‘Draw My Life’ By Ryan Higa

I saw Ryan Higa sharing his latest video on Facebook a couple days back. Gotta say, this is one of the best video he has ever made, if not the best. This video is not one of his typical silly-funny skits, but instead, it’s a sharing of his life’s story, in drawing. Well, he’s not really an artist, so stick figures count as drawings for him I guess. Haha! 😉 But, it is inspiring, it gives encouragements, it’s real and true and sincere, it has moral values, it’s very relatable on many different levels or ages, AND, it has his usual humour in it. Would recommend everyone to watch this at least once, if not for the inspiration and a ‘lift-me-up’ when you’re having a bad day, then just for pure entertainment sake. 😉

The Return Of Ryan Higa~

When I first heard of the name Ryan Higa, I was probably about 21-22 years old. It was my cousin who actually told me about him. Although of course at that time, the name Ryan Higa always comes with Sean Fujiyoshi. They’re like awesome partners in crime for YouTube homemade comedy. And I thought for their age at that time, they were pretty talented to be able to come up with stuff and scripts like they did. My top 3 favs from them are ‘How To Be Ninja’, ‘How To Be Gangster’ and ‘The iPod Human’.

Let me say again, when I was entertained by these, it was 5-6 years ago. I had a real good laugh then. The kinda laugh that causes tears and side aches. But now, when I re-watch them, they don’t seem that funny anymore. It’s either, one, I’ve grown more mature (haha!), or, two, I’ve watched the videos before. But I won’t deny it take people with some talent to come up with scripts and editing (as unprofessional as it was) like that.

Now, due to attending different colleges, Ryan’s doing his own thing without Sean. And I’ve kinda lost touch for a couple of years with his videos, since it’s no longer Ryan & Sean. While some of the videos he does himself are still pretty good, there are some that seems to lack humour, sometimes bordering on him trying too hard to be funny. But a few weeks back, Ryan came up with another masterpiece. One that reminded me of his old vids. A video with real facts, dripping with sarcasm and with a touch (or rather a barrel) of humour. 😉 
I actually thought this ‘Most Annoying People On The Internet’ (MAPOTI) is pretty brilliant. And it’s so true and real that as he listed the different kinds of people, the names and faces who fits those descriptions keeps popping into my mind and I was giggling and smirking throughout the vid. Gotta say though, I’m not perfect. I’m pretty sure I’m guilty for the very last category he mentioned. 😉 Haha! Here’s to hoping he makes more awesome videos. 😉

OMG. Heart-meltingly CUTE~!

Even if you’re not a fan of the show, this is a must watch! Haha!

He’s only 6 years old. But Kellian Rowe’s immitation of Supernatural’s Dean Winchester (played by my gorgeous Jensen Ackles) performing the ‘Eye Of The Tiger’ is superb~! For a boy his age, I’d say, he did a great immitation. I can only imagine him performing along with the Jensen Ackles everytime he watches the video. Knowing how kids like to immitate what they see on TV. 😉

For best effect, watch the original Jensen Ackles’ performance first, which of course is beyond awesome… Haha! 

Now, watch this kid… He’s just so cute~!!!

David Choi

Knew this fella after listening to his ‘The Way You Are’ duet with Kina Grannis. Took me a while to warm up to his covers. But then I realized he has quite a number of really good covers. Taking popular songs and making them his own. This talented guy has even written his own songs and has his own released singles. I’d definitely recommend him or his You-Tube page to people who really love music, and not those who just merely listen to the latest hits.

‘My Life Would Suck Without You’ is one of my favourite songs, and I personally think Kelly Clarkson did a magnificent job. Never thought there would be a better version than that. Or one that is comparable. Until I across David Choi’s cover of it. Not better, but is about just as good. Even though he slowed down the song, it sounds just great. Simple and unique.

The Way You Are

Fell in love with this song the very second I heard it being played during the bridal march at cousin G’s wedding in Perth. Even though not as expressive as Bruno Mars’ ‘Just The Way You Are’, these lyrics are simple, sweet and direct. The melody has a nice and soothing ring to it as well. A ‘must-listen’ kinda song. Haha.

And well, I hope simple as they might be, the lyrics will come true one day for me. *blush* Hey, I’m a girl, what do you expect? Hee!

YouTube Sensations

I’m having a really strong opinion that they’re so much better than most of the real-life Hollywood artistes. There’s just so many of them talented guys and girls out there. And the good ones, their coves are most of the time, much better than that of the original singers. Have always known that. Downloaded a couple of my favourite covers randomly here and there, but never really delved into it. Not until hearing a whole lot, and I mean a whole LOT, of them playing in Desmond’s car in Perth. Of all the cars I rode in during my time in Perth, Des’ plays the nicest songs. All covers. Mostly acoustics. And that nice sweet boyfriend of my cousin, actually burned a copy of all the covers from the YouTube sensations that he felt was nice for me before I left. Bless my soul. More than 100 songs. Loved them all. Now? While surfing the net, I’ll search and download nice covers that I like, collecting more and more songs that are actually beautiful (but sometimes ruined by the original version).

Sometimes (most of the times, in my opinion), songs are nice when their melodies and lyrics are not overpowered by all the funky sounds the producer puts in. Right to the core. Just the guitar and the voice. Or maybe throw in a piano and a little beat. Without all the fancy fancy sounds. Sometimes, the most beautiful songs are the simplest ones.

I’ve linked some of my favourite YouTube sensations that is definitely worth the attention and checking out :

Janice and Sonia – Jayesslee
Tyler Ward – TylerWardMusic
Boyce Avenue – boyceavenue
Gerald Ko – singindork888
David Choi – davidchoimusic
Odi Acoustic – ThirdCucumber
Jason Chen – miniachilles
Alex Goot – gootmusic
Karmin – karmincovers
Josh Herbert – joshherbertmusic 

These are only the few good ones that I remember, or recommended by Des. There are others, and I’m still searching and YouTube-ing whenever I have free time. And let me just say, I enjoy listening to them much more that the original singers. Heh.

Note : Except for a very small handful of songs. One of them being ‘Party Rock Anthem’ by LMFAO. So far, haven’t come across a cover that’s nicer than the original. Guess for this song, I gotta say, “Good job, LMFAO”? haha!