking for the fuse, replacing the blown one with a new one, then putting everything back. And I’m proud to say now that :

1) I know how to fix a modulator
2) My car is filled with my music again!!! 😉

I guess being a Physics/Engineering student has its perks. 😛

And kudos to the person who invented the FM-Modulator. A simple yet extremely useful device. I really can’t imagine life as a driver without the existence of this thing. With it, I’m able to carry and play thousands of songs everywhere with me in my car. Just plug it into my iPod, and viola! The songs will ring out of the speakers of the car. Love it. =)

Brand New Old iPod

After a year of accidentally ‘misplacing’ my iPod, it popped up suddenly today. Made me damn happy. Finally, I don’t have to rely fully on my iPhone for songs. Not that I really mind using the iPhone for songs, but its just that, I don’t put all the songs into the phone, probably only bout 500, where else on my iPod, I sync all the songs there, which is in 4 digits figure. Hee! Blissful!

But lo behold! When I connected it to the wifi, 49 app updates greeted me. I deleted 4 apps that I no longer use, And I have 45 app updates left. How productive.20120523-123530.jpgSat in gym, nearly 45 minutes trying to get it all updates. Gave up after that. Went home, updated the OS, and behold, revert everything to factory settings. Cleared the entire iPod. Very effective way to get rid of the updates. Lol! Doesn’t matter to me though. Sync all the songs back in, the videos, and that’s sufficient for me. *happy*

The Long Awaited iOS 5

It took me a nearly 4 hours to completely download the iOS 5, restore my music, and all the apps. And since I don’t have that long period of time during the day, I actually did all these in the middle of the night. 2am this morning till 6am. But it is so damn worth it. There are quite a number of upgraded and new features in the iOS 5. And most of them are pretty nice! Among the few new features that I love, are :

1) the new notification system. Super cool!2) iMessage. Wonder if its gonna replace Whatsapp soon? Hhmmm.3) the new ‘quick-access’ camera with the ‘easy snap’ button.Now my phone feels kinda new. Haha. Haven’t fully explored all the new features. But, am already loving it. Apple did a good job on the new iOS 5. =)